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Non-government organisation and churches together account for only six percent of the sources used by the PNG media. This is despite the large role that both groups play in the country. This was revealed in a country-wide media content analysis research titled ‘State of the Media Report’, prepared for the PNG Media Council earlier this year by Diwai Pacific Ltd.


To help increase their presence in the media, 14 representatives from various NGOs, church bodies and provincial governments underwent a week-long course in Advanced Communication Skills at Divine Word University in May. Course facilitator Amanda Watson a senior lecturer from the Department of Communications Arts at Divine Word University reported that the training provided a wonderful forum for the participants to discuss the opportunity to increase the presence of NGOs and churches in the media.


Participants became involved in dynamic group work and formulated communication projects for their organisation. These projects came in the form of funding proposals, media releases, newsletters, posters and oral presentations. These skills were taught throughout the week.


Various participants noted that they now felt competent to write powerfully and effectively and apply techniques to promote their organisation. Evaluation forms were given to participants to report back on what they have achieved and valued most about the training. Most expressed satisfaction and felt writing press releases, developing a funding proposal and report writing will be immediately applicable when they return to their respective organisations. Lillian sponsored by ‘Partners with Melanesians’ commented; ‘I most value how to write a press release as I have just started radio programming with NBC. We also have 3 other radio stations which I can now send press releases to’.


Advanced Communication Skills is being offered by Diwai Pacific Ltd at Divine Word University in Madang. The course is scheduled to run again later in the year November 5-9th 2007. For more information contact Diwai Pacific on

Back Row (from left) Amanda Watson and Joys Eggins (Facilitators), Lillian Bago (Partners with Melanesians),George Ulae (Nature Conservancy-Kimbe), Watson Gabana (Dept of Dev. & Self Reliance: DWU), Alexander Popen (Archdiocese of Madang), Tamara Babao (SavetheChildre-Madang), Selwyn Bagi (Self Sponsor),Christina Kwam (Nature Conservancy-Kimbe),Nancy Lagdom (Conservation Melanesia Inc.),Jill Unia (Pathfinder International Rep witnessed Graduation),Br. Michael HOD of Communication Arts, DWU witnessed Graduation),

Front Row (from left) Sabias Garapet (Pathfinder International), Aina Kaupa (SavetheChildren-Wewak), Anne Kitoneka (SavetheChildren-Goroka), Audrey Niaga (SavetheChildren-Wewak), Helen Mark(Baptist Union PNG) and Arthur Walgun (Pathfinder International), Dick Bart (Rep from Pathfinder International witness to graduation).



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Also remember that the accuracy of the information in this newsletter should not be relied upon - it is, after all, a gossip newsletter.




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Created 26 Jun 2007
Updated 26 Jun 2007

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