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New PM

It has been rumoured that the Opposition wants the Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta to resign and allow for a new PM to be elected as soon as possible. All this from an opposition with nine members.

Air Niugini

The national airline is still in the news. This time the Board of Directors has suspended the Chief Executive, Andrew Ogil and the Chief Financial Officer, Steve Wilks over charges of financial irregularities whilst an independent report is performed by Deloites.

At last an official announcement has been made by Air Niugini about the Frequent Flyer joint venture program with QANTAS. From the first of June people flying on international flights using Air Niugini will be able to gain valuable points in the QANTAS program.


Eastern Highlands

As often is the case in PNG - villagers from the remote Obura/Wonenara District of the Eastern Highlands have constructed their own airstrip to transport their produce to the markets in Kainantu and Goroka. The villages have attempts in the past 10 years to build a road but without success. The 600 metre airstrip took two and a half years to build.



Teachers in the Western Highlands province have boycotted classes in a push for a 200 percent pay increase.



Members of the SDA church have fought with census takers stating that the census is the work of the devil.

A weeklong workshop has been scheduled by the National Planning office to be conducted in the Milne Bay Province. This is in preparation for the national census.


NCDC Administrator

The recently replaced Administrator of the National Capital District Commission has claimed that he was only paid K108,000 for the 9 months that he was heading the Commission. This means he was paid K12,000 per month rather than the reported K20,000 per month.



The Malalaua district office in the Gulf Province burnt down the other night only a few hours after the official opening of the K105 million Malalaua to Bereina road that links up with the existing road to Port Moresby. The Prime Minister has announced that the sealing of the Port Moresby to Bereina road will commence next year.

The Baimuru Primary School has had to shut due to funding difficulties.

A Baimuru lass has become the fifth entrant in the Miss PNG Quest. Baimuru Trading is the sponsor of Sally Taudevin.


Moresby Wet

After severe flooding in Port Moresby the other night the National Weather office has reported that Moresby has almost experienced the wettest season on record since records have been kept (1945). The 1945=46 season was wetter but it is expected that this will be passed very soon. It is expected that Moresby may only have a very short dry season of two or three months around September and October.



The troubled Boroko Foodworld at Gordons has these on special.

10Kg Trukai rice - K16.62

380 gram Diana Tuna - K2.81

300 ml Rosella Tomato Sauce - K1.90

1 Litre Anchor UHT - K1.39


World Telecommunications Day

The World Telecommunications Day has come and gone with many Telikom subscribers commenting on the lack of communication skills by the local monopoly. Many subscribers have not received their current bill but Telikom has been quick to disconnect. This year the ITU have chosen mobile communications as the theme for the day. It is hoped that a definite date can be given in PNG soon for the change over from the old analogue mobile system to a digital service.



Recovering from the tidal wave almost two years ago the Catholic Bishop of Aitape and Sir Michael Somare have opened a sixth school comprising of six double classrooms, a library, administration block and accommodation for 12 teachers.


Aussie Rules

Moresby, The former glamour club of the Aussie Rules competition in the Port Moresby area has been dropped from the rules competition after forfeiting matches. This means that only six clubs will now compete in the 2000 competition. The remaining clubs are Koboni West, Koki Dockers, Tisa Bears, Defence and University.


Southern Highlands Province

The provincial capital, Mendi, has a new hardware store where residents can buy a variety of hardware items previously not available in the town.

Can anyone help this reader?

Olympic Torch

From: "zximali" zximali@picknowl.com.au
PNG Gossip Newsletter
runners of the olympic touch

i would like to know the names of the runners as i know my uncle Martin

Benny is one of the runners ,i also whish the runners all the best and as

a papuan living im very proud of mi countries touch beares...

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