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PNG Gossip Newsletter Meri Milne Bay

Welcome to the Papua New Guinea Gossip - 8 Jun 2001. A very special welcome is extended to any new readers. If you have comments or suggestions to make then please e-mail them to giaman@png-gossip.com

Articles for this newsletter

To send a message for submission to the PNG Gossip Newsletter -- please e-mail your contribution to pngnews-queue@png-gossip.com

Remember that this mailing list is mainly meant for people who have an interest and already know a little bit about the people and geography of Papua New Guinea. The PNG Kina, which is mentioned from time to time, is currently worth somewhere around 28 - 30 United States cents but varies on a daily basis.

If you are really keen on finding out what the Kina is worth a currency converter for most world currencies can be located at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/moni.html

For those who are not so familiar with the geography of Papua New Guinea I suggest taking a look http://maps.expedia.com and then click on the find a map option. Go to this link for a quick start to a link to a map of Port Moresby. http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/pom-map.html

Also remember that the accuracy of the information in this newsletter should not be relied upon - it is, after all, a gossip newsletter.

Photo Links

Pacom Communications

Pacom Communications have a web site located at http://www.prosec.com.pg/pacom. They are the sole Motorola distributor in PNG. They deal with VHF, UHF handheld and vehicle radios, HF SSB long-range communications equipment and Cellular and Satellite phone equipment.

Australian Aid

The government of Australia has earmarked K558 million aid money for the government of PNG. This represents a six percent increase in aid to PNG. Australia is expecting to spend more than K2.7 billion on foreign aid this coming financial year. Some of the aid money will be used to pay out retirement benefits to public servants that started work prior to PNG independence.

Anglican Mothers' Union

The Mothers' Union of the Anglican Diocese of Port Moresby has received a sewing machine, material, and accessories from the Victorian League for Commonwealth Friendship. Queen Victoria in London founded the League over 100 years ago. http://portmoresby.anglican.org

The Mothers' Union has just celebrated its 125th year anniversary. This was celebrated at St Johns Cathedral in downtown Port Moresby. There are over 200 members of the Union in PNG.

Hiri Hanenamo Festival

The Prime Minister has launched the 2001 Hiri Hanenamo quest, which is part of the Hiri Moale Festival, held on the 16th of September.


A study held between 1996 and 1997 has revealed that more than ten percent of children between the ages of eight and ten are already smoking. The Health Minister has urged all smokers to quit.

MS Simulator

Here is a web site which amongst other Microsoft Flight Simulator files are the necessary files for the Air Niugini Fokker F28 4000 and Air Niugini A310 300 series jets. http://www.map.net.nz/AFS2K/Jets/Jets.htm

MV Golden Dawn

http://www.mvgoldendawn.com -- Diving PNG on the elegant live aboard MV Golden Dawn offers the finest dive sites and diving in Papua New Guinea. PNG dive itineraries include the Eastern fields in the Coral Sea, Milne Bay and Northern PNG, Wewak. Wreck diving and technical diving opportunities abound with nitrox and rebreathers aboard.

Coronial Inquest

Cosmar Bidat, the coroner, will be inquiring into the cause of death of the five people who died when their kerosene lamps exploded in Madang in February. More than 30 people fell victim to kerosene explosions when used in their hurricane lanterns.

Bill Purcell

This site -- http://users.bigpond.net.au/billsview/ -- is owned by Bill Purcell a pilot who has flown many, many hours in Papua New Guinea. For all of you who have lived in PNG and dealt with Pidgin he has a short article on that very subject at http://users.bigpond.net.au/billsview/tokpisin.htm

Roger Clarke

http://www.anu.edu.au/people/Roger.Clarke/WM/Kai.html leads you to the kai kai the buai - A pidgin English parody of Waltzing Matilda. It is an interesting site and well worth a few minutes of your time.

Marshall Lagoon

The road conditions have deteriorated so much in the Marshall Lagoon area of Central province that the villagers have banded together to make the repairs to the highways themselves. The road is in such poor condition that the villagers have had to take to boats to get from one place to the other.

Pyramid Schemes

The principal the U-Vistract fast money scheme has said that he now has the money in the country to pay off those who cleaned up their act and became born again Christians.


Take a look at DIVErsion Dive Travel and Training in Cairns, Australia at http://www.diversionOZ.com/epngdive.htm

Elections Rumours

It has been rumoured that the person behind the Peoples Democratic Movement, Pious Wingti, will contest the seat he lost to Father Robert Lak in the previous elections. The national president of the Pangu Pati has also nominated himself for the same seat. This could be one of the interesting battles in the elections next year. The representative of the Pope in PNG has expressed concerned about Catholic Fathers running for election to parliament.

Bill Skate is back in town although he says that he will be back in Brisbane in a week or so for a couple of weeks. He has announced that he is launching a new political party.


Not too far from the town of Port Moresby is the Island Resort of Loloata. They have a web site at http://www.loloata.com. Loloata means single hill in Motu. Being an Island it is also a place where very good diving can be arranged.

Privatisation Laws

A loophole has been found in the privatisation laws. It is claimed that people taking over the assets of a government corporation would not be legally responsible for any existing debts incurred by the government corporation.


Another site worth visiting, especially if you are into diving is http://www.walindi.com. Walindi is located in West New Britain province fairly close to the provincial capital - Kimbe.

Morobe Earthquakes

An earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale has left more than 200 people homeless in the Watut area of the Morobe Province.

Transparency International

Transparency International -- http://www.transparencypng.org.pg

Bush Walking Problems

The Port Moresby Bush walkers have halted further bush walks outside Port Moresby due to recent troubles with attacks on vehicles. The bus walkers have run into troubles on three separate occasions since September last year.

Bush Walking / Hiking

If anyone is considering a bush walking / hiking trip to PNG then I suggest you take a read of the following site "A Papua New Guinea Story" by Ehud Reiter located at http://www.travel-library.com/pacific/papua_new_guinea/trip.reiter.html

The story consists of three parts

Part 1: On how I spent two days waiting for an airplane in a small "end of the road" town in PNG.

Part 2: On how I spent a week in the PNG "cities" of Mt Hagen and Wewak, trying to track down my lost companions.

Part 3: On the sad tale of a truly "buggeredup" trek through the PNG Highlands.

Pacific View Multimedia

The web home of advertising agency Pacific View Multimedia, based in is located at http://www.pvm.com.pg


The new Health Minister is determined to re-centralise certain aspects of the health service delivery system to ensure that the services reach the various districts and local level governments.

Trans Niugini Tours

http://www.pngtours.com - is the web site of TRANS NIUGINI TOURS, some people say it is the leading inbound tour operator in Papua New Guinea. In addition to being an inbound tour operator they also own and operate a series of world famous Wilderness Lodges in PNG. They own and operate their own mini coaches in Port Moresby, the Highlands, and Madang. They operate their own boats on the Sepik and in Madang. They also have their own aircraft, which link the various Lodges. Take a look at their web site and learn a bit more about the tourist side of PNG.

Bougainville Police

It has been rumoured that Bougainville may get its own police force. This would operate in a similar fashion to the one in Australia where the heads of the state police report to the state rather than to the federal level.

Tufi Dive Resort

http://www.tufitelita.com/index.html -- This web site looks after the interests of the Tufi Dive Resort and Telita Cruises.

Tufi is located on the other side of the main island to Port Moresby. Quoting from the web site Tufi is located on the northern side of the mainland of Papua New Guinea and approximately 250 kilometres due east of the capital, Port Moresby. It lies between Lae and Alotau on the tip of Cape Nelson in Oro Province and it is accessible only by sea and air.


If you have ever had malaria or think you may have then visit this web site -- http://www.rph.wa.gov.au/labs/haem/malaria.

An article in the Post Courier (http://www.postcourier.com.pg) says that according to the Guinness Book of records the world's most dangerous animal is the anopheles mosquito.

The article, by Dr Moses Bockarie of the PNG Institute of Medical Research (PNGIMR), goes on to say that the mosquito has probably been responsible for half of all human deaths since the Stone Age. Malaria is a major public health problem in more than 90 countries inhabited by 40 percent of the world's population. It is estimated to cause two million deaths each year.

Civil Aviation

The Minister for Civil Aviation has advertised an intention to make various rules regarding such maters as General Operating and Flight Rules, Carriage of Dangerous Goods, Airworthiness Directives and General Maintenance Rules. For a complete list of the rules please pay a visit to the PNG Balus Program located at http://www.balus.gov.pg

Aviation Strife

The Civil Aviation unions are threatening to strike over unpaid entitlements dating back to the end of last year.

Flags of the World

Here is a list of the various provinces of Papua New Guinea and the flags that they use. http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/pg.html -- This is a mirror of the Flags Of The World site.


If you are interested in PNG art then pay a visit to http://www.october.gallery.ukgateway.net/siunevolcanoinfo.htm for a sample of art by John Siune. Another site to try is http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/bkoart1.html

Rural Development Bank

The Rural Development Bank has closed its books to new lending. This is so the bank can find out what financial position it is in especially with loans. The bank has had to write down substantial loan losses for last year.

PNG Maritime College

The PNG Maritime College is located at http://www.pngmc.ac.pg - The college, located in Madang, has been declared world class following its listing with the International Maritime Organisation. It has taken four years of hard work by staff of the college to make the listing possible.

The College is situated in a pleasant location on the waterfront of Binnen Harbour next to the Madang Technical College and is about 3km from the Town centre. The school can cater for about 120 students.

PNG General Information

For those who want a quick fix on Papua New Guinea then take a trip to http://www.arts.unsw.edu.au/southpacific/APNGFA_PNG_Gen_Information.html

Huli Wigmen and More

For those who want a bit more detail then go for an internet trip to http://www.PapuaNewGuinea.net/PapuaNewGuineaNetHome.html - This site leads to information about the Huli Wigmen, Ambua Lodge, PNG art for collectors, Walindi Plantation Resort, Loloata Island Resort, FeBrina live aboard dive boat and Chertan live aboard dive boat.

Rob Dew's Web site

Rob Dew's PNG Web site is located at http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Paradise/4163

Vanimo Free Trade Zone

The Minister for Civil Aviation, John Tekwie is still keen to push for the Vanimo Free Trade Zone despite being moved from being the Minister for Trade and Industry.

Skyline Drive-in

Wanted. Would any reader have photographs of, or a story about, the now defunct Wards Skyline drive-in in Port Moresby? Even if you have a one-line sentence about the drive-in then I'm sure Peter Berrett - mailto:pberrett@optushome.com.au would be interested to hear from you. If anyone is interested in drive-ins especially in Victoria, Australia then take a trip to http://www.drive-insdownunder.com.au for further information.

Blue Sea Charters

http://www.blueseacharters.com - - P.O. Box 494, Madang, Papua New Guinea. Tel: +61-145 130 880 - - Tel/Fax: +675-852 2300

Lonely Planet

For an online tourist guide to Papua New Guinea visit the Lonely Planet Web site at http://www.lonelyplanet.com.au/dest/aust/png.htm

Port Moresby Water

The water to Port Moresby had to be cut recently due to excessive silt in the water. The cause was the electricity commission who had to clean out their screens that then clogged the water system.

Air Niugini

An Air Niugini Fokker F28 had undercarriage trouble when trying to land at Buka recently. It wasn't until the last few minutes before landing the left side wheel finally locked into place. http://www.airniugini.com.pg

PNG Education Related Websites

  • Computer Training -- http://www.workersmutual.com.pg
  • Divine Word University -- http://www.dwu.ac.pg
  • International Education -- http://www.iea.ac.pg
  • Pacific Training Academy -- http://www.pta.com.pg
  • PNG Maritime College -- http://www.pngmc.ac.pg
  • University of PNG -- http://www.upng.ac.pg
  • University of Technology -- http://www.unitech.ac.pg

    Passport Scam

    A man holding several PNG passports as well as passports from other countries has been arrested. The man had passports in his own name as well as others.

    Old House of Assembly

    Sir Pita Lus, the new Minister for Culture and Tourism, has given a commitment to support any work on the restoration of the old House of Assembly.

    Kokoda Trail

    The Culture and Tourism Minister, Sir Pita Lus, has called on the Premier of Oro province not to politicalise the Kokoda Trail.

    The Tourism Promotion Authority officials are also not happy with the new licensing arrangements for tourist operators who want to take tourists along the famous Kokoda Trail. All trekkers are supposed to be licensed through the newly engaged Niugini Tour operator based in Sydney Australia.

    Port Moresby National High

    The Port Moresby National High School has celebrated the fifth of its annual Hanenamo days. Hanenamo is a Motuan word meaning coming together and celebrating.

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