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Tok Pisin Links
Kayak Voyage to PNG PNG Currency
PNG Embassy - USA PNG Forest Conservation
CRMF Travel Ban
Fast Money Scam Southern Highlands Teachers
TPA Is Parliament Broke?
Kick Boxing Police Force
Buluminski Highway Father Louie Ambane
Helicopter Crash Angau Hospital
Goroka Rotary International
Commander's Challenge Air Operating Certificate
Moresby Chemists Martyr's School
West New Britain Bank Passbooks
Sirinumu Kina Exchange Rate
Alotau Police Tambul
Air Niugini - Woes Air Niugini - Fares
Nonga Base Hospital Go Karts
Miss PNG Red Cross Domestic Borrowing
Australian Aid Telephone Costs
Digital Telephones FAQ's
Corruption Singing Dogs
Media That's All


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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"
Tok Pisin
braunpela loli chocolate (candy)
draibisket cracker
pis fish
honi honey
jem jam
muli lemon / lime
letis lettuce
abus meat
susu milk
anien onion
switmuli orange
popo pawpaw / papaya
painap pineapple
ti tea
kapti teacup
tipot teapot
skon scone
blaksos / blakpela sos / soisos soya sauce
botol bottle



Remember that this mailing list is mainly meant for people who have an interest and already know a little bit about the people and geography of Papua New Guinea. The PNG Kina, which is mentioned from time to time in this newsletter, is currently worth around 26 United States cents but varies on a daily basis.

If you are really keen on finding out what the Kina is worth a currency converter for most world currencies can be located at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/moni.html

Want to find out more about Papua New Guinea? Try searching at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo and http://www.michie.net/png_faqs. The PNG Business and Tourism Directory located at http://www.pngbd.com is also an excellent place to look for PNG information.

For those who are not so familiar with the geography of Papua New Guinea I suggest taking a look http://maps.google.com and then click on the find a map option. Go to this link for a quick start to a link to a map of Port Moresby. http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/pom-map.html

Also remember that the accuracy of the information in this newsletter should not be relied upon - it is, after all, a gossip newsletter.


Kayak Voyage to PNG

If you are interested in following the sea kayak voyage of the "Paluma" from Townsville in Northern Queensland, Australia to Port Moresby (PNG) starting on the 10th of August, 2003 and finishing whenever then start by visiting the official website at --

PNG Currency

PNG Bank -- http://www.bankpng.gov.pg
PNG Coins -- http://www.bankpng.gov.pg/kinatoea/coins/index.htm
PNG Notes -- http://www.bankpng.gov.pg/kinatoea/notes/index.htm
PNG Commemorative Coins -- http://www.bankpng.gov.pg/kinatoea/comm/index.htm
PNG Currency pictures -- http://www.giervalk.bravepages.com/PNG/pgn.html
Traditional Money -- http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/monibagi.html and http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/monitabu.html

If you really want to find out what the PNG Kina is worth on the world market then you can find a currency converter for most world currencies located at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/moni.html - another currency converter, with a local flavour, is located at Papua New Guinea Business and Tourism Directory http://www.pngbd.com. PNGBD also has a good on-line schedule of passenger aircraft in PNG.

PNG Embassy - USA

The Embassy of PNG in the Americas -- http://www.pngembassy.org/default.htm

PNG Forest Conservation

The Forest Conservation Portal for Papua New Guinea can be found at -- http://www.forests.org/png/. -- This is the web site to visit to find out the most recent Rainforest Conservation News and Information about Papua New Guinea.


Had the opportunity to visit the Goroka office of Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF) and have a chat with James recently. This organisation is providing a valuable service to the Eastern highlands province and in fact all provinces. In conjunction with DataNets in Port Moresby they provide an Internet POP (Point of Presence) in Goroka as well as wireless LAN access for the Institute of Medical Research and, I think, the University of Goroka. They also supply Internet over HF (High Frequency) radio to areas where there are no telephone lines. The HF service, heavily used by Missionaries to keep in touch with what is going on at home, is available to everyone. -- http://www.crmf.com

Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce

The Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce website is located at -- http://www.pomcci.org.pg

PNG Institute of Directors

The PNG Institute of Directors has revamped its website with the help of an AESOP Volunteer, Peter Griffin. It is an excellent introduction to PNG company law and related governance issues it can be found at -- http://www.pngid.org.pg



News Items

Travel Ban

How often have we heard this one before? Members of Parliament have been banned from travelling overseas. The only ministers allowed would be the Prime Minister and the Foreign Affairs Minister.

Fast Money Scam

The U-Vistract fast money scheme has surfaced yet again. This time the people of East New Britain have been offered the promise of K300,000 for an investment of K1,000. The money is supposedly being held overseas and the principal of the scheme will travel overseas to bring the money back into the country as soon as he has received enough money from gullible participants. This pyramid scheme refuses to die.

Southern Highlands Teachers

Teachers in the Southern Highlands have threatened to walk off the job if they do not receive their pay soon. The teachers have not been paid for two fortnights.


The Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) has a new head. Peter Vincent, a one-time management cadet at Air Niugini, has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer with Eri Singin being appointed to a new deputy CEO position. Eri has held down the fort for ages whilst a person was found for the position. It is rumoured that industry experts are not happy with the appointment of Mr. Vincent.

Is Parliament Broke?

Parliament is struggling to pay district support grants to Members of Parliament. The MP's are also upset about the late payment of their salaries and delays in paying car and housing allowances. These allowances are usually paid in advance.

Kick Boxing

The Second Amateur Kickboxing Championships are being held at the Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby from the 24th to the 25th of May, 2003. The main event will be a bout between PNG and Australian Kick boxers. The public will be treated to a World Title Fight Exhibition match between Stanley Nandex and Gurgan Ozkan.

Police Force

A man is dead after a confrontation with police at the six-mile police station in Port Moresby. Several other civilians are in hospital suffering from various wounds. The trouble started when a security company bashed an individual recently near the airport. Relatives and friends of the individual fronted up at the police station expecting police to mediate a compensation settlement but when the police sent away the security company the supporters of the individual assumed the police were siding with the security firm and a tense situation followed leading to the death of the man.

Buluminski Highway

Sir Michael Somare has made a pledge to have the Buluminski Highway in New Ireland sealed. This was at the request of Ian Ling-Stuckey, the Governor of New Ireland Province.

Father Louie Ambane

The Governor of Chimbu Province has died in Port Moresby. Father Ambane from Inga Village, Gembogl died of liver fibrosis in Port Moresby about noon Saturday 10th of May, 2003

Helicopter Crash

A helicopter owned by Pacific Helicopters has crashed near Lae. The passengers all survived but unfortunately the pilot died in the crash. The helicopter was chartered to the US Army Central Identification Laboratory in Hawaii and was on its way to a site of a World War II crash site near Kabwum. The team had planned to do a survey of the area before moving personnel and equipment to the site. It is believed that the pilot may have suffered from a medical condition such as a stroke, during the flight.

Angau Hospital

It is hoped that the Morobeen Provincial Government will bail out the financial strapped Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae. The Provincial Government is expected to hand over an emergency payment of K50,000 to buy fuel for the boiler and keep the morgue operational. The National Government has not been in a financial position to give the hospital its first quarter budget allocation.


Thanks to a grant, from the Canadian High Commission in Australia, rural women in the Eastern Highlands Province will soon have somewhere to stay when they visit Goroka. The High Commission via the Canada Fund has donated K77,740 to the Young Women's Christian Association to build five self-contained units next to the YWCA hostel in Goroka. Women from the rural area will use the accommodation when they come to attend YWCA training programs.

Rotary International

The Rotary Club of PNG will supply thousands of treated mosquito nets to the flood affected areas of the East Sepik. The Rotarians drive against malaria is to provide everyone in PNG with treated mosquito nets. Due to recent floods malaria is on the rise along the Sepik.

Commander's Challenge

Soldiers are competing in a weeklong competition at Goldie River Barracks to test their proficiency in handling weapons, first aid, communications and navigation skills. This is the first time a military skills competition has been held in the PNG Defence Force. The competition is being staged between the first Battalion Royal Pacific Islands Regiment (1RPIR) based at Taurama and the second Battalion (2RPIR) based at Moem Barracks in Wewak. The Aussie Defence Force is assisting with logistics and the staging of the activities during the competition.

Air Operating Certificate

The problem with Air Niugini registering its Boeing 767 in PNG has hopefully been resolved. Earlier this year it was reported that the Civil Aviation Authority in Australia (CASA) had refused to issue Air Niugini with operating certificates for the smaller Fokker F28 fleet following non-compliance of safety measures by the Civil Aviation Authority of PNG. It was mentioned at the time that CASA would not allow the Boeing aircraft, currently registered in New Zealand, to fly to Australia if it was registered in PNG.

Moresby Chemists

Four shops selling prescription medicine without the proper authority will have to close down. The pharmacies within the TST group of shops have been operating without a trained chemist on site. The shops have been warned not to sell any "pharmacy only" medicine to the public.

Martyr's School

The Martyr's School in Oro province have started fundraising to buy computer equipment. The school recently was promoted to be able to teach grade 11 and 12 but has not had funds to buy computers for the students. The former MP for Sohe gave the school the new status as part of a political decision without considering the consequences about funding.

West New Britain

A new judge has been appointed to serve as a resident judge in West New Britain (WNB). This is the first resident judge for WNB in 28 years. The people of WNB are planning a big function to welcome judge Justice Cosmas Bidar this Sunday and Monday.

Bank Passbooks

The Bank South Pacific (BSP) has finally recognised that not all of its customers have access to electronic banking in the remote areas of PNG. The CEO of the bank announced recently that the passbook account would be re-introduced. The bank has also increased interest on what was previously paid for having money ion a passbook account as well as doing away with a minimum balance on the accounts.


The Koiari people say that K200,000 spent on fixing the road from Sogeri to Sirinumu dam has been wasted and very little work has been done. They are now questioning whether all the money was spent on the road or whether some of it had been misappropriated.

Kina Exchange Rate

The kina might have a chance of reaching the 28 US cent mark sometime soon. The last time the kina reached this level was in March this year when it peaked at $US0.2805. Unfortunately this is due to the US Dollar weakening against other currencies so there has not been any major gain against, for example, the Australian Dollar.

Alotau Police

Courtesy of AusAID the police in Alotau now have a building with facilities where they can hold regular meetings to discuss law and order problems and other issues with the public. The building, worth K180,000, was opened recently and houses two offices, a conference room and toilet facilities. It is hoped that the opening of the building will allow the existing police station to focus on police work.


The Tambul Health Centre in the Western Highlands Province has had to resort to transporting patients to the Mount Hagen Hospital using local Public Motor Vehicles (PMV's). Supporters of the winning National Election candidate took the health centre ambulance away from the centre in 2002. PMV's only operate during daylight hours so any emergency cases during the night have to wait until sunrise to be transported to Mount Hagen.

Air Niugini - Woes

This has come from a reader in Europe many miles from PNG -- As it has been drawn to my attention that PX has developed a new and worldwide unique system of preventing the travelling air passengers from the unwanted and most hated negative side effects of air travel. This new system was successfully tested on PX393/08May from Singapore to Port Moresby when the crew left the passengers standing and stranded in Singapore after they decided to fly back to PNG without any passengers ..

Well done PX that is how an airline can be brought back to profit .....

The official response from Air Niugini is that an investigation is underway.

Air Niugini - Special Fares

Some of the new fares that Air Niugini is offering local travellers can be found below. There are various conditions to these special return fares so it is recommended to visit your local travel agent or Air Niugini office to find out what they are.

Nonga Base Hospital

The senior specialist at Nonga Base Hospital in East New Britain has been removed from the position. The hospital board took this form of action after suspending him over an incident that happened in April. The board are not commenting on what the incident was or the reason for the dismissal.

Go Karts

Go kart racing is back in Port Moresby after an absence of many years. The karts are now going around a track set up at the Defence Force Air Transport Squadron. The area is located on the other side of Jackson's airport to the general aviation area. The next session is this Saturday the 17th of May at around 2pm.

Miss PNG Red Cross

A new entrant in the Miss PNG Red Cross has put her name down for the charity fundraising event. The Mineral Resources Development Company is sponsoring Miss Cynthia Asi. Miss Asi works with L & A Construction as a receptionist.

Domestic Borrowing

The National Government has had to resort to borrowing from local banks to help prop up the shortfall in estimated budget figures. This has had the effect of increasing interest rates to almost double the rate for normal borrowers.

Australian Aid

The Australian Government has recently passed its budget. There were fears that the amount of aid to PNG would be cut but Australia will still give about K700 million to PNG next year to be distributed amongst many projects. One of the projects that Australian Aid will continue to support will be help with PNG's response to HIV/AIDS.

Telephone Costs

People in Australia who previously could phone PNG for AUD$0.85 a minute are now being charged AUD$2.21 a minute. According to PNG Telikom this is so that PNG Telikom can build and expand its network.

Digital Telephones

Digital Telephone fever has hit Port Moresby. All shops selling mobile phones and "top up" cards for the service have been inundated with customers. It is believed that the first bugs have appeared in the GSM system with equipment failures happening. Some customers have also complained about the cost of calls saying that they have only managed to get a few minutes from a K100 top up card. Rumour has it that the system was installed many years but the system was not cutover due to the lack of a suitable customer billing system.


One of the questions asked recently at the http://www.michie.net/png_faqs site was "what are the diameter of the PNG one and two toea coins".

The answer can be found at http://www.michie.net/pngnfo/moni.html compiled from information located on the Bank of PNG web site -- http://www.bankpng.gov.pg

Notes -- http://www.bankpng.gov.pg/kinatoea/notes/index.htm
Coins -- http://www.bankpng.gov.pg/kinatoea/coins/index.htm
Numismatics (Collectors Items) -- http://www.bankpng.gov.pg/kinatoea/comm/index.htm


The media has declared war on corruption in PNG. Several organisations have advertised contact information so that if you see or hear of corrupt people or activities you can have a place to report them.

Transparency International (PNG)
PO Box 591, Port Moresby
Phone 320 2182 Fax 320 2189
email -- tipng@daltron.com.pg
web -- http://www.transparencypng.org.pg

Ombudsman Commission of PNG
PO Box 852 Boroko
Ph 325 9955 Fax 320 9220
email -- ombudspng@datec.com.pg

Media Council of PNG
PO Box 344 Boroko
Phone 320 1994 Fax 320 1956
email -- pngcorruption@hotmail.com

Singing Dogs

The New Guinea Singing Dog (NGSD) was discovered by the outside world in 1957 when the first pair was brought down from the New Guinea Highlands to the Taronga Zoo. Sydney, Australia. -- http://www.newguineasingingdoginternational.com/

About 100 New Guinea singing dogs exist in captivity but no one knows how many exist in the wild if any! It seems that only anecdotal evidence is available. It is possible that some dogs may exist to the west of Wau, Morobe Province in the mountains. Many people from this area remember seeing and hearing these dogs in the past. It is believed that singing dogs have been in PNG for over 5000 years. Some are reported as being able to climb trees. There are singing dogs kept in South Carolina USA.


PNG Media

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