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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"
Tok Pisin English
hevi / wari guilt
hevi heavy
hia here
hiden heathen
hipim pile up
holim i stap contain
holim long tingting or no lusim tingting remember
holim pas keep / detain
hon horn
hop hope
hos horse
hostes / e hostes hostess



Remember that this mailing list is mainly meant for people who have an interest and already know a little bit about the people and geography of Papua New Guinea. The PNG Kina, which is mentioned from time to time in this newsletter, is currently worth around 29 - 28.5 United States cents but varies on a daily basis.

If you are really keen on finding out what the Kina is worth a currency converter for most world currencies can be located at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/moni.html

Want to find out more about Papua New Guinea? Try searching at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo and http://www.michie.net/png_faqs. The PNG Business and Tourism Directory located at http://www.pngbd.com is also an excellent place to look for PNG information.

For those who are not so familiar with the geography of Papua New Guinea I suggest taking a look http://maps.expedia.com and then click on the find a map option. Go to this link for a quick start to a link to a map of Port Moresby. http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/pom-map.html

Also remember that the accuracy of the information in this newsletter should not be relied upon - it is, after all, a gossip newsletter.


Misc Links

http://www.duncalfes.com/pngscn.htm -- Duncalfes online photographs of PNG.
http://www.toowrite.com/comp6/0861.shtml -- Too Write essay based around the Tambul Nebilyer electorate of PNG.
http://ukarumpa.org/ukarumpa_times/Default.htm -- Ukarumpa Times
http://www.birdlife.net/worldwide/national/papua_new_guinea/index.html -- Search this site for species of birds threatened in PNG.
http://www.vso.org.uk/png/culture.pdf -- PNG Culture
http://www.wampnga.com.pg -- Wamp Nga Holdings Limited

http://www.exkiap.com -- a good source of info particularly for finding kiap mates. This link has come via Arthur Williams. (Kiap - government official).


Stationery Suppliers

Theodist -- http://www.theodist.com.pg -- Theodist also sell Magellan GPS Systems.



Professional Scanning Services - ProScan Ltd -- http://www.proscan.com.pg


Napatana Lodge

Napatana Lodge is the first eco-tourism lodge in Alotau. It is a traditionally built pole house that has been made from tropical timbers. The lodge reflects Milne Bay architecture, demonstrating traditional building skills by local craftsman -- http://www.napatanalodge.com


PNG Weather

Here are a few sites that will give you an idea of what the weather is like in PNG.

Port Moresby -- http://my.iwon.com/weather/obs.jsp?id=PPXX0004
Kerema -- http://my.iwon.com/weather/obs.jsp?id=PPXX0001
Kikori -- http://my.iwon.com/weather/obs.jsp?id=PPXX0002
Morobe -- http://my.iwon.com/weather/obs.jsp?id=PPXX0003
Samari -- http://my.iwon.com/weather/obs.jsp?id=PPXX0005



News Items

Wantok Newspaper

The offices used by the Wantok Newspaper have burnt down in suspicious circumstances. 15 men overpowered a security guard at the Word Publishing premises recently and set fire to the Wantok offices. It is understood that the Wantok newspaper, a Tok Pisin weekly paper, has been printed by The National newspaper for some time so it should appear on the streets with little or no interruption. The National has offered office space to the Wantok staff and the Post Courier has also offered assistance to the only truly fully nationally owned newspaper. The Wantok Newspaper will now operate from a new office along Waigani drive starting next week. Word Publishing recently canceled a sister publication to the Wantok - The Independent.



For the latest news about PNG visit the Post Courier web site at -- http://www.postcourier.com.pg -- or the National Newspaper web site at -- http://www.thenational.com.pg -- both offer up-to-date news about PNG on a daily basis from Monday to Friday.


Seized Boat

A fishing trawler from Taiwan that was seized recently for fishing illegally in PNG waters is up for sale by Tender by the National Fisheries Authority. The trawler was caught in the Dog Leg area of the Western Province by the PNG patrol boat HMPNGS Tarangau.


Government House

The acting Governor General, Bill Skate has advised that Government House, the official home of the Governor General, is bare of furniture and fittings. It is not known where the goods have gone but it has been reported that the outgoing Governor General has said that he thought it was only natural for everything to be replaced at the end of the six-year term of a Governor General.


East New Britain

The people of Pomio and Baining in East New Britain now will be able to listen to the services of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) thanks to a new transmitter handed over to the NBC by the Gazelle Restoration Authority. The transmitter is located outside Rabaul at Kurakakul and was funded by the World Bank at a cost of almost K750,000. The short wave service of Radio East New Britain has been off the air for sometime due to outstanding, unpaid electricity bills.


Western Highlands

The Western Highlands province has a new Christian radio station operating on FM 98. The station mainly airs gospel songs, Bible lessons and Bible quizzes.


Grocery Prices

It has been a long time since the PNG Gossip Newsletter has published typical prices for consumer goods in Port Moresby but here goes for 2004.

Many of the shops have made up their own mind to dispense with one and two toea coins. Some shops are rounding everything up to the next five toea and others are rounding down or rounding up depending on the final total at the cash register. The Bank of PNG has not withdrawn one and two toea coins so many people are complaining about being ripped off, yet again, at the cash register.


Cruise Ship

The German cruise ship, MV C.Colombus, recently visited Port Moresby carrying 156 tourists from various European countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This is the third visit to PNG for the ship and this time it arrived early in the morning and left late the same evening.


Melanesian Discover

The Melanesian Discover operated by Melanesian Tourist Services (MTS) offers cruises to residents and non-residents. Some of the places visited by the Melanesian Discover are the Sepik, the Trobriands, Milne Bay Islands and of course Madang where MTS is based. Residents of PNG are offered special standby rates (with conditions attached). I recommend visiting the MTS website at -- http://www.mtspng.com -- if you are interested in a PNG cruise. The Discover fleet of boats have been cruising the waters of PNG for many years.


Taklam Guest House

For anyone visiting East New Britain and recommend staying at Taklam Guesthouse. They have recently added seven executive beach bungalows in the heart of Kokopo town. Sliding doors open directly onto a verandah, which face the sea and a scenic view of the volcanoes at Rabaul. -- http://www.taklam.com.pg


Koki Market

Thanks to the help of the Japanese Government a new look Koki Market has opened. The market featuring in many tourist brochures has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. The National Capital District Commission (NCDC) also contributed towards the renovations. The new Koki market was funded jointly by the Japanese government at a cost of K1.2 million and K400,000 from the NCDC. The project took 15 months to complete.


Lae Morgue

The morgue at the Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae, Morobe Province, is full and cannot accept any more bodies. This is because 32 bodies have been left unclaimed since November. The morgue has been designed to cater for 18 bodies and any more than that causes a strain on the air-conditioning and cooling system with devastating effects.


Coffee Festival

The fourth PNG coffee festival will be staged in Goroka, the capital of the Eastern Highlands Province on the 14th and 15th of May, 2004. The festival, officially titled the PNG Coffee Festival and Trade Fair, is the most unique social and economic development event in the Highlands region and provides a direct link between the expatriate and local business communities.


Kila Kila - Horse Camp

The Horse Camp at Kila Kila recently placed itself under a voluntary curfew in a bid to curb lawlessness. Leaders of the settlement, next to the Motuan village of Kila Kila, decided to impose the curfew after a meeting with authorities including police. More recently the have had a tidy up of rubbish in the camp and now proudly boast that Horse Camp is a safe place to visit even in the night. The tidy up received help from various business houses in Port Moresby. Horse Camp will also change its name to Joyce Bay Community.


School Enrollment

It has been estimated that over one million students have enrolled in over 8,000 institutions around PNG this year. Over 35,000 teachers will teach the million. In 1992 it was estimated that only 500,000 students were enrolled at 3,000 institutions being taught by less than 20,000 teachers.


Dauli Teachers College

The Dauli Teachers College has recently graduated 91 young teachers. This was the biggest graduation for the school. The 91 graduands remained on campus during the festive season to complete their training program in order to graduate before the current academic year started.



Police in Moresby have dusted off the radar guns issued in the 1980's and have managed to get five of them working. A general warning has been issued to all motorists in Moresby to slow down tot he legal 60 km/h. Does this mean that you will no longer be able to do 120 past police headquarters at Konedobu or does it mean it is time to move to Lae or simply that time of life where one should slow down anyway? Police are also considering introducing breathalyser.

I remember many years ago when breathalysers were on trial and the results published in the newspapers that a few people were having a competition to see who would get the highest score against their name ion the Post Courier.


Lost Mail

People expecting mail in Morobe Province have been told that due to confusion of the payment of services mail has been left stranded in the Lae Post Office. Some of the mail, ranging from bank statements, applications and personal letters, has been there for up to two years. A large area of the province does not have access to any other form of communications other than the mail service. Post PNG is now in the process of having the mail returned to the senders.


More Court Thefts

A few weeks after the theft of computers from the National Court registry at Waigani six computers have been stolen from the Supreme Court Registry Office at Waigani, Port Moresby. Like many organisations in PNG it would appear that the Court did not have back up copies of the data on the computers so now the court will have to depend on manual records for the next set of court sittings.


Biggest Pothole

Once people in the city of Lae could lay claim to some of the biggest potholes in the country but now the residents of Moresby are hunting around for the biggest pothole. Some people say it can be found on the way to the main Port Moresby wharf not more than 100 metres from the main city centre. It has been rumoured that a couple of container trucks have been lost in there for a couple of weeks. Other areas of the National Capital are also disappearing into one big pothole. Individual holes have joined forces to trap unwary motorists especially after a tropical downpour.


Goroka Rice

A dry land rice variety growing at Goroka in the Eastern Highlands has the Chinese rice experts amazed. The rice normally only returns about two to three tonne per hectare but the Goroka rice has returned eight tonne per hectare. The figure was so high that an expert traveled from China to verify the results.


Kwikila Market

People at Kwikila in Central province now have a rejuvenated market thanks to funding of K100,000 by the Member of Parliament for Rigo. The market was shut down three months ago due to health related issues.


First Chief Justice

PNG's first Chief Justice has died in Australia. Sir William Prentice has been described as a fearless defender of the PNG Constitution.


Steamships Trading Company

It is rumoured that Steamships Trading has sold off its interests in Nebiri Quarries and Monier PNG for an estimated K8 million leaving 250 workers without a job. It has also been runmoured that Hebou Constructions has taken over the businesses.


Pre Paid Web Access

For visitors coming to PNG and wishing to have an Internet Connection Daltron have pre-paid web access available starting from K66 for 10 hours up to K154 for 40 hours. The customer is not charged a connection fee or any other monthly fees. Users are, however, charged a fee by the telephone company for access as well. For more information please contact -- sales@daltron.com.pg or visit the relevant web site page at -- http://www.daltron.com.pg/internet/webtaim.htm


Internet Service Providers



A fifteen-minute videotape has been produced by the National Museum and Art Gallery in collaboration with Caritas PNG about the 1998 Aitape tsunami disaster. The Aitape disaster will be used to help people to learn lessons and gain experience about minimising the effects of such an event in the future.


Kela Smith

The allegation that the Governor of Goroka, Mal "Kela" Smith is not a citizen of PNG and therefore not eligible to hold government office has received a setback. Kela received his citizenship certificate recently. The candidate Kela unseated in the 2002 National Elections has made the allegation. Prior to receiving his citizenship certificate he was in custody of a letter stating that his application for citizenship had been approved on the 19th of April 1996. The question before the courts would appear to be what actually grants a person citizenship of PNG - The certificate or the letter? The consensus of non-legal people tends to agree that the letter is all that he needs.


Air Niugini

After Air Niugini workers recently discovered six stolen rifles destined for the Highlands in amongst cargo declared as second hand clothes workers at the National Airline have received death threats associated with the discovery. All cargo and security staff have been targeted although other staff are wondering how a criminal would be able to tell the difference between a cargo worker and any other worker. Security at the airline's head office has also been increased recently.


PX Executive Club

It has been rumoured that Air Niugini will soon be providing Internet access in the main Paradise / Executive Club lounges in Port Moresby and possibly at Nadzab - if they can find two tin cans and a piece of string long enough to stretch from Lae City to Nadzab. Several dealers are also rumoured to be interested in sponsoring the deal to get captive coverage.


Stolen Gun

An auxiliary policeman in Port Moresby has been placed in police cells for attempting to sell a high power gun. It is alleged that the policeman had attempted to sell the gun to several people before being apprehended. The Commissioner of Police has said that the Government must enact tougher laws to use against people who steal weapons owned by the State.


Aussie Police

The Central Agencies Coordinating Committee (CACC) headed by the Chief Secretary, Joshua Kalinoe, has begun to prepare the necessary legislation to protect the Australian police personnel deployed to PNG.

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