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PNG Gossip Newsletter Meri Milne Bay

Welcome to the

Papua New Guinea Gossip Newsletter

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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"
Tok Pisin English
ailan island
ailan Manam Manam Island
digim dig
digim hul make hole in ground
graun world
graun earth
graun ground
graun / graun malomalo / graun bilong wokim sospen clay
mumu ground oven or cooking pit
mumuim pressure-cook
kuk / kukim cook
kaikaim bite / eat
kaikai food / meal

Remember that this mailing list is mainly meant for people who have an interest and already know a little bit about the people and geography of Papua New Guinea. The PNG Kina, which is mentioned from time to time in this newsletter, is currently worth around 30 - 31 United States cents but varies on a daily basis.

If you are really keen on finding out what the Kina is worth a currency converter, for most world currencies, can be located at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/moni.html

Interested in having your own Web Site? Worried about the cost? It may be cheaper than you think. Take a look at pricing at the PNG Web Hosting site. Sites with 2500MB of data, 40 GB Transfer per month and 24/7 ticket/phone support for US$5.00 per month. -- Domains US$9.00 per year.


Want to find out more about Papua New Guinea? Try searching at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo and http://www.michie.net/png_faqs. The PNG Business and Tourism Directory located at http://www.pngbd.com is also an excellent place to look for PNG information.

For those who are not so familiar with the geography of Papua New Guinea I suggest taking a look http://maps.expedia.com and then click on the find a map option. Go to this link for a quick start to a link to a map of Port Moresby. http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/pom-map.html

Also remember that the accuracy of the information in this newsletter should not be relied upon - it is, after all, a gossip newsletter.



PNG Aviation related web sites

PNG Business and Tourism Directory

PNG Business and Tourism Directory -- http://www.pngbd.com -- This web site is probably the most useful stopping point for anyone interested in finding out more about PNG. Many businesses use the web site on a daily basis to find out the exchange rate as the rates on the web site are updated by all the major PNG banks on a regular basis throughout the working day but the web site offers more than that. The best way to find out what it has is to visit the site.

PNG Dockyard

http://www.pngdockyard.com.pg/ -- PNG Dockyard Ship Repair Docks are located in Port Moresby's Fairfax Harbour. This facility, along with its qualified work force of over 200 national and expatriate employees has the capacity to undertake all major ship repairs.

PNG Coffee

Since I have just returned from Goroka I might as put in a plug for Kongo Coffee. The company, from Goroka, advertises premium quality, freshly roasted coffee. For enquires you can contact them at Kundiawa on +675 735 8304 -- Fax +675 735 1130 and at Goroka on +675 732 3069 -- Fax +675 732 3068 or email them on -- kongo [@] global.net.pg

Miscellaneous Sites

Surfing information for PNG can be found at the Surfing Association of PNG website located at -- http://www.surfingpapuanewguinea.org.pg/home.htm -- and -- http://www.surfing-waves.com/travel/papua_ng.htm -- The Tourism Promotion Authority December 2003 Newsletter also had an article on surfing PNG at -- http://www.pngtourism.org.pg/news/newsletters/newsletterdec.htm

The unofficial Port Moresby High School site is located at -- http://www.maipng.com/pomhi/

The Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce website can be found at -- http://www.pomcci.org.pg

The Web Site for the PNG Institute of Directors gives an excellent introduction to PNG company law and related governance issues it can be found at -- http://www.pngid.org.pg

Papua New Guinea Institute of Accountants -- http://www.pngia.org.pg

Rotary Club of Boroko and Papua New Guinea -- http://www.rotary.org.pg

Friends of the Disabled Association -- http://www.foda.org.pg

Frontier Travel - for all your travel needs -- http://www.frontiertravelpng.com.pg -- There are many travel agents in PNG but I am having trouble locating web site links for them. Does any one know what are the links for the other travel companies?

Grafitti Signs -- mailto:grafitti @ datec.net.pg

The Lonely Planet Guide to PNG is located at -- http://www.lonelyplanet.com/destinations/australasia/papua_new_guinea/


Wikipedia is a free web based encyclopaedia and the information it has on PNG can be located at the following web address -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papua_New_Guinea

Living Water Mission

http://www.livingwatermission.org/About_Papua_New_Guinea.htm -- The Living Water Mission is based in Sewetaitai Bay on Normanby Island, Milne Bay Province.


News Items

Prison Stats

It has been announced that more people headed off to serve a jail sentence in 2004 than what happened in 2003. In 2004 3907 new prisoners were admitted to jails compared with 3582 in 2003. Total breakouts increased from 122 in 2003 to 128 last year.

No Pay

It has been revealed that more than 20 elementary school teachers in the province of East New Britain have not been paid any salary for the last three years. It has been claimed by one of the teachers that the provincial elementary supervisor for East New Britain has promised that the teachers would be paid since 2002 by so far they have received nothing.

People's National Congress

It would seem that Sir William Skate, a founder of People's National Congress (PNC) party, has parted company with PNC and will sit in the middle benches of Parliament rather than play petty party politics. The party chief, Opposition Leader Peter O'Neill, has said the party respected his views and was happy for him to become an independent. This effectively sacks Sir William from the party he helped to found.

Tok Pisin Dictionary

This country and its education system have been without dictionaries for thirty years. The only dictionary of Melanesian Pidgin to English and English to Melanesian Pidgin has been out of print since the 1970's. Now, The Jacaranda Dictionary and Grammar of Melanesian Pidgin by F. Mihalic S.V.D. is available again in 2005. This 375-page dictionary is a vital tool in the education process of training people to speak, read and write the Melanesian Pidgin language.

This trusted and concise dictionary that has an excellent Grammar of Melanesian Pidgin section in the front, along with twenty-three Word Group sections at the back:

Schoolroom Terms; Anatomical Terms; Physiological Terms; Diseases and Sickness; Medicines, Remedies, Nursing; Carpentry and Building Terms; Mechanics and Engineering; Nautical Terms; Fish, Fishing and Sea foods; Animals, Insects, Hunting; Birds; Plants and Trees with their Scientific Names; Fruits, Vegetables, Gardening; European Foods; Household Terms; Clothing: Native and European; Terms used by New Guinea Police relating to Courts and the Law; Doctrinal Terms; Ethical and Moral Terms; Biblical Terms; Names of Books of New Testament; Liturgical and Worship Terms; Liturgical Feasts and Seasons

The dictionary can be yours now for under K20 per copy.

Order today at -- ssaholt @ datec.net.pg-- or phone Steve Aholt in Goroka at +675 732-2164

The number of copies is limited so order today.

Another Ambulance

Rotary International is providing another fully fitted four-wheel drive ambulance for remote PNG. The vehicle is being shipped, along with medical supplies, from Brisbane, Australia and will be used to transport patients to and from remote hospitals although taking the rapidly deteriorating roads during the wet season in Port Moresby the vehicle may have to be used on the rudimentary roads that were once main roads within the National Capital.

Flu Outbreak

An outbreak of flu in the Finschaffen district of Morobe province has killed five people. Of the five two were children and three were adults. The deaths occurred because there has been an acute shortage of drugs in the area. Funds to purchase drugs have been donated by the local MP for Finschaffen as well as to send health officers to the areas that have been affected.

PNG Poet

The American based International Society of Poets has nominated a poet from PNG as amateur poet of the year. The poet, Benjamin Vali, is an instructor at the Timber and Forestry Training College in Lae. The nomination puts Mr Vali in the running for a $US20,000 prize.

PNG Passports

If you are a PNG citizens and have to renew a passport or expect to be able to get a new passport for overseas travel think again. It is expected that there will be no new passport stock for until June. This means that if you are lucky enough to be able to afford to travel overseas and you do not have an existing passport or your passport has less than 6 months validity then you may face an uphill battle to get a passport. The Department of Foreign Affairs is only able to issue PNG certificates of Identity or PNG emergency travel documents. The delay is being placed on the changes in technology and current global security concerns but other countries in the region have managed to be able to keep up with the latest security requirements. It seems more like a lack of money and / or some one slacking off in the Foreign affairs department.

PNG Folktales

One Thousand One Papua New Guinean Nights:
Folktales from Wantok Newspaper
Translated and Edited by Thomas H. Slone

One Thousand One Papua New Guinean Nights is a two-volume collection of folktales that were originally published in Papua New Guinea's Wantok newspaper. The folktales were in Tok Pisin, the Pidgin English language of Papua New Guinea. The two-volume collection presents the complete set of over 1000 folktales published between 1972 and 1997. The book represents one of the largest general collections of Papua New Guinean folktales and it is worthwhile getting a copy. All of Papua New Guinea's provinces and approximately 35 percent of Papua New Guinea's 800 language/culture groups are represented. The first volume includes the introduction and 550 folktales; the second volume includes the remaining folktales, indices, a glossary, a set of maps and a gazetteer. All the folktales have been extensively indexed by - author, village, original language (or culture group), province, flora and fauna, and folklore motif.

The book is available directly from the publisher at -- http://THSlone.tripod.com/masalaipress.html

and from Amazon.com -- http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/external-search?tag=abibliogrofmelan&keyword=slone+papua&mode=books

barnesandnoble.com -- http://shop.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/results.asp?WRD=slone+papua

and bamm.com -- http://www.booksamillion.com/ncom/books?type=keyword&find=slone+papua&x=6&y=6

Further information about the book and a couple of sample stories can be found at -- http://THSlone.tripod.com/1001PNGnights.html

A sample story from Milne Bay, reprinted with permission of the author, can also be found at -- http://michie.net/pnginfo/1001.html

Thomas H. Slone is a staff scientist at the University of California at Berkeley.


Thanks to the author of 1001 PNG Nights - Thomas H. Slone - a request for information about a book titled with a name similar to Sineboudalili has been located. Thomas pointed the person enquiring to the relevant section at Amazon.COM and the enquirer purchased 3 out of 4 copies on offer. Thanks Thomas and also thanks to the other readers that responded with helpful suggestions.

Coming Events

Mining Conference -- PNG's premier mining conference will be held between the 23rd and 25th of May at the Lae International Hotel. This will be the seventh Geology, Exploration, and Mining Conference. For further information please contact the PNG Chamber of mines -- conf[@]pngchamberminpet.com.pg - Telephone +675 321 2988 and Facsimile +675 321 7107.

Manan Island

The Manan Island Volcano has erupted again and the evacuation of people remaining on the islands is being carried out by the government chartered Motuan Chief. Over 800 people have been evacuated in this exercise so far. Authorities have decided that the inhabitants of Manan Island will now be permanently resettled on the mainland of PNG.

International Schools

The Headquarters for the International Education Agency (IEA) has moved location from a small building on the Port Moresby International School site to the old Ela Beach International School site.

Catholic Education

St Joseph's International Catholic School in Port Moresby offers good quality primary education in Port Moresby. The school can be contacted on phone number +675 325 3733 - fax +675 325 3237 and by email - joseph @ daltron.com.pg

2005 International School Dates

IEA School terms for 2005

Term 1 -- 10 weeks from 31st January to 8th April.

Term 2 -- 10 weeks from 26th April to 1st July

Term 3 -- 10 weeks from 11th July to 15th September

Term 4 -- 10 weeks 3rd October to 9th December.

2005 Government School Dates

Term dates for PNG government run schools are as follows

Term 1 -- 31st January to 15th April.

Term 2 -- 26th April to 1st July

Term 3 -- 11th July to 23rd September

Term 4 -- 3rd October to 9th December.

Public Motor Vehicles

An increase of 20 toea per trip has been authorised for Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) passengers in Port Moresby. There was an aborted attempt to increase the fares before Christmas but this was declared null and void. Full fare passengers will now have to pay 70 toea per trip and police are monitoring the PMV buses to make sure the drivers complete the full route. Previously drivers have been stoping halfway along the route and making the passengers hop off after paying the full fare. The bus is then driven around the block and often comes back to pick up the same passengers and make then pay another 50 toea to complete their trip. The police say that with the increase in the fare this practice must stop.

FAQ's Infant Death Rate

What is the infant death rate (IDR) in PNG?

In 1971 the IDR was 174 per 1000 and now in 2004 it is down to 64 per 1000. The IDR in 1980 was 72 per thousand. The child mortality rate for children under five years old is down to 24 per 1000 compared to 91 children in 1971. The International Conference on Population and Development has a goal of 35 deaths per 1000 for IDR and the less than five mortality rate to be less than 45 per thousand.

For the answer to more FAQ's about PNG please visit -- http://michie.net/png_faqs. -- If you know the answer to a frequently asked question or if you find one that is out of date or you know for a fact it is wrong then please feel free to contribute by dropping an email to this newsletter. Please let me know if you want your name down as the contributor to the answer.

Air Niugini

As announced in a previous issue of the PNG Gossip - Air Niugini is on the lookout for one, possibly two aircraft, to help the airline serve a recently won contract with a mining company. Air Niugini beat other airline companies in the country to a predominantly cargo charter for Oil Search Limited based at Moro. The start date of the contract has been set for the 1st of March 2005. Air Niugini is currently operating 3 Dash 8 aircraft plus 3 or 4 Fokker F28 4000 series and 2 Fokker F100 aircraft along with a solitary Boeing B767. The two Fokker F100's are equipped with business class seats and are capable of being flown to Brisbane if, for some reason, the B767 is out of action thus providing the airline with some back up capability on the Australian international sectors. Air Niugini is currently offering the Fokker business class seats at a discount within the country in an attempt to fill the often-vacant seats.

The red rat has returned to the skies of PNG. A Qantas B767 was scheduled to takeover from the Air Niugini B767 when it went in for a lengthy, scheduled service. The red rat, however, proved that even Qantas can get into difficulties and the normally good Air Niugini schedule was thrown into chaos as Air Niugini and Qantas attempted to find another B767 to replace the faulty Qantas one. Needless to say spare Boeing 767's do not come easily.

Yahoo Groups

If you want to find a Yahoo group that deals with Papua New Guinea then I recommend that you visit this link -- http://groups.yahoo.com/search?query=papua+new+guinea&submit=Search -- with any luck you will find a whole list of groups that may interest you.

The Yahoo regional directory on PNG is located at -- http://dir.yahoo.com/Regional/Countries/Papua_New_Guinea/

South Pacific Exports

If you need that hard to get part for your electrical / communications gear or even a special tool send email to Peter Goleby at < sp.exports @ bigpond.com > - he might just be able to help you out or at least point you in the right direction. Peter claims he will attempt to get anything legal for you so long as he can add a small amount to cover his own costs.

Law Awareness Book

If you are interested in PNG Law then you will be interested to know that Stanley Kuli Liria has produced a book to raise awareness of the various PNG laws for non-legal professionals. It has been written to be as simple as possible. The book explains the rights; freedoms, court processes and other basic areas of law that the grass roots people need to understand to appreciate relations and interaction with others in the society. The author comes from the Southern Highlands Province of PNG and is a practising lawyer. -- http://michie.net/pnginfo/law.html


PNG Media

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