PNG Gossip Newsletter - 6 Mar 2005

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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

tok pisin english
bai buy
baim rent
dia expensive
dinau borrow
hamas how much/many
haus mani bank (n)
i gat planti samting rich
i kastim planti mani valuable
kamapim mani raise money
kostim / kastim cost
lon loan
lusim spend
mani money
mani ain coin
senis change (small money)
senisim change money (from notes to coins)
tanim mani change money (from one currency to another)
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PNG Aviation Related Web Sites

Air Niugini, National Airline of PNG --

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Michie.NET PNG Aircraft Register --

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PNG Civil Aviation Authority web site -- -- and --

Shipping Links -- Austral Asia Line Project Asia Service. -- New Guinea Pacific Line -- Steamships Shipping Agencies

News Items

Warning from TPA

Here is a warning from the Tourism Promotion Authority -- Tourists, Visitors, Guests to the TPA website are advised NOT to enter into any business deals or arrangements relating to Tourism business or Travels in PNG with "Budget Tours/PNG Holidays" or with principal Benjamin Nelson as they have been blacklisted. For more information, email them on -- or ph: (675) 320 0211

PNG Cricket

PNG has qualified for a spot in the July ICC Trophy tournament to be held in Ireland. PNG secured the 12th and final spot in the tournament by beating Fiji by 30 runs. The top five teams from the trophy event will qualify for the ICC World Cup to be played in the West Indies in 2007.

Coming Events

Game Fishing Titles

The Game Fishing Titles will be held between the 19th and the 28th of March in Madang.


Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The RSPCA of PNG will be holding its annual general meeting on,2nd of April 2005 at the St Martin's Anglican Church Hall in Boroko.

Mining Conference

PNG's premier mining conference will be held between the 23rd and 25th of May 2005 at the Lae International Hotel. This will be the seventh Geology, Exploration, and Mining Conference. For further information please contact the PNG Chamber of mines -- conf[@] - Telephone +675 321 2988 and Facsimile +675 321 7107.

East New Britain Cultural Festival.

+ Warwagira July 4th to 12th 2005 (mostly singing/choir, string bands groups both Ancient & Modern) followed by
" Mask Festival July 13th to 16th, 2005 (Traditional Masks and ancient culture ONLY)

South Pacific Exports

If you need that hard to get part for your electrical / communications gear or even a special tool send email to Peter Goleby at < sp.exports[@] > - he might just be able to help you out or at least point you in the right direction. Peter claims he will attempt to get anything legal for you so long as he can add a small amount to cover his own costs.

Gun Campaign

A campaign to test the views of the public on the issue of guns has officially begun in Port Moresby. The campaign was kicked off by Sir Rabbie Namaliu, the acting Prime Minister, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Port Moresby on the 3rd of March as early as 7:00am. The Opposition Leader, Peter O'Neill also spoke at the opening event to reinforce that the campaign is aiming for a combined effort from everyone.

Modilon Hospital

With money saved from various cost cutting measures the Modilon General Hospital in Madang has been able to organise a major facelift to security and sanity facilities. The hospital has also been able to pay for a mass burial of unclaimed bodies at a nearby village burial site.

Bail Outrage

The release of a man on bail accused of raping a seven-year-old girl in Enga has outraged Enga provincial leaders and the general public. The suspect was released on bail of K200 after police did not object to bail being granted.


A Malaysian company will soon begin to explore for limestone deposits and eventually build a lime processing plant in the country. The company has signed an agreement with the Mining Minister recently.

Bougainville Constitution

The Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Don McKinnon, has praised the Bougainville Constitution and provisions for an autonomous government. He said that for the first time in the history of Bougainville the people will be governed under their own constitution. The next step in the process would be to organise credible elections to form the first autonomous government.

Dame Rose Kekedo

Dame Rose Kekedo has died at the age of 64 suffering from complications with arthritis. Dame Rose was of mixed Milne Bay and Central Province parentage born in 1942 at Abau in Central province. Her mother Mary was also honoured with the title of a Dame of the Realm.

Law Firm Payout

A private law firm in Port Moresby has received a payout of K18 million from the government for successfully saving the government from paying out in excess of K500 million in civil claims. The payout has triggered spirited debate on the floor of Parliament because it is wondered what the local government lawyers are paid to do. It was also claimed that the law firm had "lost" money held in trust for the Eastern Highlands provincial government by the Eastern Highlands Governor, Mal "Kela" Smith.


The Kokopo Secondary School in East New Britain has given grade 10 students who did not perform well in 2004 an opportunity to move forward in 2005. The school has created a special class that will cater for these grade 10 students who either missed out on moving on to grade 11 because of lack of space or narrowly missed out on achieving the necessary academic standard. Forty-one students have been identified and enrolled for the special "grade 11" class. The students will be taught the standard grade 11 curriculum and those that are assessed to be doing well after the first and second terms will be absorbed into the formal school system. The rest will continue to take practical subjects such as business studies, tourism and hospitality, computing, carpentry and tailoring etc.

Education Web Sites -- International Business Institute -- International Education Agency -- PNG International Training Institute -- PNG Maritime College -- Pacific Training Academy -- PNG University of Technology (Lae) -- University of Goroka, Eastern Highlands -- University of PNG -- Computer Training

Car Theft

The theft of cars from parents dropping off or picking up children from schools in the National Capital District is on the increase. Police have warned parents and relatives to be careful when dropping off children especially if waiting for children after school.

Buka Power

The people of Buka and nearby villages in the North Solomons will now have electrical power 24 hours a day. Bougainville leaders, business houses and villagers witnessed the commissioning of a 1.25 mega Watt generator purchased by the Japanese Government through the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as a gift to the people of Bougainville. Additional staff have been moved to the province to help take care of the new equipment that also includes a 500 Kilowatt generator purchased by PNG Power that has been shipped from Lae along with a 55,000-litre fuel tank.

EcoNet Lawsuit

The government will vigorously defend a K1.6 million lawsuit brought against the government by EcoNet Wireless. The acting Prime Minister, Sir Rabbie Namaliu has said that he is confident the government will be able to win the case. EcoNet asserts that the Government of PNG unlawfully terminated the contract for the privatisation of Telikom and claim that they were the successful tenderer after satisfying all requirements set by the Independent Public Business Corporation.


The Industrial Relations Minister, Sir Peter Barter, has described one of the fastest growing industries in PNG, compensation, as a hindrance to development. He said that people often came forward as work was about to commence on important projects claiming money as compensation for the land etc that the project was located on etc. Compensation claims are not limited to individuals. The Northern (Oro) provincial government has requested that a 20% stake in the Higaturu Oil Palm Project currently held by the National Government be transferred to them. The claim is that the 20-precent stake will be used to develop the province.

Enhanced Cooperation Program

The Internal Securities Minister has said that the Enhanced Cooperation Program (ECP) police will soon be deployed to other parts of the country such as to Lae and parts of the highlands region. Currently the ECP police are only deployed in Port Moresby and Bougainville. Since the ECP police have been in Port Moresby there has been a surge in crime around the country especially in Lae.

Capsicum Spray

The use of capsicum spray has been approved for use by properly trained PNG and Enhanced Cooperation Program (ECP) police on Bougainville. Capsicum spray can help to stop aggressive people in their tracks for a short period of time with little residual side effects.

Defence Force

The First Battalion of the Pacific Islands Regiment of the PNG Defence Force is celebrating its 54th birthday. The battalion was disbanded after the Second World War in 1946 and was then re-organised in 1951 and became an ally of the 7th Duke of Edinburgh's own Ghurkha Rifles in 1954.

Defence Secrets Worry

The Governor of Morobe province, Luther Wenge, has expressed his concerns over the signing of a treaty between Australia and PNG Defence Force (PNDF) to allow Australian Defence Force soldiers to be engaged in PNG under the Enhanced Cooperation Program. The Governor is concerned that the Australians will learn all the miliary secrets and strategies that PNG has to hide. Sir Rabbie Namaliu that it was not a treaty or even an agreement rather it was a joint statement that will allow the PNGDF and the Aussies to further enhance the Defence Force Cooperation program that is currently in place with Australia.

Tokua Flights

Air Niugini has had to suspend its Fokker F100 flights to Tokua airport due to an increase in the amount of volcanic ash being discharged from the Tavurvur volcano in Rabaul. Air Niugini has announced that they can still fly the older less sophisticated jet-engine Fokker F28 planes to Tokua.

Tok Pisin Dictionary

This country and its education system has been without dictionaries for thirty years. The only dictionary of Melanesian Pidgin to English and English to Melanesian Pidgin has been out of print since the 1970's. Now, The Jacaranda Dictionary and Grammar of Melanesian Pidgin by F. Mihalic S.V.D. is available again in 2005. This 375-page dictionary is a vital tool in the education process of training people to speak, read and write the Melanesian Pidgin language.

This trusted and concise dictionary that has an excellent Grammar of Melanesian Pidgin section in the front, along with twenty-three Word Group sections at the back:

Schoolroom Terms; Anatomical Terms; Physiological Terms; Diseases and Sickness; Medicines, Remedies, Nursing; Carpentry and Building Terms; Mechanics and Engineering; Nautical Terms; Fish, Fishing and Sea foods; Animals, Insects, Hunting; Birds; Plants and Trees with their Scientific Names; Fruits, Vegetables, Gardening; European Foods; Household Terms; Clothing: Native and European; Terms used by New Guinea Police relating to Courts and the Law; Doctrinal Terms; Ethical and Moral Terms; Biblical Terms; Names of Books of New Testament; Liturgical and Worship Terms; Liturgical Feasts and Seasons

This dictionary can be yours now for under K20 per copy.

Order today at -- ssaholt @ -- or phone Steve Aholt in Goroka at +675 732-2164

The number of copies is limited so order today.

Threatening Weed

A fast spreading weed with a scientific name of Chromolaena ororata has agricultural scientists and farmers worried. The weed, a native of Central and South America has spread to 10 provinces since it was first discovered in the West Sepik 12 years ago. The weed has managed to find its way to the following PNG provinces - West Sepik, Madang, Morobe, Northern (Oro), Milne Bay, East New Britain, West New Britain, New Ireland, Manus and the North Solomons. It is believed that the pest was introduced from across the border in Indonesia.

Sir Pita Lus

One of the longest serving politicians who was ousted at the recent elections has received a sum of K500,000 for serving his electorate. The once only payment was approved by the National Executive Council for Sir Pita's services for more than 20 years to the people of Maprik. Many wonders what his pay packet was for during the same period? How many other long serving politicians will get such a payout especially since Sir Michael Somare must be heading for retirement some time in the near future.

Mendi Roads

Work will begin on the Mendi to Nipa road in the Southern highlands sometime this year. The roadwork is considered a major project with the road being upgraded and sealed. The work will start at Nipa and proceed to Mendi and is part of the Asian Development Bank's road maintenance program.

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