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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
draiva driver
buskanaka savage
inglis British
kepten captain
kuk cook
kuskus clerk
lapun old person
liklik dokta medical assistant
man man
mangi boy / youth
meri woman
manmeri everybody
pikinini child
pren friend
rabisman no-hoper
sista nurse / nun
skulboi schoolboy
tisa teacher
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- Port Moresby Rotary --
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Wrecks and Reefs

"Wrecks and Reefs around Port Moresby" is a book that documents the history of early shipwrecks and World War II wrecks that lie in the waters around the capital of Papua New Guinea. This book is primarily intended to be a guide for scuba divers and it includes tales of cannibals, retribution for a ruthless Japanese submarine that took the lives of innocent citizens and the mystery of a lost airliner that disappeared along with thirteen unfortunate souls.

The book includes information on the history of diving in the Port Moresby area from the days of the early hard-helmeted pearl divers to the modern self contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba). For overseas scuba diving visitors there is a chapter on accommodation available in the area. The web site, for the book, is located at --

World War II wrecks around the Kiriwina part of the Trobriand Islands - Latitude 8° 40' 0S Longitude 150° 55' 0E --

News Items

Miss Milne Bay

Miss Mimiousa Mark has been crowned Miss Milne Bay. She also took out the Miss Traditional title. Relvie Eremas took out the Miss Milne Bay Charity Queen title after raising almost K30,000. Miss Mark has qualified to contest the Miss PNG Quest as the official Milne Bay Entrant. This year's quest had the largest number of contestants and also raised the largest sum of money for the Red Cross. The entrants raised a total of K96,276.47.

East New Britain Radio

Kalang Advertising in conjunction with its parent company, Telikom PNG, has completed the installation of a new 300-watt FM stereo transmitter for the FM 100 service in East New Britain. The transmitter located on Mount Tomavatur will allow the FM100 signal to be heard in full stereo.

InterOil Drilling

It has been announced that the InterOil Corporation will start drilling in the Black Bass prospecting region between Central and Gulf Provinces. The Black Bass well will be the first of an eight well drilling program that will extend into 2006.

PNG Power

A massive storm, that saw the closure of the airport at Jackson's in Port Moresby and many, many trees toppled, hit the city and the Southern Region recently causing power blackouts and damage to houses and businesses. The storm caused over 350 calls to PNG Power for assistance with loss of power to customers. Unfortunately, for some customers, restoration work was prioritised into getting the main feeder supply cables restored. Luckily many premises have standby generators that were called into service. Garden City, in Boroko, lost several parts of the roof and several of the residents complained of water getting in under glass doors etc. Workers at Deloitte's Tower in downtown Port Moresby were able to leave work early when the building was evacuated due to the strong wind forcing water around poorly sealed windows. Tennants were also afraid of the windows being blown out of the frames.

Death Penalty

The Prime Minister has defended the Justice Minster over the delays in introducing the death penalty to Parliament. The draft legislation is now ready to go before Cabinet and the Justice Minister has said that it will go this week or next week.

POSF Profit

The Public Officers Superannuation Fund (POSF) has posted an after tax profit of K120.6 million for 2004. This is up 2.2 percent from K118 million on the figures for 2003.

Baha'i Faith

The Baha'i followers in Port Moresby recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of their faith being in PNG. The Baha'i Faith is one of the newest independent religions in the world.

Vudal Slaughterhouse

Construction of an abattoir at the Vudal University in East New Britain has finished. The building started in 2003 and cost K1.2 million to complete. The building is now waiting for the electrical wiring to be completed so that the slaughter of animals can commence before the end of the year. The farm at the university has 350 cattle, 30 pigs and 300 chickens from this the school expects to be able to produce about 200 - 300Kg of beef, 20 pigs and 1000 chickens per week for sale to local groups and markets as well as Andersons Foodland. They will also direct sell to customers who come to the university.

Vudal University is looking at changing its name. "Vu" simply means place in the Kuana language of East New Britain and "dal" is short for Department of Agriculture and Livestock.

Next Newsletter

Due to my attendance at the PNG Coffee Festival in Goroka the next newsletter may not get out by the 6th of May.

Coming Events

The University of Goroka is holding its 8th Annual Graduation Ceremony on the 13th of May. The previous ceremony was put on hold due to the uncertainty about the quality of fuel provided to airlines in the country.

PNG Coffee Festival for 2005 is set for 5th, 6th and 7th of May at the Raun Raun Theatre in Goroka. There will be more than 30 traditional singsing groups as well as educational exhibits on coffee; agriculture; fisheries; livestock; business development; tourism and culture; banking and finance; vocational education; radio communications and technology to rural areas; horticulture and cut flowers; arts and crafts; pottery making; woodworking; alluvial gold mining; farming equipment and demonstrations and many more.

The SP Brewery Port Moresby Open Squash Championship is being held from the 29th of April to the 1st of May 2005.

East New Britain Warwagira and Mask Festival. The Warwagira will be held on the 6th to the 12th of July followed by the Mask Festival on the 13th to the 16th of July. Both events will be held at the Queen Elizabeth Park.

PNG Independence Day -- 16th September
Hiri Moale Festival -- the week leading up to Independence Day
Goroka Show -- Independence Weekend

Mining Conference -- to be held in Lae between the 23rd and 25th of May.

Constitutional Breach

It would appear that although Parliament was in breach of the constitution because it had not sat for the minimum number of days that it is supposed to in a parliamentary year the Ombudsman has now withdrawn the case. It is understood that Parliament only sat for 53 of the required 63 days in the 2003 / 2004 year. Section 124(1) of the Constitution requires Parliament to sit for at least nine weeks in each parliamentary year. The Supreme Court has granted leave to the Chief Ombudsman, Ila Geno, to withdraw the reference filed under section 18(1) of the Constitution.

Private Hospital

Heard a rumour recently that the long empty new hospital built by the Motor Vehicles Insurance Trust just near the University of PNG Medical Faculty, Taurama, will be occupied soon with a group of enterprising doctors. Of course, knowing rumours in PNG, this means that exactly the opposite will happen.

Medical Numbers

It has been stated that PNG can only boast seven doctors and 67 nurses for every 100,000 people in the country. The Solomon Islands can boast 11 doctors and 150 nurses for the same number of population. Fiji is far better off with 37 doctors and 209 nurses for every 100,000 people. PNG hopes to be able to increase numbers to 15 doctors and 150 nurses per 100,000 head of population by the year 2010.

St Joseph's Catholic Church

The St Joseph's Catholic Church in Boroko is still undergoing renovation. The original building was over forty years old before workmen were seen busily ripping out the sidewalls of the Church building so that the building can be expanded into the present car park area to accommodate the ever-growing congregation. The work continues but now the general shape of the new building can be seen emerging from all the construction work.

Air Fare Hike

A simple villager from the Southern Highlands has expressed what all people in PNG have been thinking that the recent airfare hike by Air Niugini are too much. The actual increase is a fuel surcharge levy introduced by many airlines to overcome the effect of the ever-increasing worldwide fuel prices. The villager is also a local tour operator who has said that the increases will make it more difficult for people to travel to the highlands.

Air Niugini

The in-flight magazine of Air Niugini - Paradise - has made a major error by stating in an article that Rabaul is on the northern part of New Ireland. As far as I know Rabaul is still on the island of New Britain. It may have been devastated by a volcanic eruption years ago but the eruption certainly wasn't powerful enough to move the town to another island. Naturally once I pick on another publication the proof readers appear and pull this publication to pieces.

Air Niugini has had to suspend Fokker F100 flights to Tokua (Rabaul) airport in East New Britain due to the high amount of volcanic ash spewing from Mt Tavurvur. Air Niugini will still be able to fly its Fokker F28 into the airport due to the F28 engines being less sensitive to volcanic ash. The company has also opened an office in Parliament House.

Water Rationing

The company looking after the supply of water to Port Moresby has advised that the supply of water to the city will be disrupted until the 1st of May. The rationing has had to be implemented because of maintenance work being carried out on one of the clarifiers at the Mount Eriama water treatment plant. It is hoped that with rationing all areas of Port Moresby will be able to have 16 hours of water a day until the maintenance work is completed.

Remembrance Day

Several ceremonies were held around the country to celebrate PNG Remembrance Day now being held on the same day as the Australian and New Zealand celebrated ANZAC Day. The highlight for many was to watch the ANZAC March in Brisbane and see PNG Citizen Ben Moide take part along with the commentary by Ross Eastgate who has a long time history with PNG. The Australian ABC broadcast the march live to PNG. Thanks Ross and every one who made the broadcast possible.

Yam Harvesting

The National Agricultural Research Institute has said that production of Yam, a staple sweet potato in PNG, can be increased if the Yam plant is live staked to the gliricdia tree. Apparently the two can cohabitate to the advantage of the yam increasing production. Research trials indicate that the tree provides shade for the yam and helps to keep weeds to a lower level. The tree also enables the yam to be harvested easier due to the tree helping to break the soil and maintaining a higher level of moisture in the soil.

Are PNG Men Violent?

Reported in the last issue -- According to a year 2000 report prepared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) PNG men are the second most violent group of men in the world. The WHO report says that over half the female population (56,1 percent) have been physically assaulted. That does not include sexual abuse or rape. It has been suggested that the figure could be higher because many women are too scared to report violence against them. PNG was only second to Uganda in terms of violence against women. I have found a survey at the PNG Information web site -- -- that seems to reinforce this. Take a look and make your own mark by placing your vote. Unlike the PNG elections it looks like that you can only vote once.

2005 Medical Symposium

The PNG Institute of Medical Research (IMR) has started fund raising for the 41st Medical Symposium to be held in Goroka, Eastern Highlands province during October. The Eastern Highlands Governor has kick started the fund raising by donating K25,000. Other Members of Parliament from the area have also promised to help with the funding of the symposium. The IMR is based in Goroka near the Goroka Base Hospital. IMR will make extensive use facilities at the University of Goroka for the symposium.

Carbine Club

The Carbine Club of PNG held a successful fundraising lunch for PNG Rugby League raising heaps of money auctioning off Rugby League memorabilia on Friday the 15th of April at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The Carbine Club was established in 1961 in Melbourne and the PNG Club started up in 1990. There are about 13 Carbine Clubs around the world.

PNG Media

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