PNG Gossip Newsletter - 16 May 2005

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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
draiva driver
buskanaka savage
inglis British
kepten captain
kuk cook
kuskus clerk
lapun old person
liklik dokta medical assistant
mangi boy / youth
meri woman
manmeri everybody
pikinini child
pren friend
rabisman no-hoper
sista nurse / nun
skulboi schoolboy
tisa teacher
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Remember that this mailing list is meant (mainly) for people who have an interest and already know a little bit about the people and geography of Papua New Guinea. The PNG Kina, which is mentioned from time to time in this newsletter, is currently worth around 30 - 30.5 United States cents but varies on a daily basis.

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Tok Pisin Language

Here is an article on - "Tok Pisin" - The National Language of Papua New Guinea -- -- Prepared and written by Edward Etepa
Here is a paragraph from the article.

The historical beginning of Tok Pisin can be traced in the early 18th century; however, it does not appear fully formed until mid 1885. Its genesis was the result of a gradually stabilizing and expanding contact language which went through the following stages of development: jargon stage, to stable pidgin, expanded pidgin, followed by creolisation on the notion of the pidgin/creole life cycle. The history of Tok Pisin is complex, recent research by numerous pidgin/creole linguists have shown that it would be an oversimplification of the situation to suggest that Tok Pisin represents a direct linear descendant of Pacific Jargon English which developed in several varieties in various parts of the South Pacific before the middle of the 19th century as a result of contacts between Europeans and South Sea islanders.

Kokoda Trek

If you are interested in walking the Kokoda Trail then please read the following account --

Surfing PNG

Surfing information for PNG can be found at the Surfing Association of PNG website located at -- -- and -- -- The Tourism Promotion Authority December 2003 Newsletter also had an article on surfing PNG at --

PNG Diving Sites

The following is sample of some of the web sites dealing with diving in PNG. It is not a complete list and if you would like your organisation mentioned in this newsletter please let me know.
Dive Discovery --
Mike Ball Dive Expeditions - Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef, diving --
Diving Liveaboards and Diving Resort Packages in Papua New Guinea --
Scuba diving Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. Liveaboard dive charters, PNG --
Diversion Dive Travel --
Peter Hughes Diving, Star Dancer --
MV FeBrina --

Moresby Arts Theatre

The Moresby Arts Theatre has a web site located at -- -- The Moresby Arts Theatre or MAT is a 90-year-old non-profit organisation that aims to encourage and promote the Arts in Port Moresby. MAT owns a substantial asset - the Moresby Arts Centre. The centre is comprised of a two hectare block of land that includes serene garden areas, a purpose built theatre, café, bar, foyer area and a pottery workshop. It is located in Waigani, next door to the New Zealand High Commission, near to Parliament, the National Museum and the Library.

Jane's PNG

Jane's Papua New Guinea web site -- A pictorial insight with comments on Papua New Guinea traditional culture, art and history. Contains a series of excellent photographs and can be located at --

PNG Manufacturers Council

The Manufacturers Council of Papua New Guinea -- -- The Manufacturers Council is a non-government organisation, established in 1991, to promote the manufacturing and downstream processing sector within Papua New Guinea.

Superannuation Funds

The Association of Superannuation Funds PNG (ASFPNG) has a website located at -- -- ASFPNG is an industry body established in 2002 by interested industry participants with the common goal to protect superannuants retirement savings within a regulated environment whilst fostering a competitive industry.

News Items

PNG Honours

The new PNG Honours System - "Order of Logohu" will run side by side with the present British Imperial honours system. The Logohu honours will allow more people to be recognised as there is a quota system in operation for the British honours system. It is hoped the new system will be ready to help celebrate the 30th Anniversary of PNG becoming an independent nation on the 16th of September 2005.

The Order of Logohu is modelled on the British Imperial system. "Logohu" is a Motuan word for the national symbol of PNG - the Bird of Paradise.

Message From a Reader

Here is an email from a reader - I have a copy of a booklet called "Pidgin English as used in The Mandated Territory of New Guinea" by E. C. H. Helton, Wewak, Territory of New Guinea
from the front cover it reads Sole publishing & distributing rights
The Coconut Grove Souvenir Shop
102 Adelaide St
Brisbane B4039

I found this information about the book on the web:
Helton, E. C. N. (1945). Pidgin English as Used in the Mandated Territory of New Guinea Dictionary of Nouns and Phrases. This Language Is Used in Conversation with Natives, Asiatics and German White Missionaries. 1st edition. Published by Cocoanut Grove Souvenir Shop in Brisbane, 2nd edition. Brisbane: W. H. Adams. circa 1940. Out of print.

apparently this is a first edition?

Can anyone tell me what this is worth, it is in very good condition but does have a water stain on all pages from the lower left corner in a triangular shape about 1" x 1"

Coffee Festival

The recent Coffee Festival held in Goroka, Eastern Highlands province appeared to be a success for the organiser. The festival was more of cultural display than a coffee festival with very few exhibits and hardly a coffee grower in sight. It was a bit of a pain for people attending the festival during the day due to the fact that there was only one tiny gate for the crowd to enter through. The entrance fee was very reasonable but having to be crushed in a crowd for an hour or so saw many would be visitors turn around and go home again. The play "Muzee Land" held at the Main Lecture Theatre of the Goroka University on Friday night was good. The rehearsals dragged on forever with long gaps between scenes but on the night the play was a reasonable success thanks to King Muzee and his Court Jester or is that Chester keeping a tight reign on events.

PNG Coffee

The PNG Defence Force is still talking about being able to help coffee growers transport coffee from remote, rural locations to the various coffee buyers in towns. At the moment the road infrastructure has deteriorated so much that some roads are considered impassable and the only method considered suitable for reliably getting coffee to market is to fly it out. It is too expensive to do this on commercial flights so the Defence Force will use its virtually unused aircraft to do this. The National Government has committed K4.6 million towards the operation that is part of the green revolution programme. This exercise will hopefully cut out the existing transportation problems and the associated middlemen.

Australian Tourism Office

The government has committed K4 million to the set up of a tourism office in Australia. Australia is seen as being the biggest tourist market for PNG and it is hoped that the new office helps to attract more tourists to PNG not only from Australia but to get a flow on from tourists from other countries visiting Australia.

Arafura Games

The Arafura Games have commenced in Darwin, Australia. 150 athletes from various sporting bodies in PNG are competing in the various events. PNG is pinning its hopes on the boxing team, swimming and shooting to do well at the games. Others sports competing from PNG are hockey, volleyball, netball, soccer, and weight lifting. Some of the teams are full PNG teams but most are provincial or town teams. Along with the various teams there are 16 management and VIP guests from PNG.

Australian Assisting Police

A court decision has been handed down that is unfavourable to the Australian Assisting Police (AAP) within PNG. On the surface this means that the AAP will immediately have to cease deployment and withdraw from PNG. The PNG government is now going through the decision by the court to see what ramifications it really has.


Whatever happened to the Filipino Jeepneys that were seen doing the rounds of Port Moresby? Surely the trials by a prominent big man have not stalled. The Jeepneys were declared as being the obvious and ideal solution to the appalling transportation in Port Moresby?

What about the 60 + prisoners that escaped from Bomana this year in January? How many are still out there on the loose? Has anyone heard about how EcoNet are going in their case against the government over the purchase of Telikom PNG?

PNG's 30th anniversary is looming on the horizon but what has happened to plans to renovate the old House of Assembly in town near DataNets? The site of the Papua Hotel still remains vacant and is a major eyesore for anyone visiting downtown Port Moresby as do many other "old" buildings around Port Moresby such as the Pineapple Building (Marea Haus) at Waigani not to mention the old domestic and international terminal at Jackson's airport. Rumour has it that the cash strapped Civil Aviation Authority is trying to rent it out at rents that would be more attune to property in downtown Port Moresby.

Mt Hagen Market

Thanks to a K7.5 million grant from AusAID the Mount Hagen market in the Western Highlands will undergo a major upgrade that will be finished in October 2006. The upgraded market will have 2,000 lots for vendors to sell their produce as well as storage and washing areas. The market will have a separate area for livestock along with security and ticketing offices. People from all over the Western Highlands including people from the Southern Highlands, Enga, Chimbu and other provinces come to sell their produce or to buy goods at the Mount Hagen market - one of the main economic hubs in the highlands. Part of the grant will be used for training programs.

PNG Information Technology

Currently PNG is rated one of the lowest among other Pacific Island nations in telecommunication that comprises of the fixed line segment, mobile and Internet segment and television segment and the lowest fixed-line density. PNG has only about 700 payphones, by far the lowest per capita phone coverage of all Pacific nations. PNG also ranks with the lowest in internet penetration, less than one per cent of the population, while its internet access costs are among the most expensive in the Pacific Island Nations States. It has also been recently revealed that Fiji with a tenth the population of PNG has 14 Megabit of Internet bandwidth and PNG with a population of over 5 million can only muster 8 Megabit of bandwidth. Of course there have been rumours that this limited bandwidth has been reduced to 6 Megabit due to faulty, intermittent equipment but that rumour can not be confirmed apart from the fact that trying to visit an overseas website recently is like watching paint dry.

PNG also ranks among the lowest of television receivers in the Pacific Islands Nations States with a TV penetration accounting for only eight per cent of the population.

Marine Nav Aids

The marine provinces will benefit from a K93 million Rehabilitation of Maritime Navigational Aids project. The project in its fourth year has already seen a vast improvement in some of the various Navigational Aids around the country.

Tribal War

Two tribes in Tari, Southern Highlands are at war over the killing of a father and a son recently. There have been reports of homes and other property going up in flames as the tribes engage in a battle over the deaths. The tribal fight is a spill over of an earlier conflict where six people were killed last year.

Air Niugini

It has been rumoured that the much awaited for second Fokker F100 (P2-ANB) painted in Air Niugini colours will soon arrive in the country replacing the loan F100 that has each side painted a different colour scheme and none of the sides advertising Air Niugini. This loan plane has confused many passengers who have thought they are getting on the wrong plane.

Pacific Islands Tradeshow 2005

Pacific Islands International is an Export Company Based in Thuringowa, North Queensland, Australia and specializes in the sourcing, supply, documentation and shipping of Building and Construction materials into the Pacific Islands Region. They are holding two tradeshows in the country one on the 23rd May 2005 to be held in Lae in the Morobe Room located at the Melanesian Hotel and from the 25th to 26th May 2005 in Port Moresby at the Saraga Room located at the Gateway Hotel)

Coming Events

East New Britain Warwagira and Mask Festival. The Warwagira will be held on the 6th to the 12th of July followed by the Mask Festival on the 13th to the 16th of July. Both events will be held at the Queen Elizabeth Park.

PNG 30th Independence Day Celebrations -- 16th September 2005.
Hiri Moale Festival -- the week leading up to Independence Day
Goroka Show -- Independence Weekend

Mining Conference -- to be held in Lae between the 23rd and 25th of May 2005.

The Port Moresby International School, run by the International Education Agency, is holding its annual United Nation's Concert on the 21st of May 2005 at the school oval. It is recommended that all residents of Port Moresby attend this concert at least once. Many residents attend year after year.

Canoe Festival

The Milne Bay Canoe festival is set to be held this year starting near the end of October and finishing early November. This coincides with the southeasterly winds that the canoes need to sail from the outer islands of Milne Bay to the provincial capital of Alotau. This year the festival will be extended to make it a national festival with invitations being extended to other coastal provinces and also to parts of Milne Bay that did not participate last year particularly Kiriwina, Rabaraba and Misima districts.

Education Sites -- PNG Maritime College -- Commission for Further / Higher Education -- International Business Institute -- International Education Agency -- PNG Institute of Medical Research -- PNG University of Technology -- University of Goroka -- University of PNG

Fly The Flag

Sir Peter Barter has said that the whole of PNG should be flying the PNG flag as the 30th anniversary of Independence approaches to display the pride and patriotism of the country. He has urged the population to celebrate Independence with their hearts and not their pockets. It has been reported that each province will receive K20,000 from the National Events Council to help celebrate the day. The council has also ordered 10,000 PNG flags.

I have had a request from overseas to see if anyone is interested in sending a PNG flag to the enquirer. If anyone is interested please contact this newsletter and I will pass on the details.

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