PNG Gossip Newsletter - 16th December 2005

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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

blakpela black
blakpela sos barbecue sauce
blaksos / blakpela sos / soisos soya sauce
blu blue
blut blood
braun / braunpela brown
braunpela loli chocolate (candy)
soklet chocolate
dak or tudak dark
gol gold
gre grey
grin / grinpela green
hap half
hap ret purple
klia clear
lait light
makmak multi-coloured
pure klin
ret / retpela red
wait / waitpela white
waitman white man / European
yelo / yelopela yellow
yelo yellow
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Warning: PNG web sites seem to come and go. The fact of life is that it costs money to host a web site and there is not much return on the outlay to most businesses in PNG. If you do click on a link and use the services or even have some comments to make then please contact the people at the relevant web site and let them know so they at least know that someone has gained some value from their efforts. If you are so inclined them mention that you heard about them from this web site. -- The PNG Gossip Newsletter.

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The National Statistical Office has a web site located at --

Ever wondered what is the population of various PNG towns? -- -- makes a reasonable guess considering the last census held in PNG was in the year 2000.

News Items

Solar Cookers

Can solar cookers save PNG Trees? Mrs Jenni Lean, the only female chief executive of an oil exploration company in the male dominated industry in the country, said she would like to introduce this simple technology to the women and children of Papua New Guinea so that it could save them time from collecting firewood. The technology uses sunlight, aluminium foil and cardboard boxes to reflect heat onto pots (preferably black).

Port Moresby Hospital

As mentioned previously the Port Moresby General Hospital has had to cut back on services being offered to the public due to limited staff working around December and January. During this period operations would be only done only for emergency cases while any other non-urgent operation would be deferred until the hospital had enough doctors to cope with the high number of operations that they normally have to do. A number of wards have also been closed and patients have been moved to selected wards where there are nurses working.

Village Courts

An amount of K8.7 million has been allocated to pay outstanding allowances for village court officials throughout the country. The allowance for 12,205 village court officials and land mediators has been outstanding since 1997 after Parliament passed the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Governments in 1995. The total outstanding claim for village court officials since 1997 to 2004 was about K30 million, but the remaining balance would be paid progressively when funds were made available.

Festive Season

The festive season has taken it toll on the output of this newsletter. The newsletter normally runs at about 20,000 characters in plain text format but this one is considerably less than that. For those that celebrate -- Merry Christmas and for those that don't -- have an enjoyable time over the coming few week

Mercury Worries

The careless use of mercury, cyanide, benzene, gasoline and detergents by individual miners has become a concern for Department of Mining and other stakeholders. Due to the lack of knowledge about the products being used there are for example cases of the pots used to refine gold in having the mercury poured out and the same pot then used to cook food.

Motor Cycling Santas

The 2005 Motorcycle Toy Run down the Magi Highway by 20 riders has proved to be a huge success. This year, the Port Moresby Off-road Motorcycle group and the Port Moresby Traffic Police on their shiny new motorcycles joined the road riders. Santa Clause arrived on a BMW motorcycle to the surprise and delight of children and onlookers along the way.

Judiciary Review

Retiring National and Supreme Court judge Justice Don Sawong has said that the time has come for the three arms of government to critically examine and review the structure of the judiciary. He suggested a "three tiered" high court system comprising the National Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The present system see the Supreme Court inundated with many unmeritorious appeals that only create a workload that the court cannot handle. The proposed Court of Appeal should be used for this purpose leaving the Supreme Court as the final court that would only deal with constitutional issues and development of new principles or areas of law.

Foreign Reserves

Foreign exchange reserves held by the Bank of PNG have reached an all-time high of just over K2 billion. The reserve was sufficient for 5.3 months of total and 7.3 months of non-mineral import cover for the country.

East Papua Soccer

The Eastern Papua Soccer Cup was won by Simla who successfully defended their title for a second consecutive year with a 2-1 grand final win over Yabwau at Bisini Park. In the women's division, undisputed queens Nim continued their reign after defeating LSC 2-0.

Local Business Growth

The Treasurer, Bart Philemon, has said that the Government will look at formulating deliberate policies next year to enable local businesses to grow. He said the growth of local businesses was a critical element of building the essential blocks for economic take off. Mr Philemon also said that a stable investment climate was a necessary condition for the economic growth of the country.

Kokoda Trail

A forty-strong contingent from the Brisbane Lions Aussie Rules Club has walked the Kokoda Trail. PNG born star fullback, Mal Michael, said that he never expected the Kokoda Track to be an easy undertaking but he said he was not prepared for the full enormity of the Kokoda challenge. Mal Michael is one of only two players playing on the premier AFL list to hail from PNG. The other is St Kilda's James Gwilt.

Work Wanted

The following has been received from Justin Karcher.

QUOTE ====

Hello all,

I will be taking on the role of CEO and Executive Director of AFL in PNG as at January 1st 2006. The AFL in Australia is paying me but certainly not in comparison with what I would like to be paid! The position only requires approx. 15 hours per week during season and much less in the off-season.

I took the position as I wish to work for the AFL in either Brisbane or Cairns in 2-3 years time and the AFL has suggested 2 years running all PNG's AFL affairs would be a very good stepping stone. My main areas of focus will be junior development (as it is now as a volunteer), and building PNG's profile in Australia.

I have my own company and work permit and a number of business activities registered with IPA - Consulting, Marketing/Sales, Event Management, Imported Beer, Wine, and Spirits consultant, and Real Estate management. If you need any contract work in the above fields done in 2006 please feel free to contact me -- -- or on phone numbers 323 5500, 325 4772, 325 8614.

Season's greetings to you all.

Best Regards,

Justin Karcher
Trade Winds Liquor Ltd
PO Box 1
Port Moresby, PNG
Ph - (675) 686 0549
Ph - (675) 323 4666
Fx - (675) 323 3599
email -


Kimbe Police

It appears that Kimbe police have taken matters into their own hands and demanded payment for outstanding disaster allowances during the Mt Pago eruption. The police threatened to throw administration workers out of their offices, forcing the provincial government to pay them K50,000. In September, another group of policemen barricaded the entrance to the Bomana Police College just outside Port Moresby to press demands for allowances for working during the 30th Independence anniversary celebrations, the royal visit by Princess Anne and the Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting in Port Moresby. They prevented residents, including their immediate superiors, from entering the premises until their demands were met.

Boating Mishap

Four people had to swim for at least two hours before reaching the safety of land after a boating mishap in rough seas off East New Britain. Another six men did not reach the safety of the shore until the next day. The 19-foot banana boat was on its way from Kokopo to Molot in the Duke of York Islands when it overturned in bad weather.

Tok Pisin Classes

PNG Development services are offering Tok Pisin classes primarily targeted at expatriates who want to be able to communicate with their workers. The classes are run on-demand, the minimum group size is 4.

Classes can be 2 hours per day x 5 days (consecutive or weekly) OR - one and a half days intensive. Please contact PNG DEVELOPMENT SERVICES LTD for further information.
Ph/Fax (+675) 325 4860 / 323 4518 / 325 3043 / 686 8917
E-mail --


Scott Farrell -- -- has made the following request

QUOTE ====

I live in California, USA and often read your PNG Gossip newsletter. I have a gallery in Sacramento and I used to purchase from a young man by the name of Casmiro who eventually sold his business (with the assistance of an Australian School teacher) to someone else. I have lost contact with Casmiro and was wondering if you had any idea of how to contact him.

I purchased masks and figures from Casmiro several years ago.. and while I've found other people to buy from... no one knows my tastes and picks as good items as Casmiro.



Another Request

Tony Kendal has made the following request

QUOTE ====

I have a painting by Jade (65) of a New Guinea warrior. A friend of mine also has two paintings by Jade.

From my research, I believe Jade was an Australian who lived in PNG during the 1960's. She painted in the Rubal, Tipini, Port Moresby regions.

I am seeking information on Jade and possibly her whereabouts now.

If anyone has information regarding Jade, could you please contact me at --


Larry Blackman

Here is another request ...


After having done a search of the internet, I found the information about the DC-3 aircraft that is displayed prominently adjacent to the Air Niugini office at Jackson's airport in Port Moresby. I was originally interested since I share the name of the pilot, Larry Blackman, for whom the aircraft was named.

Do you have any information about the career of Larry Blackman that you would be able to send? It was inspiring to find such an accomplished pilot, with the same name as mine, just prior to my starting my own pilot training. I understand that he was associated with Air Niugini, as well as having been a C-47 pilot of many thousands of hours during WWII.

Thank you for your time and assistance. Perhaps I shall have to plan a trip to your area soon.

Sincere Best Regards,
Larry Blackman - Write to Larry c/- this newsletter


Police Reshuffle

The Police Commissioner has authorised a reshuffle of key posts within his police force. The changes are to implement some of the recommendations of the Police Review Report. The reshuffle has seen several Assistant Police Commissioners moved around and the National Capital District / Central command position abolished and taken over by the Southern Regional Command.

Zero Tolerance

National Capital District police have said that they will adopt a zero tolerance attitude to drunkards over the festive season. It is highly likely that anyone found drunk and disturbing the peace will be locked up behind bars for the night.


Ryan Pini has managed to swim into the silver medal of the 50-metre backstroke event at the Queensland Swimming Championships recently. Pini also managed to beat his idol, Michael Klim, home in the 100-metre butterfly. Pini has sacrificed a whole school year to maximise his training for the Commonwealth Games to be held in Melbourne, Australia in March 2006. If his present form continues he will have a few of the Australian swimmers worried about gaining a medal position.

Coming Events

Christmas - 25th December 2005

Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games -- March 2006.

8th of April to the 16th of April 2006-- National Game Fishing Titles

PNG 31st Independence Anniversary - 16th September 2006

PNG Media

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