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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
ai eye
ananit bilong lek sole of foot
bisnis / lain / famili clan
boi; mangi / pikinini man boy
bulsitman skite / con man
didiman agricultural officer
hambakman / sikibaga annoying / cheeky person
han hand
han kais / lep han / lephan left hand
het head
kapa bilong pinga fingernail
lek / fut foot
lek leg
lewa liver / heart / love
mak bilong fut footprint
meri girl
pinga finger
sekan shake hands
tang tongue
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Warning: PNG web sites seem to come and go. The fact of life is that it costs money to host a web site and there is not much return on the outlay to most businesses in PNG. If you do click on a link and use the services or even have some comments to make then please contact the people at the relevant web site and let them know so they at least know that someone has gained some value from their efforts. If you are so inclined then mention that you heard about them from this web site. -- The PNG Gossip Newsletter.

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University of PNG --

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The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has recently changed the travel advice notices that they issue so that they are easier to understand. You can read more about the travel advice changes by reading the "Making Travel Advice Clearer and Simpler Fact sheet and Travel Advice Frequently Asked Questions" located on the Smart Traveller website --

News Items

ENB Mobile

The delay in extending mobile phone services to the province of East New Britain has been attributed to a new seller of equipment being obtained overseas. The equipment has arrived in Port Moresby and relevant staff are now awaiting training in China. It is anticipated that the mobile phone service will be introduced into East New Britain this year. Rabaul and Kokopo will be the first to get connected in the New Guinea Islands region service and this will be extended to Kavieng, Kimbe and Bougainville later on.

O'Neill Cleared

The charges against the Opposition Leader, Peter O'Neill were dismissed by the Waigani Committal Court recently due to a lack of credible evidence. The evidence did not prove that the accused, Mr O'Neill, was trying to defraud the National Provident Fund (now Nasfund). Magistrate Mekeo Gauli said the prosecution also failed to prove that Japanese construction company Kumagai Gumi Co Ltd paid money to Port Moresby First National Real Estate (PMFNRE), allegedly owned by Mr O'Neill, for his personal use. Mr O'Neill was cleared of one conspiracy and eight misappropriation charges.

Air Niugini

The Industrial Tribunal has ordered Air Niugini to reinstate a former union president James Anjo who was sacked in 2003. Mr Anjo was terminated in 2003 after e led a union strike to force airline management to carry out the Flight Attendants 1987 agreement. The tribunal also urged airline management to stop all discriminatory hiring and promotion practices. It also urged airline management to let the workers decide for themselves whether or not they want to be on contract or remain under the award scheme without pressure from the management.

Crocodile Hunting

There will be a crocodile-hunting safari to the country next month headed by Mick Pitman. Mr Pitman, nicknamed "Crocodile Mick", said they would be going after six killer crocodiles ranging from 4 to 5 metres that had reportedly killed 13 people. Mr Pitman has been granted a 12-month hunting permit by the PNG Government. A PNG environmental protection officer will travel with the safari. Any hunters wishing to join the safari will have had to pass a target-shooting test.

Porgera Strike

A strike, over the proposed takeover of Placer Dome Inc by Barrick Gold Corporation, a Canadian company, has lost many days of production at the Porgera Gold Mine. The Porgera Joint Venture has described the strike as "illegal" and said that even if the takeover happens it would be "business as usual" for the mine workers and no changes would be made to any existing contracts, employee benefits, agreements and other business arrangements relating to the operation of the Porgera Mine.

Bougainville By-election

A man has been killed and three ballot boxes hijacked in separate incidents connected with the Regional Seat by-election on the Island of Bougainville. The candidates vying for the seat include Simon Pentanau, Joel Banam, Isaiah Moroko, Leo Hannet, Theresa Jaintong and Aloysius Tahun. Despite these problems election officials are confident that the by-election will be peaceful.

Price Increases

Due to the dilapidated state of the Mendi to Tari section of the Highlands Highway prices of basic goods and services have increased in the western end of the Southern Highlands province. PMV owners who are braving the poor road are now charging travellers K50 for the Mendi to Tari leg of the trip. This is up from the usual price of K20 per passenger. Passengers travelling from Mt Hagen to Tari are now paying a total of K70 whereas previously it was K40 per person. Police have said that even new motor vehicles are breaking down caused by potholes on the highway

Telikom ENB Plan

Telikom has unveiled an action plan to improve telecommunication services and rectify ongoing telephone traffic congestion problems in East New Britain. The main issues are to stabilise telecommunication transmissions at the various mountaintop sites including the Tomavatur repeater station and provide enough space for telephone lines out of the province. At the moment there is an overloading problem out of the province that stops East New Britain communicating with other parts of the world including the rest of PNG.

Bougainville Fijian

As reported several issues ago eight Fijians have been providing various services to Bougainville-based fast money scheme operator Noah Musingku on the Island of Bougainville. Their visas expired a while ago and now they are staying illegally in the country. Two have now flown back to Fiji after being deported for overstaying their visas. The latest to leave was a telecommunication specialist who was invited by Mr Musingku to set up a communications system in Bougainville's Tonu area. It is not clear what are the plans of the other Fijians on the island.

Goroka School Discipline

A headmaster at a Goroka school is in trouble for allegedly demanding that four grade six students lick the dust off the floor of their classroom recently. Parents reported the matter to police and the resulting court case attracted many interested people in Goroka after the headmaster was charged under Section 7(b) of the Criminal Code. The case has been adjourned until a final witness can give evidence. The teacher is out on bail. He has denied the charges and stressed the need to maintain discipline in schools.

Fuel Prices

Drivers are a little happier now that the price of fuel has fallen. In Port Moresby, petrol dropped to K2.78 per litre, inclusive of GST. Diesel is now K2.33 per litre, down by 11.89 toea while kerosene is K2.22, down by 8.02 toea. Residents of Lae are now looking at K2.84 per litre for petrol, K2.31 for diesel and K2.29 for kerosene. The drop has been attributed to a lower cost for crude as well as a 23 percent drop in international ocean freight rates.

Buimo Clinic

The Buimo Health Centre in Lae has been close indefinetly. The clinic has been suffering for ages with an acute shortage of staff. This shortage has placed extreme pressures on the remaining staff so much so that it has been reported that one nurse was attending to more than 150 patients a day. Of course with this heavy workload the remaining staff have been falling sick and not turning up for work. The clinic serves thousands of people in Lae.

Rural Development Bank

A member of parliament, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mathew Siune, is seeking support to change the status of the Rural Development Bank into a commercial bank. It is said that the proposed National Rural Development Bank of PNG would enable more Papua New Guineans to have access to a bank and open bank accounts without hassle.

PM's Graveyard

A special graveyard is being prepared as a result of the death of Sir William Skate. The special area set aside on Independence Hill will be developed as graveyard once the necessary K4 million for the project was approved by Parliament. A temporary area set aside for Sir William will be developed further.

Sir William Skate

Many Residents of the National Capital District (NCD) attended Sir William Skate's funeral service at the Reverend Sioni Kami Memorial Church at Gordons. A public holiday (only in the NCD) was declared as a mark of respect and also to allow residents to attend the State funeral and burial of the NCD Regional MP and former Prime Minister.

Sir William was laid to rest in a special area set aside on Independence Hill in Port Moresby at 2.15pm (Thursday 12th January 2006) facing Parliament House. The three-hour funeral service was broadcast live on radio and by the local television station - EMTV.

Pirate Textbooks

It has been alleged that many of the textbooks being used in PNG Schools, have been pirated and reprinted in Indonesia and Malaysia. Police and customs officials have raided and impounded large quantities of pirated textbooks for subjects such as mathematics, science, home economics and English. Raids have been conducted in Lae and Goroka and it is expected that raids will also be conducted in Port Moresby. The PNG Teachers Association has called for an investigation into the piracy.

Angau Morgue

The morgue is full beyond capacity at Lae's Angau Memorial Hospital and the hospital is not accepting any more bodies. The hospital has posted public notices around city as well as airing the notices on local radio stations urging people to remove the bodies of their relatives that have been in the morgue for long periods for burial. Compounding the problem is that some patients have not used their proper name when being admitted so there is no way of tracing who their relatives are. A mass burial was not an option right away, but may take place if the bodies were not removed after six months.

Sepik Gas

It has been reported that natural gas is leaking out of the ground and creeks in the Maprik area of East Sepik Province. Apparently this is occurring near two villages in the area and the villagers have piped the gas to shore where they are using it to boil water. After seeing bubbles coming out of a nearby creek, the villagers blocked the outlet with a funnel. They then connected a bamboo to the funnel and piped the gas to the village. Villagers have called on any exploration company or the Mining and Petroleum Department to investigate the gas seepage further.

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