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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
wan one
tu two
tri three
foa four
five /faiv five
sikis six
seven seven
et eight
nain nine
ten ten
wanpela ten wan eleven
wanpela ten tu twelve
wanpela ten tri thirteen
tupela ten twenty
tupela ten wan 21
tripela ten thirty one
fiftifaiv fifty-five
wan handet 100
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West New Britain

If anyone is looking for accommodation in West New Britain not far from Kimbe, the provincial capital, then try Walindi Plantation Dive Resort. Walindi is situated just ten kilometres from Kimbe on the road to Talasea. Close to the Resort is the Walindi Nature Centre sponsored by the owner of the resort. --

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News Items


David Keating has the following announcement to make about a reunion of members of the Australian School of Pacific Administration

In November 1962 some 55 young men and women graduated from the Australian School of Pacific Administration (ASOPA) after 2 years of training as Cadet Education Officers on Middle Head, Sydney.

52 of those teachers commenced their careers in PNG in 1963.

In August 2007 we are planning a reunion of this group - it will be 45 years since they were last together.

David Keating is coordinating the reunion and can be contacted on -- -- or via snail mail --

David Keating
PO Box 73
New Farm QLD 4005

Commonwealth Games

Each council in Victoria has a Commonwealth country partner. The City of Port Phillip's Games partner is Papua New Guinea. With the help of Melbourne's PNG community and interested people from Port Phillip, the council hopes that this partnership will lead to closer links between PNG and the people of Port Phillip by raising local awareness, knowledge and understanding of PNG culture and identity.


The PNGAAV represents PNG expatriates living in Melbourne. The Melbourne PNG community is estimated at around 450 people, plus a few hundred students studying at tertiary institutions.

Tok Pisin Classes

PNG Development Services are currently running Tok Pisin classes for Port Moresby residents. The basic class that started today runs for 5 evenings between 5pm - 7pm at the PNG Development Services office in Goroa Street, Gordons (directly behind Orica/Dulux - safe parking available). Includes coffee and biscuits - meet new people, share a few laughs. For details of when other classes will be run please call their office manager Eileen on 325 3043 or e-mail us on --

Radio Morobe

settlers at 10-Mile just outside Lae have vandalised equipment belonging to the short-wave service of Radio Morobe. As a result the radio station has had to halt broadcasts to the rural areas of the province. The damage caused to the transmitter is estimated as being about K20,000 to repair.

Tinputz FM on the island of Bougainville has also been put off the air thanks to vandals who have removed wires from the transmitter. Tinputz FM mainly relays broadcasts from Yumi FM and Nau FM.

Tokua Airport

An amount of K3 million has been approved for the upgrade of Tokua Airport in East New Britain Province. The Civil Aviation Authority has already spent K300,000 on non-compliance issues at the airport. The airport was originally built to cater for domestic flights and it is thought that some of the K3 million will be used to upgrade the facilities so that it can take international flights.

Kokopo Reporting

The Post Courier has reported that three female reporters in Kokopo were told by three officers of the town council not to report on any negative aspects of the "Clean Kokopo" campaign that they may hear from the public. This is after the paper reported that some members of the general public had said that because there were no toilets people had to relieve themselves in the bushes only to be booked by young adults employed by the council.

Bougainville Election

Former Bougainville Premier, Leo Hannett has won the Regional Seat of Bougainville. Mr Hannett polled a total of 59.39% of the vote beating independent candidate Simon Pentanu (40.61%).

Check out the Electoral Commission Web Site for results -- -- and then follow the By-Election links --

Jeepney Bus Service

After a long wait a Jeepney from the Philippines is on the road and picking up passengers in Port Moresby as a Public Motor Vehicle (PMV). The jeepney is currently plying route number nine from Gerehu to Waigani, Boroko, and on to Three-Mile.

Popondetta School

The administration block at the Popondetta Secondary School has been burnt down destroying student records, computers, school certificates, personnel files, cheque books and furniture. The Popondetta fire brigade was informed but there was little the service could do because of financial difficulties.

Lutheran Church

Dr Wesley Kigaung has been re-elected as the head bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in PNG. Dr Kigasung, from Aluki village, Bukawa in Morobe Province said this would be his last term as head bishop.

Porgera Gold Mine

Only days after reopening due to a strike the Porgera gold mine has been hit by vandalism. Vandals cut down a power pylon along the Hides power transmission line effectively shutting down operations at the mine. It has been estimated that the mine would lose about US$340,000 a day every time there was disruption to the mine operation. The Paiam Hospital, government offices, schools, health facilities, businesses and the homes of ordinary people have also been affected by the vandalism.

Oro Accident

A freak accident in Oro province has seen the death of three churchmen. The pastors and other passengers were travelling along the Oro Bay Highway when a tree fell on the vehicle they were travelling in. Killed was Anglican priest John Demesi, and two pastors from the Foursquare church. Police have only released the name of one of the Foursquare pastors - pastor Edi from Kerema. Father John's wife, also travelling in the vehicle, was seriously injured in the accident and has had to have part of her arm amputated on one side and part of her fingers on the other side. Other passengers were treated for minor injuries at the Popondetta hospital and then sent home.


Malaria is on the rise in Bougainville. The rate of Malaria and filariasis is becoming a concern to the people of Bougainville. According to clinical records the rate of malaria had increased and was causing a high death rate in the province. Bougainville District Control Officer, Aloysius Pukenei said that the same female anayfalisis mosquito transmitted both malaria and filariasis.


A managing partner of Allens Arthur Robinson has said that any original artistic or original artistic and literary works produced after the 1st of July 2002 automatically gives economic rights to the authors (copyright owner) of such works. The copyright owner has exclusive right to control the copying or reproduction of the original work including after death through the next of kin for a total of fifty years.

Solomon Islands Robbery

The Royal Solomon Islands police are investigating the recent raid by the Bougainvilleans on a logging camp on Ovau Island. PNG police, on the island of Bougainville, say that they can not apprehend the criminals that were suspected on being involved in the armed robbery because there are no treaty arrangements between PNG and the Solomon Islands.

There is a border treaty between the two nations but it is not effective due to a lack of surveillance and border liaisons.

Gold Smuggling

Police are holding a man after attempting to smuggle samples of gold out of Lihir early last month. The gold was detected in a routine scan of luggage at the Kunaiye airport. It is alleged that the man, from Chimbu province, had purchased the gold samples valued at over K70,000 from an unknown client for K100.

PNG Kava

The first shipment of PNG kava to Fiji has been rejected. Fiji official have said that PNG must improve the standard of kava it is exporting if PNG wants to create a market in Fiji. According to Radio New Zealand the first 5 tonne shipment contained skin peelings and had not been dried well, so fungus and mildew had grown on the kava.

ATM Robbery

Criminals dressed as policemen and armed with two rifles have stolen K200,000 from security men and bank officers who were restocking an ATM at the North Waigani Stop 'n Shop supermarket. The criminals also had a detachable blue light attached to the vehicle they used.

Gobe Oilfields

Landowners at the Gobe Oilfields have threatened to close down the project. Police from Mendi and Port Moresby have been flown into the area to protect the flow of oil. The landowners claim they have been ignored when contracts have been awarded for the various spin-off activities associated with the project in favour of foreign firms.

Spurious Voters

The Electoral Commissioner has said that the electoral roll is useless with and he estimates that there are more than 2.2 million bogus names on the roll. PNG has an estimated population of a little over 5 million people yet the electoral roll has 4.9 million names on it. Also after talking to eligible voters many people complain that their name is not on the electoral roll. With the elections coming up rapidly in 2007 it is hoped that a new accurate roll can be prepared before that. One province, Chimbu, has an estimated 176% over enrolment.

Breaking Bows and Arrows

A 2002 documentary about the South Pacific island of Bougainville has won top honours at the 3rd Annual International Oceania Documentary Film Festival in Tahiti. Breaking Bows and Arrows, a 52-minute documentary, received the jury's Grand Prix at the recent awards ceremony held at the Papeete Cultural Centre.

Sex Sites

An inquiry by the Parliamentary referral committee has been told by representatives of the Save the Children Fund and sex workers that there are 53 known sites in Port Moresby where sex takes place.

Airport Problems

The Civil Aviation Authority of PNG has warned of possible airport closures due to the danger of collision from stray animals and people. This follows a near-miss at Buka recently where an early flight into the airport nearly collided with a stray dog and two people crossing the runway on separate occasions. In the first incident the plane had its wheels down and was ready to land but had to abort after detecting a stray dog in its landing path. Five minutes later, as it prepared to land a second time, the pilot had to abort again as a father and his 12-year-old son were crossing the airstrip.

Coming Events

Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games -- March 2006.

8th of April to the 16th of April 2006-- National Game Fishing Titles

PNG 31st Independence Anniversary - 16th September 2006

PNG Media

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