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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
long along
long at
long because of
long tall
long than
long to
long bek backwards
long halivim instead of
long hap? there
long namel long? through
long olgeta ples everywhere
long sampela hap somewhere
long / longpela long
long? for
longlong / het i pas stupid
longlong; waia i lus crazy
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News Items


Having had to suffer two trips to Cairns in the last week I noticed the ATR operated by Airlink PNG sitting outside a hanger. One source said that the creditors had moved in and seized the plane for non-payment of loan repayments and another more credible source said that Airlink PNG had not paid PNG import duty on the plane and that if it were flown back to PNG it would be impounded by Customs. Are there any more rumours to add about.

The Professional Pilot Rumour Network -- -- mentions that another airline in PNG is considering taking up Fokker F100's to fly in the country - of course it is a rumour network so just like this newsletter do not believe everything you read!

Also located at the Cairns airport on my first trip earlier in the week was one of Air Niugini's Fokker F100's. Grounded due to contaminated hydraulic fluid. Inside a hanger was a Dash 8 owned by the same company. It would seem that the plane I flew down on the sister ship to the Fokker stuck on the ground in Cairns was also grounded on the return trip meaning that I had to fly back on yet another Fokker F100 hired from Alliance airlines. It seems it has been a bad week for the national airline. The Boeing B767 was out of action so the international capabilities of the airline was a solitary Fokker F28 that could fly to and from Honiara twice a week and with all the other international planes stuck on the ground the Fokker F28 fleet was pushed to the limits catering for the demands of domestic passengers.

My second trip, this time at the end of the week saw the two Air Niugini Fokker F100's flying high, the Boring B767 on schedule but the Airlink ATR was still on the ground in Cairns with an Air Niugini Dash 8 still in the hanger. Obviously with a few days out of the country and no access to reliable computers this current newsletter is a little on the thin side.

MP's Referred

The National Planning and Monitoring Minister, Arthur Somare, and Health Minister, Melchior Pep, have been referred to the Public Prosecutor by the Ombudsman Commission for prosecution under the Leadership Code.

Arthur Somare, the Member for Angoram, was referred over allegation that he failed to give annual statements on time, that he misapplied his DSG funds and he failed to acquit these funds' expenditure. Mr Somare has stepped aside.

Mr Pep's referral relates to his alleged breach of Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) determinations, alleged misappropriation of public funds between August 2002 and August 2003 and his adjudged insolvency by the National Court in 2004. The Ombudsman Commission says there is a prima facie evidence that Mr Pep is guilty of misconduct in office and, accordingly, decided to refer the matter to the Public Prosecutor for an independent deliberation under Section 177(1)(b) of the Constitution.

Mt Hagen Jail

Often various jails around the country claim that they cannot transport prisoners to and from court hearings etc because, they claim they have no money for petrol. It was reported in the papers this week that the Department of Correctional Services has been paying K52,000 a month for the hire of two cars used by Baisu and Barawagi jails. As the vehicles have been hired for over a year the cost has been estimated as costing over K624,000 a year. The claim that they have no money for fuel may very well be true if they are paying so much to hire vehicles. It has also been reported that jail officers have forced remandees to buy fuel for warders to transport them to court and back to the prison.

Tari Airport Query

The condition of Tari airport has deteriorated and Airlinks' ticketing agent, speaking to a reporter from The National Newspaper, wants to know who is responsible for the maintenance of the Tari airport in the Southern Highlands province. The ticketing agent pointed out dense shrubs overgrowing the perimeters of the airport and cone markers used as navigational aid for pilots, enveloped by dense grass. He also pointed out several well-trodden pathways created as shortcuts by the local people through certain sections of the airport.

CAA officials in Port Moresby refused to comment on the matter when The National contacted them.

Cement Roads

A pilot project to cement roads in Lae has commenced with the cementing of a 200m segment of road from the Admin Compound to YWCA. If the project is successful then it will be extended to cover other roads in Lae City. It is hoped that a road from cement would last for at least 15 years. It will cost K400,000 to cement the 200-metre section of road. Residents of the city have commended anything that will help rid Lae of potholes.

Royal Brunei

It has been reported that Royal Brunei and other airlines are considering flying to PNG under the open skies policy to compete with the National Flag Carrier - Air Niugini. It is tipped that if these airlines do take up the opportunity that they will only take up the lucrative and profitable overseas routes.

New Classrooms

Two new classrooms and office space at the Ted Diro Primary School have been officially opened. The new classrooms and office space cost K48,000 to build. The two classrooms were paid for by student fees are part of a double building funds that the NCDC failed to complete funding since 2000. The school is also planning to add four new classrooms in the future.

Public Curator

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has resolved that the Public Curator and his senior managers should be "relieved" of their duties. According to chairman of the PAC and Bogia MP John Hickey, the committee also resolved that the Government, with the help of foreign aid donors if necessary, immediately recruit by national and international advertisements and appoint a competent and experienced public curator and team of managers and trainers to restructure the office of the Public Curator.

Local Level Govt

There is a call to do away with Local Level Governments (LLG) within the country. It has been claimed that the LLG system was creating many political kingdoms instead of focusing on the delivery of goods and services to the villages.

UPNG Payment

It was reported recently that several people at the University of PNG including Vice-Chancellor Prof Leslie Eastcott would receive a total of K4.7 million in compensation for their recent dismissal. The Ombudsman Commission has ordered the University of PNG (UPNG) not to pay the K4.7 million compensation to the five executives. If the payment had gone ahead Prof Eastcott and Bursar, Edward Croake, would have already flown out of the country.

Fuel Shortage

A recent fuel shortage in Port Moresby has been blamed on the condition of the roads from the refinery at Napa Napa to the service stations in Port Moresby. InterOil has said that there was no major issue affecting the supply of fuel to the country and Port Moresby was the only city affected.

South Fly Roads

South Fly MP, Conrad Haoda, has received a cheque for more than K2 million from the Department of Mining to fund the construction of a 61km road in his electorate. The funds were derived from the Western province's 10 percent equity in the Ok Tedi Mining project. The road will be used to help the transportation of rubber to the markets and will also help to assist the development of the proposed 5,000ha of cashew nuts in the area. .

Commonwealth Games

The Athletics Squad has been finalised for the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia. The squad will be composed of five women and seven men. The elite that have qualified are

  • Mae Koime - 100m and 200m
  • Toea Wisil - 200m and 400m
  • Salome Dell - 800m and 1500m
  • Cecilia Kumalalamene - 400m
  • Betty Burua - 400m

  • Anton Lui - 100m
  • Wally Kirika - 100m
  • Henry Ben - 100m
  • Andrew Doonar - 100m and 200m
  • Fabian Niulai - 200m and 400m
  • Mowen Boino - 400m and 400m hurdles
  • Sapolai Yao - 3,000m steeplchase

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