PNG Gossip Newsletter - 6 Apr 2006

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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Neo Melanesian English
bel belly
bel i pas constipated
belhevi regret
belisi calm (person)
kol / kolpela cold
krosim / bel hat angry with
pasim bel take contraceptives
paspas bilong bel stomach band / belt
rausim bel / kilim pikinini long bel abort / have abortion
samting bilong pasim bel contraceptive for females
strongim bel settle stomach
kisim bel conceive (a child)
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Since December 2005, Papua New Guinea has been wracked with heavy rains, plunging four of its regions into floods that have caused much destruction to its vulnerable communities. In the two severely affected provinces identified for Federation assistance alone -- Central and Western Highlands province -- thousands are estimated to have been affected, while some deaths have been reported. Read the article at --

Andersons Foodland

Andersons Foodland - single page only --


BERASO -- The Company has been established to explore and implement the opportunity for environmentally sustainable tourism in the gulf province between Kikori and Baimuru. The aim of the company is to establish and develop tourism, tourism related businesses and infrastructure in the area. --

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Star has reported recently that Solomon Island students attending tertiary institutions in PNG will no longer have to worry about paying their tuition fees as the PNG Government has stepped in with a grant aid assistance of K2.3 million --

AIDS Epidemic

NEWS LINK - A Catholic bishop working to combat an AIDS epidemic ravaging the impoverished Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea has openly questioned the Vatican's ban on condoms --

Air Niugini

There have been three occurrences that have been reported in the Aviation Safety Network (ASN) Database about Air Niugini the National Airline of PNG. Visit the ASN site for more details --


Brian Baring, of the Gingilang clan on the north coast of Papua New Guinea (PNG), delivered a giant letter to Alchemy Partners, asking them to stop daughter company Montague L Meyer from trashing PNG's rainforests for plywood. Logging in PNG is some of the worst on the planet, with virtually all industrial logging being illegal. Full story --

News Items

Cabinet Reshuffle

The long awaited ministry reshuffle has finally happened. One of the people to lose out was the Finance and Treasury Minister, Bart Philemon, who now can only boast that he is the Treasury Minister. Housing Minister Atimeng Buhupe was dumped completely in the latest reshuffle. The Finance portfolio has been given to Forest Minister Patrick Pruaitch, who also has the National Planning and Monitoring Ministry under his belt after Angoram MP Arthur Somare stepped aside following his referral to the Public Prosecutor for alleged misconduct in office. Bire Kimisopa who was the Internal Security Minister now finds himself in charge of the Justice Ministry. Former justice minister, Mark Maipakai, now heads the Housing portfolio while Kerowagi MP, Alphonse Willie, takes over as the Internal Security Minister.


The United Church congregation in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville has demanded that the fraudulent money scam, U-Vistract, immediately vacate the church mission land it was occupying. The church has given U-Vistract one year to vacate the land.

Fijian Soldiers

The Fijian Soldiers on Bougainville have been told to leave by the INTER-GOVERNMENT Relations Minister Sir Peter Barter. One of the reasons given was that because conman Noah Musingku has no money to pay them. Musingku, who operates money scam U-Vistract, has promised each of the Fijians US$1 million to train his body guards. It has been reported that the Fijian government is working with the PNG Government to ensure more Fijians do not get fooled into trying to travel to Bougainville.

Telikom Phone Cards

Telikom PNG has recently launched a new set of phone cards. The new cards advertise the Dolly premium brand of tuna packaged by RD Tuna. Other company that have chosen to advertise on the Telikom cards are -- PNG Lotto, Electoral Commission and Coca Cola Amatil.

Telikom Woes

Telikom PNG attempted to cutover a new telephone exchange to greatly enhance the service to telephone users at Jackson's airport recently. Unfortunately their planning did not allow for any contingency plans if the cutover did not work correctly. It seems that Telikom, "now we are really talking" only allowed for voice traffic through the new exchange and forgot the many businesses that rely on data communications. They were so confident that the new digital exchange would work that they cut the old cables to reuse them somewhere else in the network. Unfortunately the data side of the cutover failed and Telikom had to resort to finding the cut cables and redeploying them five days later to carry the data traffic until they can work out what went wrong. So after five or more days of disruption it is now "business as usual" for major users of data at the airport.

Cairns - Rabaul

Air Niugini has made a direct flight of tourists from Cairns in Australia to Tokua Airport (Rabaul) in East New Britain province. 66 tourists took the direct flight which is hoped to be the first of many for the province. Simon Foo, the Chairman of the East New Britain Tourism Board is quoted as saying that any increase in tourist numbers would be good for the local economy, hotel industry and the local people. It is planned that the next group of tourists will come from a direct Honiara, Solomon Islands flight on the 13th of April.

Motor Vehicle Hospital

Singaporean investors have shown an interest in the hospital built by the Motor Vehicle Insurance Trust (now Motor Vehicles Insurance Limited) many years ago but never occupied. The investors have said that feasibility studies would have to be carried out before they made any commitment.

United Nations Report

A new United Nations report on the economic fortunes of the Asia-Pacific region has delivered a positive report card for the short-term future of PNG's economy, making particular reference to the financial importance of the mooted PNG-Australia gas pipeline and development of the massive Ramu nickel project. --

Daru Treasury

Police in Daru, Western Province, recently chased out all the public servants from the provincial government building and confiscated the South Fly District Treasury office keys and some government vehicles. The twenty-two policemen wanted the provincial health director to sign a mass eviction notice for the policemen and their family to move from the Daru police barracks.

Regional Seats

Sir Mekere Morauta wants the parliamentary regional seats to be reserved for women, in recognition of the fact that they make up 50% of the population. He has said that the move would ensure that there would be at least 20 women representatives in Parliament. It is hoped that such a venture would also make it easier for women to be elected to other seats within parliament.

A submission by the Electoral Commission to reserve the 20 provincial seats for women candidates only has been rejected outright by Cabinet. ---


Frabelle Fishing Corporation has indicated that it will build a shipyard to service its vessels and other commercial ships operating in the country. Fisheries Minister, Ben Semri, has applauded the initiative and suggested that Wewak as well as Lae should be considered as a spot for the shipyard.

Miss PNG Quest 2006

The Miss PNG Quest 2006 has opened with several girls already finding sponsors

Kathy Hamadi (Miss Remington) is sponsored by Remington Technologies,
Theresa Lulopo (Miss IBS) sponsored by the Institute of Business Studies
Irene Romel (Miss Freeway Motors/YumiYet) sponsored by the Freeway Motors/YumiYet.

Three other girls are looking for sponsorship from business houses around the country.

Brisbane PNG Consul

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Sir Rabbie Namaliu, has said visa collections from the Brisbane Consulate for March were the highest ever collected over the 20 years since the consulate opened. The Consulate collected K180,000 - the highest of any of the overseas missions and its total revenue for the year is expected to reach K1 million.

Simberi Island

Allied Gold says the latest drilling program at its Simberi Island project in PNG has given the company increased confidence additional gold resources will be delineated ahead of first production scheduled for the first half of next year. --


The Minister for Community Development, Dame Carol Kidu, had expressed anger that compensation had been used to settle the rape of a 14-year-old girl at a settlement in Lae, Morobe province. Relatives of the 14-year-old girl say the money offered by the families of the suspects is not compensation, but "bel kol" money. Bel kol means -- not or no longer angry and at peace now.


The Port Moresby Stock Exchange (POMSox) has seen an increase in the number of people that have opted to invest in shares, with market capitalisation on the local bourse increasing by 58.9 per cent last year. Market capitalisation on the POMSox is now at K18.6 billion as at December 31, 2005, compared with K11.7 billion recorded in the same period of 2004.

Malaysian Tugboat Seizure

A tugboat owned by a Malaysian company has been seized by Customs and police for possibly breaking "every law" of entry and doing business in PNG. The tugboat and a large pontoon loaded with heavy machinery was headed for a logging camp in the Kairuku District of Central Province. The tugboat is suspected of having entered PNG waters illegally without clearing any Customs checks and as a result had not paid any Custom fees as well as not being checked by quarantine.

The tugboat and machinery have since disappeared. It is believed that the boat could be anchored off shore.

Engan Investment

With the recent acquisition of a property consisting of 12 units from Toyota Tsusho (PNG) Limited (Ela Motors) the Enga Future Generations' Trust Fund now has a total investment portfolio of K24 million. The Engan provincial government hopes to have a portfolio of at least K100 million before the closure of the Porgera gold mine.


The Governor General has openly come out and said that he fears for the safety of his female members of his family due to the increase in the country's rape statistics. The concerns were expressed at the National Women's Day walk against rape rally held recently in Port Moresby. His concerns reflect the increasing prevalence of sexual violence in PNG, mainly perpetrated against the nation's women and girls.

Central Investments

The Central Provincial Government is looking at ways that it can generate money. It is pushing for an agenda in the next sitting of parliament to amend the National Capital District Boundaries Act in an effort to resolve its 35-year revenue generation dilemma. Central province is the only province with out a true provincial headquarters. In 1973 the city of Port Moresby was taken away from Central and this left the province with no real revenue generation base. If the boundaries are moved then Central will have a new revenue base because the Napa Napa oil refinery, the Motukea Island wharf and the Mount Eriama water treatment plant will then fall under the control of Central.

Illegal Logging

A new report commissioned by Greenpeace claims the majority of illegal logging companies operating in PNG are exporting logs to China, with Greenpeace claiming China is essentially encouraging the trade of illegal logs and the exploitation of PNG's dwindling forests. --

Coming Events

Port Moresby Choral Society -- Will be performing on the 11th and 12th of April at St John's Anglican Cathedral near the Crowne Plaza hotel from7:30pm. Admission K10 per family.

Morobe Biang Ngayan Cultural Festival -- 24th to the 27th of May, 2006 Biang and Ngayan are words in two Morobe languages for "good". Morobe has the second largest number of languages in the country with around 90 - second only to Madang with over 100 languages.

8th of April to the 16th of April 2006-- National Game Fishing Titles

PNG Coffee Festival -- 4,5 & 6th of May. Venue - Raun Raun Theatre, Goroka.

The PNG Coffee Festival showcases Coffee, Agriculture, livestock, fisheries, tourism, business, NGO's, Government agencies, Rural finance, arts & crafts, pottery, radio and internet communications to remote areas, conservation, cut flowers, woodworking, business development, vocational & educational institutions, gold mining, farm equipment and demonstrations. Traditional Sing Sing Groups, Traditional Choir Groups, Indoor Programme (live music, Miss PNG Coffee Festival Beauty Pageant, drama and other entertainment and presentations. Art Exhibition - Runs for 2 Weeks; Night Show 5th May (6:00 pm to 9 pm at UOG. Coffee Ball 6th May (7:00pm till late at the Bird Of Paradise Hotel) All school excursions and public are welcome.

PNG 31st Independence Anniversary - 16th September 2006

Samarai Island Reunion -- in Cairns on the 28th to 31st July.

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