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"Pidgin English"

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adres address
adresim address a letter
ai eye
ais ice / snow
aisblok iceblock
aiskrim ice-cream
antap high / summit / up / upstairs
autim cross out / withdraw
bagarap break down / worn out
bagarapim spoil
bas / PMV bus
biktaun city
bil bill
lain / famili clan
bot boat
botol bottle
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News Items

Michael Somare

Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has turned 70 and shows no signs of slowing down. Sir Michael born on the ?? of April 1936 celebrated his birthday with family and friends


The National Agriculture and Research Institute has recently been given K500,000 by Morobe Governor, Luther Wenge for the construction of the Professor Allan Quartermain Hall at its research station outside Lae. The building will be used as an information dissemination centre, to conduct training and extension studies and other use for the general public. The building should be finished by July this year. --

Coffee Pacifica

Coffee Pacifica, Inc. (OTCBB:CFPC) announced today that it will showcase its premium quality Papua New Guinea green coffee beans at booth 377 at the Specialty Coffee Association of America ("SCAA") 18th annual Conference and Exhibition currently held in Charlotte, North Carolina, April 7-10, 2006. This is the second successive year where the indigenous coffee farmers from Papua New Guinea will be presenting their green beans on a "Growers Direct" basis to the US market. --

Bishop David Hand

The following very sad news was received from Anglican Bishop Peter Fox

6th. April, 2006, at 11.15 am (PNG Time), Anglican Bishop David Hand died at Pacific General Hospital in Port Moresby. He had been very ill for some time, but in the end died peacefully, with many of his adopted family close by. I had the privilege of giving him the Last Rites a few hours earlier (the evening of the 5th. April).

I think Bishop David would have wanted us to give thanks with him for a holy death after a life lived in faith and in hope of Life Eternal.

God bless,
Yours in Christ,
Bishop Peter.

There will be a State Funeral at St Mary's Church Gerehu, a suburb of Port Moresby for Rt Revd David Hand. St Mary's is a church that he founded. The funeral will be held on Tuesday the 18th of April 2006, and will be followed with a Requiem and the interment at the Cathedral of the Resurrection, Popondetta, Oro Province, on Thursday the 20th of April 2006.

Emperor Mines

Emperor Mines Ltd has completed the US$237 million (K757 million) acquisition of DRDGOLD's assets in PNG --

University of PNG

Professor Les Eascott along with the Registrar Vincent Malaibe and Bursar Edward Croake have resigned from the University of PNG. UPNG is now looking for a new vice chancellor --

Savings and Loans

The Central Bank has launched the new Alekano Savings and Loan Society in Goroka, Eastern Highlands province. --

Aussie Reward

Australia will give Papua New Guinea a $30 million reward this year for its effort in tackling challenging development issues, including good governance and HIV-AIDS. The $30 million performance grant will come out of the existing Australia-PNG aid budget. Australian aid money currently makes up around 20 per cent of PNG's overall budget. --

Air Niugini

Air Niugini has had to contend with a failing satellite infrastructure on circuits from PNG to Australia as well as a failed cutover to a new telephone exchange by the local telephone company and just as most of that is being sorted out its Boeing 767 suffers a bird strike in Manila throwing the international schedule into chaos. This highlights the issue with the company having only one large plane to cover the long international routes. It has managed to cover the passenger traffic to Brisbane by using its Fokker F100 fleet but Singapore, Manila and Narita always suffer when problems develop with the Boeing aircraft.

Air Niugini Mercury Spill

A man charged with carrying mercury aboard an Air Niugini aircraft from Port Moresby to Mt Hagen has been sent to jail for four years with hard labour for the offence.

On the 10th of July 2005 the accused carried a 1 litre container of mercury onto the aircraft and subsequently the container leaked inside the aircraft causing the aircraft to be grounded. Mercury is very corrosive and requires special handling before and during transportation on the aircraft. Air Niugini incurred considerable expense while the plane was taken out of service and a thorough examination of every nook and cranny was made.

Cocoa Pod Borer

PNG authorities and the autonomous province of Bougainville have joined forces to fight the newly discovered cocoa disease called pod borer. The East New Britain Province has already been placed under an agricultural quarantine. The Province is one of the leading cocoa producers in the country with an estimated 34,000 hectares of cocoa containing up to 17 million trees.

Road blocks have been set up in Kerevat, East New Britain province, to make sure that vehicles leaving the area are properly checked and sprayed with chemicals so the Asian cocoa pest, cocoa pod borer, is not spread.

Attorney General

The newly appointed Justice Minister, Bire Kimisopa, has come up with a suggestion that the correct man with the best qualifications be appointed to the positions of Attorney General and Solicitor General no matter which country they may come from. He said that previous occupants have behaved poorly.

Miss Bougainville Quest

The first contestant has come forward for the first Miss Autonomous Bougainville Quest. Twenty-four year old Rayleen Matainaho from the atolls of Bougainville (Mortlock) is a senior teacher at the Buka International Christian Academy. She is finalising her sponsorship for the event. The winner of the event will be eligible to contest the 2007 Miss PNG Red Cross event. Miss Matainaho has challenged other young women to come forward and help raise funds for the Red Cross in the Autonomous Region.

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Industrial Logging

The Eco-Forestry Forum is challenging the PNG Government to justify its plans to give new timber permits to current logging companies operating in PNG. "The Government and the pro-loggers continuously tell us we need to give away our forests to foreign logging companies in order to be 'developed'. But where is the development from 25 years of intensive logging in our forests?" asks the Forum. According to the Government the 'development' that logging brings includes roads, bridges, education and health facilities, jobs and local incomes. But the Forum is concerned, the lack of basic services and utilities in remote but very rich forest resource areas is increasingly used to cheat landowners of their resources and ability to control and build their own futures.

Angau Hospital

A ministerial team from New Zealand and Australia has visited Lee's Angau Memorial Hospital. During the visit the group met with senior hospital workers including the CEO. The CEO mentioned that the hospital was unable to provide the required services but was doing its best with the resources available. The group was quite shocked by what they saw including a shortage of oxygen and other basic equipment including disposable gloves. They also saw that mothers giving birth are only kept for 24 hours die to a lack of space and some mothers are kept in the corridor on the floor.

Telikom Deal

The chairman of the Telikom board has announced that a deal worth K16.9 million (US$5.5 million) has been signed between Telstra Australia and Telecom New Zealand to buy 50% of a retired Pacific Rim West cable that runs between Sydney and Guam. The submarine cable will come into effect by the end of the year and it replaces a 25-year-old submarine cable that ran between Port Moresby and Cairns that was vandalised late last year causing a communication blackout between PNG and the world. The submarine cable is cheaper and has a higher capacity than a satellite. It has been quoted that the new cable had a capacity 34 times greater than the existing cable.


The Sealark, after serving PNG for only a short time between Lae and Port Moresby has sunk in 30 metres of water off the coast of Lae. One of the passenger vessel's engines caught fire recently while it was preparing to leave Lae on its regular runs to Popondetta and Port Moresby.

The administrator of Morobe Province, Manasupe Zurenuoc, has called for a full-scale commission of inquiry into the fire and subsequent sinking of popular passenger boat, MV Sealark

Sealark Oil Spill

The Lae fire brigade, transport department and the provincial disaster office (are still standing by and spraying silicon on pools of oil discharged from the sunken MV Sealark off the coast of Lae city.

Villagers from Labu Village, Lae are concerned about the effects of oil leaking from the Sealark will have on their environment. The beaches around Labu village are a world renowned roosting place for the endangered leather-back turtle.


The Autonomous Bougainville Government has called for the people of Bougainville to ignore the money scam operator Noah Musingku. Mr Musingku's U-Vistract money pyramid scheme, is known to have duped investors of millions of dollars in PNG and Solomon Islands, has promised to begin paying out people on Bougainville next week.

Public Service Commission

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has expressed concerns that the head of the Public Service Commission (PSC) is a fit person to head such an important position. The head, Mr Jerry Tetaga, has supposedly received overpayments of at least K350,000 over a period of time. It has also been brought to the attention of the PAC that a relative of Mr Tetaga was appointed to a senior position in the PSC even though the person did not have adequate qualifications. It has also been alleged that the person concerned used a forged school certificate to gain the position. This person was also the signatory to some of the accounts that Mr Tetaga has been overpaid from.

Medical Exodus

Greener pastures overseas is luring many medical people to leave the country. According to the president of the PNG medical society, Dr Mathias Sapuri, this is because medical professionals were not given the right kind of working terms and conditions which satisfy their needs and their professional development.

Fuel Prices

The price of fuel in PNG has dropped. Petrol in the National Capital of Port Moresby will now cost K2.86 per litre with diesel costing K2.34 and kerosene K2.31 per litre. Prices for Lae are - petrol K2.94, diesel K2.43 and kerosene K2.40 per litre. Prices in other areas will vary depending on freight charges.

Typhoid Outbreak

The World Health Organisation is to assess a reported typhoid outbreak in the PNG highlands. The agency and the Ministry of Health will send a team to the Southern Highlands province to investigate a possible typhoid outbreak. --

Mobile Telephone Coverage

Telikom PNG have announced that Rabaul now has and Wabag will soon have mobile telephone coverage.

PNG Gold

BDI Mining Corp, headquartered in London has recently reported high-grade gold intersections on its 100%-owned Woodlark property in the Milne Bay Province of PNG. Woodlark lies 300 km off the east coast of the main land of PNG, to the west of the Solomon Islands and is close to Misima.

Coming Events

PNG Coffee Festival -- 4,5 & 6th of May. Venue - Raun Raun Theatre, Goroka.

Morobe Biang Ngayan Cultural Festival -- 24th to the 27th of May, 2006 Biang and Ngayan are words in two Morobe languages for "good". Morobe has the second largest number of languages in the country with around 90 - second only to Madang with over 100 languages.

Samarai Island Reunion -- in Cairns on the 28th to 31st July.

PNG 31st Independence Anniversary - 16th September 2006

University of Technology Reunion -- 15th - 18th of September - Call +675 473 4237 and ask Molly Perry-Geno for more information.

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