PNG Gossip Newsletter - 26 June 2006

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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
bai buy
baim rent
dia expensive
dinau borrow
hamas how much / many
haus mani bank (n)
i gat planti samting rich
i kastim planti mani valuable
kamapim mani raise money
kostim / kastim cost
lon loan
lusim spend
mani money
mani ain coin
senis change (small money)
senisim change money (from notes to coins)
tanim mani change money (from one currency to another)
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but varies on a daily basis.

If you are really keen on finding out what the Kina is worth a currency converter for most world currencies can be located at -- -- The PNG Business Directory also has daily rates based from a PNG perspective

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For those who are not so familiar with the geography of Papua New Guinea I suggest taking a look -- -- and then click on the find a map option. Go to this link for a quick start to a link to a map of Port Moresby. --


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PNG Flags

The following site has a vast quantity of information about the various flags of PNG. -- -- As an example here is a link to the Morobe Flag --


Post PNG web site --

Telikom PNG web site --

Helifix PNG --

National Economic and Fiscal Commission --

PNG People and Places --

Kumul Scholars International --

World Countries --

The Blue Logic: Something from the Darker side of Port Moresby --

Aussie Travel Advice

This is an automated e-mail notification from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Smartraveller advisory service. The following Travel Advice has changed or been added for PNG since their last update (20 Apr 2006 19:58:23 AEST): --

Swamp Ghost

A link to information about the Swamp Ghost -- B-17E Serial Number 41-2446 can be found at --

PNG Orchids

If you are interested in PNG Orchids then I suggest visiting -- -- this is another web site with layout and design by Wolfgang H. Bandisch.

Useful PNG Web Sites

News Items

Cross Border Incident

Radio New Zealand International - Wellington, New Zealand reported the following news item --
Enquiries are being made in the PNG autonomous province of Bougainville over a suspected cross border incident into Solomon Islands. see the full article at --


The PNG Defence Force has indicated that they will destroy ineffective and unserviceable weapons. Some of the PNGDF are suspicious of the motive to destroy the weapons with a year to go before the elections.

Meanwhile 100 PNG soldiers who were taking part in "Operation Wantok Warrior" have returned to PNG after a month of training. The exercise included Australian soldiers from the Royal Australian Regiment and PNG soldiers from the Alpha Company of the Second Battalion of the Second Royal Pacific Islands Regiment (Moem Barracks)

Kokoda Trail Death

A Melbourne man has died while attempting to cross the Kokoda track. ABC Online - Australia has the full story at --

Indigenous Museum

The French president has opened a new indigenous art museum in Paris. The Quai Branly Museum includes funerary poles from PNG. The museum chair Stéphane Martin, said "It's Paris's longest gallery, inside which one can walk - as in a landscape - comparing works from Asia and Africa.... We can pass from one region of the world to another." See the full article located at

Mobile Phones

Telikom PNG has made a prediction that by the end of the year there will be 500,000 mobile telephone users in PNG. Telikom intends to roll out more than 50 new mobile phone base stations around the country between now and December. It is expected that there will be over 100,000 mobile users by the end of this month,

Telikom recently rolled out mobile phone service to Aitape in the West Sepik Province and at the last minute had to pull out all stops in an attempt to get mobile coverage for the provincial capital at Vanimo. Aitape is up and running and Telikom press announcements and advertisements indicate that Vanimo will be online soon. A few red faces around Telikom Rumana?

PNG Music

For nearly 30 years, the music industry of Papua New Guinea has developed - in spurts and short bursts - sustained by nothing other than enthusiasm and love for music. Full story can be found at --

Air Niugini

Air Niugini has taken delivery of another Fokker F100, the third for the airline. The national airline is now preparing the plane and hope to have it flying passenger around the country by mid July. The plane has been registered as P2-ANC. One of the Fokker F100's had a heavy landing in Port Moresby on the weekend and the Post Courier reporter on board said that possibly two tyres burst on landing.

Air Niugini have also announced price reductions on some fares from Australia to PNG. CEO, Wasantha Kumarasiri said that the airfares are just one part of an attempt to lure more tourists to PNG. It is now hoped that other tourist related operators and businesses will also do their part to attract tourists to PNG.

Abandoned Hospital

The abandoned hospital located just near UPNG's Medical Faculty Campus may be developed into a new maternity ward for Port Moresby's General Hospital. The Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL) built the hospital in 1995 but it has never been occupied after the MVIL was liquidated in 2001. The hospital was originally intended to be operated as a private hospital.

Finance Minister

The former Public Accounts Committee Chairman and Bogia MP John Hickey now hold the Finance Ministry.

Natural Gas

The PNG and Australian Northern Territory governments have used a petroleum industry conference in Darwin to call for an onshore natural gas supply. They both want a small amount of natural gas held back from the lucrative LNG export market. PNG's Energy Minister, Sir Moi Avei, told the conference he is confident a gas pipeline to Queensland will be completed in 2009 and act as the launching pad for PNG's natural gas industry

Exploratory Workshop

The Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies is holding a Exploratory One Day Workshop provisionally at the Holiday Inn, Port Moresby on the Tuesday 12th September 2006. James Leach will convene the Workshop from the University of Cambridge

The Exploratory Workshop wants to question whether the principles enshrined in general management approaches exhaust the possibilities of how to make institutions work. What

Please contact:
Don Niles.
Institute of PNG Studies.
PO Box 1432 Boroko, PNG
for more information.


What is the value of being given an honours award from the Queen when the nomination has come from PNG? It seems that some of the recipients of the lower awards have been given the award for doing their normal duties and not for anything special or outstanding. Surely these people have already been compensated with their normal salary to do their normal job?

Angau Hospital

A request by the Prime Minister to business houses in Lae to help fund the rebuilding of the hospital has brought some honest criticism from one prominent business personality. Fred Cook said that business houses in Lae have been waiting for years for the National Government to help them at Angau. He then went on to list all the projects funded by non-government sources with the comment that it is now time for the government to take on its responsibility and provide adequate funding for the hospital. Something that the government has not done for all too long for not only Angau Hospital but most other hospitals and schools around the country. Will an election year see that reversed?

Village Court Payments

The director of Village Court Secretariat Penny Kerris has said that there is no reason for the Western Highlands provincial government not to pay village court officials in the province. He said this after more than 300 village officials in the province turned up at the Kapal Haus in Mt Hagen and blockaded the office last Wednesday after finding out that they would not be paid. The officials have not been paid since March 2005. -- Full story can be found at ---

PNG Cricket

PNG Cricket has been recognised globally by being awarded an International Cricket Council Award for its Best Junior Development initiative. The is a first for PNG cricket. PNG also won Volunteer of the Year and Best Promotional Program in the region.

Fun Run

Many people from Port Moresby, Lae, Rabaul, Kokopo, Madang, Mt Hagen, Goroka, Kavieng, Kimbe, Alotau, Lihir and Porgera have participated in the annual Tru Kai Fun Run. The run helps raise money for the PNG Sports Federation

Rotary Gift

A Rotary Club from the inner Melbourne (Australia) suburb of Carlton has donated K18,000 to a centre that looks after 40 children with disabilities in Vanimo, West Sepik Province. The children suffer from hearing, blindness and mental disabilities. Port Moresby Rotary also helped with a small donation of K300. The K18,000 will be used to go towards a K24,000 solar electricity system.

Stop and Shop Robbery

Five armed men robbed the Rainbow Stop and Shop store at Gerehu and escaped with a large amount of money. The thieves managed to steal the takings for the weekend from an armoured vehicle and escaped in a vehicle stolen earlier.

Snake Road

Here is a request from a reader-

I am trying to obtain a copy of the book "Snake Road" which I think was written by a Principal from Sogeri High School. The book was about the development of the road from Port Moresby through 17 Mile, Sogeri, and onwards. It would be appreciated if you could run a copy of this request in a future issue of the PNG Gossip


Kenneth N. McLeod
59, Chesham Avenue
Taupo, 2730
New Zealand.

Morobe Aid Posts

It has been reported that nearly 50 percent of the aid posts in Morobe province are closed, causing
deaths in many parts of the province --

Kumul Scholars International

Kumul Scholars International (KSI) is an International Student Association for PNG tertiary education students studying abroad (Papua New Guinea's "academic elite").

Secretary of KSI,
UQ Union,
Level 2, UQ Union Bldg.,
UQ St Lucia, QLD 4072,


Web --

PNG Mapping

A high tech mapping of PNG is underway. The project, starting very soon, will see the first ever high-resolution image and terrain maps of PNG. Earth Data International won a K37 million deal to produce the maps. The company has enlisted the help of Australian sub-contractors and will be working on the project over the next 12 months. The Australian government is funding the project under an agreement signed with the PNG government. An aerial survey will take 12 months and the actual maps will be available ion four to five years. The present mapping system used in PNG is 30 years out of date and some of the areas were obscured by cloud and smoke resulting in incomplete coverage. Radar technology will be used for this project to help eliminate problems with smoke and cloud.

Coming Events

Tolai Warwagira -- from the 5th to the 11th of July

International Orchid Spectacular - Parliament House, Port Moresby 5th and 6th of August 2006

The Institute of PNG Studies Exploratory Workshop - September.

42nd PNG Medical Symposium will be held in Madang from the 4th to the 8th of September 2006 --

PNG 31st Independence Anniversary - 16th September 2006

Annual Hiri Hanenamo Quest and Hiri Moale Festival - 16th September 2006

Goroka Show -- 16th and 17th of September 2007

Kiwi Ball - The fabulous ball held by the Kiwi's will be held on the 28th October this year. This year the New Zealanders hope to have a five-piece band to entertain the crowd

Morobe Show -- November 4th and 5th

Milne Bay Kundu and Canoe Festival -- 6th to the 12th of November 2006

PNG Media

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