PNG Gossip Newsletter - 6 August 2006

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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Neo Melanesian
kago cargo / goods / baggage
kagoboi porter
kilim injure
kilim i dai pinis kill
kilman murderer
dai pinis die
sanguma / puripuri sorcery / witchcraft
longlong / het i pas stupid
longlong / waia i lus crazy
botol bottle
kap cup
kap bilong ti tea-cup
op tin bottle opener / tin opener
tin can / tin
tin pipia rubbish tin
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Aussie Travel Note

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Smartraveller have issued the following advisory since their last update on the 23 of June 2006 --

Rabaul Creole German

Linguistic students in Germany have launched a new website to provide information about Rabaul Creole German, a now nearly extinct language once spoken by members of the mixed-race community once centred around the Vunapope Mission and the Ralum Club near Kokopo. The students would be especially interested in making contact with anyone connected with this community, most of whom now live in Queensland. The Unserdeutsch (Rabaul Creole German) site is at -- -- this site was working earlier but a check before publication shows that the site is not responding.

Education Related Links

Ela Murray International School --

Institute of Banking and Business Management --

Institute of Business Studies --

International Business Institute --

International Education Agency --

Korobosea and Boroko East School --

Pacific Training Academy --

PNG Basic Education Development Program (BEDP) --

PNG Curriculum Reform Implementation Project --

PNG International Training Institute --

PNG Maritime College --

PNG University of Technology (Lae) --

POM Institute of Matriculation Studies --

Tabubil International Education Agency School --

The International School of Lae --

University of Goroka, Eastern Highlands --

University of PNG --

Divine Word University --

Sports Sites

PNG Rugby League --

PNG Aussie Rules --

South Pacific Motor Sports Club --

The Motor Sports Club also has sub-pages dealing with -- go karting, snooker, game fishing and speedway. Visit the -- -- web site and navigate from there.

Game Fishing --

Royal Papua Yacht Club --


CIA PNG Facts --

Internet Service Providers

- Daltron --

- Data Nets --

- Datec --

- Global Technologies --

PNG Stories

Stories from PNG -- for a sample from the twin book set of 1001 PNG Nights please visit -- -- and for a couple more stories visit the homepage for the two books at --

For stories about "Compensation Twentieth Century Style" and others please visit --

Pull The Other One

For a little bit of travel humour pay a visit to The Sunday Telegraph web site and yes somewhere in the article it does mention a couple of towns in PNG so it is a PNG related story (right?!),23483,19551672-36335,00.html

News Items


Southern Highlands

The National Government has declared a state of emergency in the Southern Highlands province.

For some time now there has been a fight between the Southern Highlands provincial government and the National government over who is actually running the province. The National Government has appointed an administrator and the Governor of the province has claimed that the government did not follow the correct procedures to appoint the administrator. A court challenge by the previous administrator was overruled by the Supreme Court but ignored by the Governor.

Lost Vehicles

The Southern Highlands provincial government has lost 17 vehicles purchased recently for millions of Kina. The vehicles went missing soon after new administrator William Powi moved into the province a few weeks ago. Three other vehicles, that were thought to have been "borrowed" by supporters of Mr Powi, have been returned in good condition and are now being used by Mr Powi's administration.

Sunday Paper

A new Sunday paper called the Sunday Chronicle has been launched at the Holiday Inn in Port Moresby. PNG Magazine that also publishes Sportscope PNG will produce the weekly publication.

The National

The National Newspaper -- -- is now being printed simultaneously in Lae and Port Moresby. The first dual edition was printed on the 10th of July 2006. The National has installed a K1.5 million plant at Voco point in Lae. The edition being printed in Lae will be distributed to Morobe, Madang and the Highlands regions. Both daily newspapers have always experienced distribution problems getting their newspapers to cities outside Port Moresby. Sometimes newspapers have been offloaded from regular passenger flights to allow more passengers to fly.


The PNGAAV represents PNG expatriates living in Melbourne. The Melbourne PNG community is estimated at around 450 people, plus a few hundred students studying at tertiary institutions.

Kokoda Track Hijacked

The rights to the Kokoda Track have been hijacked by an Australian mining company that has recently acquired the rights to gold and copper deposits that incorporate parts of the Track. The Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, said he was seeking information on the situation at Kokoda. Thanks to Wendy Seymour for this article.

Government Jet

I received the following information about the government aircraft after a rumour last week that it may be replaced by a Fokker F100.

Hi There,

There is only one corporate jet on the PNG Register operated by Trans Air Ltd, that is a Citation C550 10 seat aircraft used primarily for Medical evacuation flights for Niugini Air Rescue, a division of International SOS. The Airlines of PNG (APNG) jet is now in Australia under Australian registration and supporting APNG's Australian operations.

As appears to be fairly usual in the PNG Media (i.e. the newspapers) facts are never really detailed - just words - the old pictures say 1000 words is very valuable. However I have attached a photo and some history behind the Kumul since independence - it is interesting. I haven't bothered with an F100 - we all know what they look like. Anyway I hope this is of interest.

For those receiving the text only version of the newsletter the images mentioned above can be found at -- and

The 'jet' so commonly referred to as the Kumul Jet is a Beechcraft Super King Air, that is a turbo prop type aircraft (i.e. it has propellers and is the same used by Regional Air, SIL aviation, and the Civil Aviation Authority). So in theory it is not really a jet.

The Government Flying Unit (GFU) used to operate a Gulfstream 3 corporate jet until sold off by the Wingti government - because it was very expensive and limited in places it could travel in PNG. It could only do the sealed main ports similar to the Fokker F28.

The King Air is a better aircraft for Government use as its airstrip capability is acceptable to reach regional ports in the country. Whilst it may not be the "prestigious" option for international travel - it is rarely used for this purpose. In fact most international government travel is made through the use of the government owned airline - Air Niugini.

There are several alternatives for the GFU to make wisely - firstly the present Kumul has a market value of around US900 000. Whilst it is very under utilised the running costs are much, much smaller than a F100 - there are also numerous pilots and engineers rated on this type of aircraft.

A change of craft - regardless of type is always a very expensive exercise sure PGK10M for a F100 sounds cheap - but the additional costs in that maintenance providers have to be trained, flight crew trained as well as other expensive technical issues. But these items are forgotten about as well as the fact that if the aircraft is to be 'borrowed' from an airline operator (Say PX) - then that operator has to have it available for them - or are they expected to put the travelling public off when the GFU needs the plane.

The days of the GFU are numbered - as is the ridiculous situation of the CAA King air - both cost about the same. The CAA aircraft does even less in fact most of the work it 'used' to do is now contracted to a NZ based company! Both should be sold off - then government travel and or the CAA business chartered out to the companies which have the commercial ability to sustain the costs of aircraft operations in PNG.

Thanks for the history and photographs. Your contribution is appreciated.

Lihir Mine

PNG-based miner Lihir Gold Limited has declared a record net profit of US$23.1 million for the fiscal half ended 30 June 2006. The result compares with a loss of US$20.8 million for the six months to June 2005. Lihir said it is now on track to report record annual gold production and a strong improvement in full-year earnings.

Airport Security

Much is said about airport security around the country especially at smaller airstrips where dogs, pigs and humans can be seen crossing the strip before the arrival of an aircraft. With some strips it is recommended that the pilot makes sure that the people on the ground are aware of the plane well before it comes into land. At the biggest airport in the country security is continually on the agenda and rightly so. The Civil Aviation Authority has established an internationally recognised security card system to help the security people decide who is and who is not allowed at an airport. It doesn't always work but it has improved considerably over recent years. The new national identity card system that meets international aviation security requirements replaces a previous one used only in Port Moresby. Of course the identity card system will not stop vandalism of airport infrastructure unless the airport perimeter is patrolled 24 hours a day and everyone seen walking around the airport is challenged to produce the card.

UniTech Award

The University of Technology's (Unitech) Engineering Division has won a top engineering award sponsored by the World Bank. The competition attracted over 2,500 entries from around the world. The award was for a water filtration project developed by Unitech. A full size filtration plant will be built in Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Water Board.

Cancer Fight

The Health Minister, Sir Peter Barter, has said that he has plans to set up the cancer unit at the Angau Hospital in Lae and have dialysis machines available at all major hospitals around the country. He said theses machines were available in smaller South Pacific countries such as Fiji and Nauru so if they can do it so can PNG. He continued by saying that so long as he was the Health Minister he would whatever he could to improve health services around the country.

Medium Term Development Strategy

ADB will work with PNG on implementing its Medium Term Development Strategy (MTDS) under a new Country Strategy and Program endorsed today by ADB's Board of Directors. ADB will focus on supporting improvements in public financial management, private sector development, the transport sector, and health, including efforts to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS.

see -- -- for full story

Previous Miss Red Cross Winners

The following people have won the title of "Miss PNG"
+ 1974 Miss Eva Arni was the first holder of the title "Miss PNG" - Eva went on to win the Miss Asia Title.
+ 1975 Miss Eau Suve. Eau went on to win the "Best Traditional Dress" award at the Miss Asia Quest.
+ 1976 Miss Sayah Karukaru
+ 1978 Miss Angeline Tukana
+ 1979 Miss Milly Misbut
+ 1980 Miss Mispah Alwyn
+ 1981 Miss Jennifer Abaijah
+ 1982 Miss Moi Eli
+ 1983 Miss Shannel Bray
+ 1984 Miss Patricia Mirisa
+ 1985 Miss Carmel Vagi - Miss Communications
+ 1986 Miss Anna Wild
+ 1987 Miss Harriet Warren
+ 1988 Miss Erue Taunao
+ 1989 Miss Joycelyn Leahy
+ 1991 Miss Marcia Muir
+ 1992 Miss Jennifer Lemeki
+ 1993 Miss Sharon Onsa
+ 1994 Miss Tania Doyle
+ 1995 Miss Imanakone Sioa
+ 1996 Miss Rita Stegman
+ 1997 Miss Lisa Linibi
+ 1998 Miss Helai Oala
+ 1999 Miss Roberta Ali
+ 2000 Miss Ephreddie Jubilee
+ 2001 Miss Olivia Wilson
+ 2002 Miss Yaku Ninich
+ 2003 Miss Cynthia Asi - Central (Miss MRDC)
+ 2004 Miss Ashwin Samson - Miss Warehouse
+ 2005 Miss Porebada Primary School - Michelle Pala
+ 2006 Miss PNG Red Cross 2006 Coming Soon

Port Moresby Hospital

The Port Moresby Hospital is having to limit the supply of drugs to patients due to a shortage and non-supply from the Port Moresby medical stores. The hospital is now asking the urban clinics to supply medicine for the hospital patients. The limited remaining supply of drugs is being given to the really sick and other patients are being told to purchase their own medicine.

Coming Events

Air Niugini - Port Moresby / Manila / Hong Kong and return -- 8th August 2006

Enga 2006 Cultural Show will be held at the Mommers Oval in Wabag town on the 11th, 12th and 13th of August.

The Institute of PNG Studies Exploratory Workshop - sometime in September

Price Waterhouse Coopers Walk for Life Challenge -- 3rd September 2006

42nd PNG Medical Symposium will be held in Madang from the 4th to the 8th of September 2006 --

PNG 31st Independence Anniversary - 16th September 2006

Hiri Hanenamo Quest and Hiri Moale Festival - 16th September 2006

Goroka Show, Eastern Highlands -- 16th and 17th of September 2007

Kiwi Ball - The fabulous ball held by the Kiwi's will be held on the 28th October this year. This year the New Zealanders hope to have a five-piece band to entertain the crowd

Morobe Show, Lae -- November 4th and 5th

Milne Bay Kundu and Canoe Festival, Alotau -- 6th to the 12th of November 2006

PNG Media

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