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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
ailan island
anien onion
bai buy
balus aeroplane / airplane /pigeon
bel belly
bipo before / former
dai pinis die
draiva driver
gras grass
graun ground
hailens highlands
hariap quick
husat who
kakaruk fowl
kamap come up
kisim get / obtain
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Aussie Advisory

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Smartraveller has updated its web page dealing with travel to PNG. Please visit the page for the latest information about PNG from and Australian perspective. -- and -- -- and -- html://

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Sepik River


PNG Japan

Specialist Inbound Tour Operator catering for the Japan to PNG market --

Tawali Resort

Tucked away, only accessible by boat, sits what may be PNG's best kept scuba diving secret - Tawali Resort --

PNG Aviation

Of course there are other sites that may deal with aviation within PNG. I haven't looked at the SIL site for a while. They do fly around the country so maybe a visit to their site may reveal something about PNG aviation -- If you know of other PNG aviation sites please let me know.

Rugged PNG Tours'Rugged'+in+PNG+for+2007


PNG is truly paradise when it comes to orchids. Many have been classified but how many more are waiting classification and importantly how many more are not even discovered yet? Thirty new species of orchids have recently been discovered in the PNG rainforests by scientists from the international conservation organisation WWF.





Black Manta

Here's a photo of a black manta ray submitted by Hiro Watanabe, who runs Alotau Dive & Tours --

See also --

News Items

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

A strong undersea earthquake off the island of New Britain on last Tuesday sparked a warning of a possible local tsunami. The 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck at 11:25 a.m. local PNG time about 229 km (142 miles) southwest of Rabaul. The depth was recorded at 58 kms (36 miles) below sea level. In July 1998, two undersea quakes measuring 7.0 created three tsunamis that killed at least 2,100 people near the town of Aitape on the north coast of PNG.

There are further fears that areas of the West New Britain province may be wiped out by a tsunami if the Mount Pago and Mt Ritter volcanoes erupt. The province is experiencing three to four big earthquakes every day since Mt Tavurvur in East New Britain province, exploded two weeks ago.

MV Milne Bay

Has the MV Milne Bay started PNG's first viral marketing campaign? If email filters are any indication then the answer is a great big yes. It would seem that everyone in every company in PNG has received at least one copy of the inside and outside of the MV Milne Bay. The cost of email in PNG ranging from a roughly a Kina to two Kina a megabyte and the MV Milne Bay images are costing companies anywhere between K5 and K10 for every email received. Multiply that by 100 or 200 employees and the cost of doing business escalates rapidly.


A vote by students at the University of Technology over whether to allow the sale of beer on campus has been overwhelmingly defeated. Of the 669 students who voted in the referendum, 527 voted against the sale of alcohol on campus. 448 males and 219 female voted. There are 2,253 registered students at Unitech.

Service Stations

The number of service stations in PNG is set to be reduced yet again. BP was taken over by InterOil recently and some stations have closed with others being rebranded. Interoil is now set to take over the running of Shell service stations in PNG under the name of IPL. The move from Shell to IPL branding hopes to be as easy and smooth as possible with the stations looking like Shell stations for a few more months to come.

Koroba - Lake Kopiago

An amount of K1.8 million has been allocated to link the Koroba - Lake Kopiago electorate to the Highlands Highway. The link will benefit up to 85,000 of the population.

Political Peace

If there is such a thing as political peace in PNG then peace was made between two political rivals in the Western Highlands recently. Paias Wingti (People's Democratic Movement) and Paul Pora (National Party) in a move never thought possible in their life times made peace. The coming together of the two leaders and their parties is bound to have ramifications among followers of both parties as the count down to next year's election narrows. Mr Pora was heard to say "Our campaign must be friendly. We must get 55 good MPs into Parliament. Never mind parties. Now, it is a friendly and friends campaign." Is this a direct result of the limited preferential voting where the preferences from one or more political parties may influence who gets into power?

Starving to Death

It has been reported that 13 people have starved to death as a direct result of food shortages in Pangia, Southern Highlands province. The MP for the area and Opposition Leader has sent K90,000 for relief supplies and at the same time he has instructed the provincial and district administration to visit the worst affected areas and report back to him. More than 60,000 people are affected by the food shortage. Some of the food shortages have been attributed to prolonged bad weather conditions in the area.

The Opposition leader and MP, Peter O'Neill, has said that the first lot of food supplies into the Ialibu/Pangia area had already arrived from Mount Hagen. Mr O'Neill could not confirm the reported deaths as some of the areas were only accessible by walking and officers from both the provincial and national governments were still in the area assessing the situation.

Starving Athletes

Athletes at the PNG Paralympics - national disabled games - in Lae may are starving because the organising committee have no money to provide three square meals daily. Read the full report in The National --

A couple of weeks ago students at Keravat National High School in East New Britain, burnt down a vacant dorm because they claimed they were starving as they had missed out on breakfast after returning late from morning work parade. I don't think the students have anything to complain about after reading about the ordeal people in Pangia and the athletes have to deal with.

Vanimo General Hospital

The Vanimo General Hospital will open a new pediatric ward early next year. The hospital has been without a pediatric ward ever since it was built in the early 1960s and children have to be admitted to the adult's medical ward for treatment.

Vanimo Electrocution

A Malaysian employee of a company in Vanimo died instantly when he accidentally electrocuted himself at his work place. See The national for the full story --

Mobile Woes

Users of mobile phones around the country are complaining that SMS messages are often being delivered more than once and each delivery is being charged as a new message. Many people do not check how many credits they have until it is too late and their account is put on hold. Many other people complain that although they have sent messages that they do not arrive in a timely fashion or at all. Many school children walk home after sending a request for transport to their parents.

Moti's Escape

According to prominent lawyer, Camillus Narakobi, the escape from PNG to the Solomon Islands by a man wanted by the Australian Police has shown that the country has once again showed that it failed to observe the rule of law and its international obligations. The Ombudsman Commission has instigated its own independent enquiry into the matter. This is separate from the one started by the Prime Minister.

Illegal Flight

The PNG Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has said that escape flight operated by the PNG Defence Force (PNGDF) CASA aircraft was illegal as it was not operating under an emergency or war time situation. The Civil Aviation rules require all operators to advise air traffic services of any aircraft movement within the Port Moresby flight information region. According to CAA deputy director (aviation safety) Wilson Sagati it appeared that the PNGDF aircraft operated without authorisation and that its operation was not in any way connected with an emergency. The breaches could see PNGDF pay fines of up to K200,000 if CAA pursued court action.

Defence Force

Three high ranking Defence Force officers have been suspended over their suspected role in the escape of a man wanted by Australia. Julian Moti, an Australian citizen, was allowed to flee PNG using the Defence Force CASA aircraft to as remote airstrip in the Solomon Islands.

Illegal Alien

An illegal alien from Morocco who has resided in PNG for many years will be returned home soon. The Moroccan is having his travel expenses met by the Moroccan embassy in Australia and the international community in PNG. The man has been paralysed and confined to bed at the Port Moresby Hospital for nine years.

Telikom PNG

It has been alleged that the consultants employed by Telikom PNG are not registered to practice as engineers in the country this includes the new CEO, David Waterehouse. It is debatable whether the CEO position needs to be held by an engineer.

Friends Foundation

Tessie Soi's Friends Foundation has buried 97 unclaimed babies from the Port Moresby General Hospital Morgue since 2004. Ms Soi said many of the babies were still born or died during birth but none of them had died of HIV/AIDS as many predicted.

Helicopter Crash

Four people have been confirmed dead after a helicopter crash near the Tolukuma gold mine. The helicopter, a Bell 206, was on a trip to drop of a man who had died at the company's health centre after seeking medication.

Over Paid Consultants

It has been reported that the Southern Highlands Provincial Government is paying a consultant the equivalent of K1 million a year. The contract for a period of eight years was signed on the 30th of July 2003. The consultant is paid K45,000 a month. Other allowances such as travel, accommodation and meal allowances push this figure even further.

Civil Aviation

The runways lights at Wewak's Boram airport have been destroyed. The lights are required so that flights into Wewak can be made after dark. This means that the regular late flight operated by an Air Niugini F28 will now be cancelled until further notice. Security at all airports around PNG is little more than a rusty fence often broken down so that people can get from point A to point B in as short a way as possible. Some airstrips require the pilot to overfly the runway first to ensure that it is clear to land.


The Post Courier has reported the alleged cannibalism of a young girl in Madang province. The 14-year old school girl was allegedly killed as a sacrificial offering and then eaten by her biological mother and a cult leader in Madang. The cult leader is on the run from the police over his cult movement which has a big following in the remote area of the province about an hour's drive from Madang town.

PNG Web Hosting

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Remember there is no need to spend hours and hours learning HTML code or graphics editing. No need to worry about details with PNG Web Hosting. Let the tools such as the Joomla! or Mambo Content Management System, help you on your way. If that seems too much effort then there is also a "fill in the gaps" html web site builder available free of charge. So if you are looking for a permanent home for even just your email address then take a look at --

Milne Bay Canoe Festival

Thanks to Gretta Kwasnicka Todurawai who has pointed out that the date of the Milne Bay Canoe Festival is from the 3rd to the 5th of November. I had it down as from the 6th to 12th of November. To help everyone remember, especially me, Gretta says it is always the first week of November.

New Anti AIDS Plan

The Australian government is taking a new approach towards the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. From next year it will implement a new 10-year programme in PNG. The new programme will be incorporated with the PNG National Strategic Plan and will be coordinated by the National AIDS Council AIDS secretariat.

Coming Events

Kiwi Ball -- The fabulous ball held by the Kiwi's will be held this weekend on the 28th October.

Morobe Show -- Lae Showgrounds -- 4th and 5th of November -- Coca Cola Amatil has once again picked up the major sponsorship of this event.

Ex KIAP Reunion in Victoria, Australia will be held on the 5th of November at Sandown Greyhounds Tabaret --

Milne Bay Kundu and Canoe Festival, Alotau -- 3rd to the 6th of November 2006 --

Miss Traditional Judging. -- The judging of the Miss Traditional segment of the Miss PNG Red Cross Charity Quest 2006 will be held on the 19th of November at the Port Moresby Country Club from 1pm to 6pm.

32nd Gaming Fishing Association of PNG titles will be held from the 7th to the 16th of April, 2007

Do you have an event that you want advertised? Send email to -- PNGNews[@]

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