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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

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draiva driver
buskanaka savage
inglis British
kepten captain
kuk cook
kuskus clerk
lapun old person
liklik dokta medical assistant
mangi boy / youth
meri woman
manmeri everybody
pikinini child
pren friend
rabisman no-hoper
sista nurse / nun
skulboi schoolboy
tisa teacher

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Rotary against Malaria in PNG --

Adventure Kokoda

Adventure Kokoda is a professional trekking company with 15 years experience on the Kokoda Trail. Their treks have featured on the Channel 9 (Australia) Getaway program and numerous other television documentaries. Battlefield treks are led by experienced expedition leaders with a comprehensive knowledge of the history of the Kokoda campaign; a keen appreciation of Koiari/Orokaiva culture; and a respect for the environmental integrity of the track. --

News Items


Teacher's Leave Fares

Many teachers around the country are finding out that there is no money to send them off on their annual holidays. Teachers in West New Britain have been told that the provincial government simply has no money to pay for leave entitlements at this time. Morobe province is complaining that it costs as much as K20,000 to fly each teacher and his or her family home during the Christmas holidays. Many teachers have been missing out on their entitlements for several years and have not threatened to go on strike at the start of the new academic year. Currently all teachers are entitled to air travel for themselves and their immediate families regardless of where they reside and this has been so for many, many years so should not be a surprise for provincial governments.

Contractors in West New Britain have also joined the queue of people demanding outstanding payments. Some contractors have claimed that they have not been paid for seven years.


Dame Carol Kidu has presented the PNG Scout Association with a cheque for K50,000. This is part of K100,000 endorsed by the National Executive Council and will be shared between the Scouts and the Girl Guides.

Provincial Budgets

Many provincial governments have passed their annual budget. With 2007 being an election year some of them appear to be interesting.

Unrealistic HIV Treatment

Sister Rose Bernard, the coordinator for the Shalom HIV/AIDS Centre in Banz, Western Highlands province has called on individuals not to capitalise on people living with HIV/AIDS. The Catholic nun said she was not condemning anyone but wanted producers of herbal medicine, faith healers and others to be realistic in how and what they presented to people living with HIV/AIDS. She went on to say that there has been no record of any person whose HIV/AIDS status has been confirmed being healed as has been claimed by some herbal doctors and faith healers.


Here are some of the more common frequently asked questions that keep cropping up.

What is the land area of the provinces in PNG?
National Capital and Central, 29940 sq kms
Oro Province, 19827 sq kms
Milne Bay Province, 14000 sq kms
Morobe Province, 34,500 sq kms
Madang Province, 28000 sq kms
Eastern Highlands, 11706 sq kms
Simbu Province, 8476 sq kms
Western Highlands, 8288 sq kms
Southern Highlands, 25988 sq kms
East Sepik, 43000 sq kms
West Sepik (Sandaun),36000 sq kms
East New Britain, 15500 sq kms
West New Britain, 21000 sq kms
New Ireland, 9500 sq kms
Manus Province, 2100 sq kms
North Solomons Province, 9400 sq kms
Enga Province, 10790 sq kms
Western and Gulf Province, 135,000 sq kms

More PNG Frequently Asked Questions can be found at -- -- If you can help expand the FAQ's then visit the site and leave a message. If you find a question with an incorrect or outdated answer please also let the site owner know. -- png.faqs[@]

Sepik River

The Sepik River is PNG's equivalent to the mighty Amazon or the Congo rivers. For people who live along its banks the river is central to everyday life, and they depend on it for transportation, water and food.

Moti Case

Julian Moti may have fled the country on the 10th of October 2006 in a Defence Force Casa plane but before leaving he left a telephone bill of K4600 at the Solomon Islands High Commission. The Post Courier reported that the PNG Defence Force inquiry into the escape of Mr Moti to the Solomon Islands had been disbanded. This has been strongly denied by the PNG government. The paper claims that papers to gazette the change on the 28th of December were withheld on advice from the First Legislative Counsel's office which wanted to seek further legal advice on the move. Evidence given so far to the inquiry suggests that Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and then acting Defence Force Commander Captain Tom Ur were aware of, and at some stage discussed the operation.

Fast Money Schemes

The Bank of PNG has issued yet another warning to people stating to be wary of fast money schemes and scams. The Bank advises that such scams are illegal and that you have a good chance of losing your money. The Bank also warns that the Bank of PNG does not deal with fast money schemes/scams or private individuals and does not issue guarantees or warrantees.

Carteret Islands

A television news crew from London will be visiting the country this month to film a documentary on the sinking Carteret Islands. The program will be part of a series of reports into climate change showing the environmental threats on the planet due to rising sea levels. The crew is expected to arrive in the country on the 10th of January with the series being broadcast in the United Kingdom by ITN TV between the 15th and 19th of January.

The Newsletter

The newsletter may or may not be delayed this time around due to travel commitments. The newsletter may be about Papua New Guinea but I can remember sending it from many parts of the world. Ask Sharon who used to live in San Diego where it was sent from in the early part of the year 2000. The newsletter has also been sent from some small country town in New Zealand that just happened to have an Internet cafe. It has also been sent from Thailand, many locations in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and even London. This time, if all goes well, it will be sent from Suva in Fiji. If it arrives a day or two late then you will know that I was not able to find an internet connection wired or wireless that allowed pen drives to be connected until I returned to PNG.

Police Commissioner

The appointment of a Police Commissioner drags on due to an outstanding court case against Gari Baki the man nominated to become the top cop. Mr Baki was arrested and charged on October 8 with one charge of causing disaffection within the police force, a charge that is similar to that of mutiny in the military. He was charged under section 136 (1)(a) of the Police Force Act.

PNG's Future

The World Bank has forecast a bright future for PNG. The Bank said that the country's economy has been improving due to high commodity prices over the first three quarters of 2006. The Bank also said that the agriculture sector was slowly making its way into contributing to the economy.

It was reported in mid November during the handing down of the 2007 PNG Budget that PNG's foreign reserves were at a whopping K4.5 billion and that economic growth was expected to reach 4.5 percent. This is well above the expected population growth and a significant improvement from the first part of the decade.

New Year

The New Year for Moresby residents was hot and humid. Despite the hot weather the fireworks at the Lamana Motel were a success. Hundreds of onlookers and patrons braved humid weather to watch the half-hour fireworks display.

Power Woes

The New Year was only minutes old and PNG Power failed and then continued to fail until about 4am due to over exuberant people celebrating the birth of a new year by throwing things at the power lines and shorting out the electricity supply.

One benefit is that many residents were able to see the Lamana fireworks without all the street and security lights interfering with the view.

PNG Power has announced a 2.56 percent increase in the price of electricity. It had earlier been given clearance by the price controller, the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission, for a possible average increase of almost 12 percent (11.93%). The Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce has praised PNG Power for a lower increase than what was anticipated.


Without revealing their source Transparency International (TI) estimates that the government of PNG loses K150 million through corruption each year. TI state that the majority of people in the rural area miss out on essential health and education because of corruption.

The PNG chapter of Transparency International has a web site located at --

HTML Version

Did you know that there is an html version of this newsletter? The only real benefits are that links to other sites are coded into the html document so, if the link is still valid, it is simply a matter of clicking on the link. Some email clients do not convert links in the text version correctly and some readers have to cut and past the links into the browser. -- -- is the link where you can change your subscription.

Hospital Donation

The Yamka Pepka tribe near Mt Hagen has donated K45,000 towards a heart unit for the Mt Hagen General Hospital. With this latest donation the hospital has now managed to raise K183,200 towards the cost of the equipment.

Harbours Board

PNG Harbours Limited has changed their name to PNG Ports Corporation Limited. Along with the name change a new company logo has been adopted and an increase in harbour fees.

2007 Elections

Peter Yama, the parliamentary leader of the People's Labour Party says that the 2007 elections will be his last. Another politician has announced that he will be leading his new party into the elections and expects to be able to become the next Prime Minister. Yet another politician has unveiled a new political party. Southern Highlands Governor, Hami Yawari, unveiled his PNG Conservative Party with 24 intending candidates recently. His first task is not to aim for the Prime Ministership but to organise the new party and win as many seats as possible this year.

Coming Events

National Surfing Association will be hosting the National Surfing Titles in Vanimo in mid-February 2007.

32nd Gaming Fishing Association of PNG titles will be held from the 1st to the 4th April 2007

May Coffee Festival 2007 - cancelled due to 2007 National Elections.

Tufi Cultural Show, Oro Province -- 9th to the 11th June

National Mask Festival, Kokopo - East New Britain Province -- 12th to the 15th of July

International Orchid Spectacular -- 5th and 6th of August

Lukim PNG NAU Tourism Expo -- 9th to the 11th September

National Tourism Conference -- 12th September

Hiri Moale Festival, Port Moresby - National Capital District -- 15th to 18th of September

PNG 30th Independence Day Celebrations -- 16th September

Morobe Show, Lae -- 4th to 5th of November

The Milne Bay Canoe and Kundu (drum) festival is to be in November.

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