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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

tok pisin English
abababa bubble gum
adres address
bel belly
bel i pas constipated
bel i tantanim nauseated
belhevi regret
belisi calm / peaceful
bung wantaim unite
bungim wantaim pack (vb)
bung maket market
bungim painim meet
dua door
dua i go ausait exit (n)
haus moni bank (n)
haus marasin pharmacy
haus marit married quarters

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MAF - New Airvan GA8


The 100th Airvan to roll of the assembly line at Gippsland Aeronautics in Victoria, Australia

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For the latest news about PNG visit the Post Courier web site at -- -- or the National Newspaper web site at -- -- both offer up-to-date news about PNG. If you want to catch up on news it is also good to visit -- -- The PNG Business and Toursim web site.

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Swamp Ghost

The Swamp Ghost has been the centre of much controversy over the attempted movement of the old World War II Boeing B17E Bomber from what should have been its final resting place to overseas. Read about the history of the aircraft by visiting --

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The Kokoda Track Foundation has been established in recognition of the assistance given to the Australian Diggers during the Pacific War from 1942 - 1945 by the people of PNG including the 'Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angels' and the Koiari and Orokaivean people living along the Kokoda Track. The Foundation has a web site located at --

Tree House Village -- --For those who want a truly tropical style accommodation package then I suggest the exotic Tree House Village. The village is about 15 minute along the scenic Buluminski Highway from Kavieng in the New Ireland province. If anyone wants further details then please write to Tree House Village, PO Box 351, Kavieng, PNG. Phone +675 984 2666 / facsimile +675 984 2693 or email

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The East New Britain Chamber of Commerce and East New Brisbane Tourism Bureau has a web site at --- http// -- Pacific Island Trade and Investment Commission.

The PNG chapter of Transparency International has a web site located at --

Port Moresby Golf Club has a web site that can be found at --

2007 Elections

The elections are coming. To keep track of them then I suggest book-marking the Electoral Commission web site and visiting it occasionally --

Business Directories

News Items

Sorcery Murders

Police in Papua New Guinea say four women, believed by fellow villagers to have used sorcery to cause a fatal road crash, have been tortured with hot metal rods to confess, then murdered and buried standing up in a pit.

The Director of the Melanesian Institute in Papua New Guinea is warning that the spread of HIV-AIDS there could lead to more claims of sorcery and an increase in violence towards women.

Hermann Spingler, who is based in Goroka, in the Eastern Highlands, says that unexplained deaths are often attributed to witchcraft in parts of the Highlands.

He says that if people think a relative has died for no obvious reason, they might launch a witch-hunt.

National Elections

Do voters select the right candidate for the job in the elections? In many other countries it doesn't matter where a candidate comes from so long as they are eligible for the post and bring good qualities with them. In fact many voters overseas would not know or care where their prime minister or president was born as it is inconsequential to how they will be voting. In PNG many people vote for their wantoks along ethnic lines, or the person giving out the biggest gifts before the elections. They may even vote for the person making the biggest, unsubstantiated promises before the elections especially if he or she is from the same ethnic group or area of the country. It appears that there is no sense of unity within the country. Even within the 800 different language groups there are different allegiances. The recent fighting in the town of Mt Hagen has shown little but the ugly realities of tribal, clan, family and personal interests.

It is hardly surprising that many people have lost interest in even determining what candidate will be the best for the role. It can be said that what usually attracts a voter is that the candidate is a wantok and how much money or goods he has been able to give to his voters rather than if he is the best person for the job or belongs to the party with the best policies. With such divided loyalties could PNG have a political or military coup similar to what has happened in Fiji?

Marcus Bai,,1998076,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=7

Marcus Bai, the former Leeds and Bradford wing, is to join the coaching staff of Papua New Guinea for their tour of France next autumn.

The Kumuls will play two Tests against the French during a four-match tour. They have also been mentioned as possible mid-season opposition for Great Britain in July. Bai will assist the former Wigan scrum-half Adrian Lam, the head coach of Papua New Guinea.

Lucrative Contract

PNG Gardener has reportedly won a K9 million a year contract to clean up the streets and parks and gardens of the national capital. PNG Gardener is owned by businessman and TV personality Justin Tkatchenko and his wife Catherine. He intends to stand at the national elections under the Pangu Pati banner, reportedly for the seat of Moresby South against Dame Carol Kidu, who is the Minister for Community Development.

Telikom PNG

Telikom PNG has suffered another major outage in the Port Moresby area due to yet another power surge hitting one of the local exchanges. It took several hours for telephone technicians who had to work through the night to be able to restore the service and several PABX could not connect back into the network until another reset of equipment in the Boroko telephone exchange the next day. After all this Telikom had to do yet another reset of the equipment in an attempt to restart equipment that had failed and did not restart correctly after the first attempt.

Mobile Telephone Companies

Rumour has it that one of the players in the Mobile Telephone market may have to pull out of PNG if the deal does not go through soon. Caribbean company, Digicel, and Indonesian firm Dawamiba successfully tendered to enter the PNG in an international tender conducted by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission between March and September 2006. They were led to believe that they would be able to enter the market from March this year as Telikom PNG had indicated they would relinquish their exclusive licence. Telikom PNG has a licence that gives them exclusive control over mobile telephones within PNG until later this year.

Mobile Telephone Roaming

The ability for overseas mobile telephones to be used in PNG and PNG mobiles to be used overseas is currently undergoing testing. The telephone owner will then have the call billed back to wherever their home mobile phone is based. It is hoped that this will soon be available for mobile users in PNG travelling to selected overseas countries and mobile phone users coming from Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia to PNG. As well as being able to make and receive calls the user will be able to send and receive SMS messages.

Vale Rick Warnett

For those that don't already know the PNG Gossip Newsletter recently lost an often anyonmous contributor to the newsletter. Rick Warnett died tragically a couple of weeks ago in Cairns, Australia. His contributions and friendship will be missed.

Missionary Aviation

Thanks to a donation of a GA8 Airvan aircraft by the PNG Sustainable Development Program Limited Missionary Aviation Fellowship now has a fleet of 13 aircraft that can serve PNG. Mike Jelliffe, the General Manager of MAF (PNG), said the new aircraft would be used to serve many people in remote airstrips throughout the country. For many remote areas MAF is the only link to the outside world apart from walking for many days.

The PNG Sustainable Development Program is a joint initiative between the Government of PNG and OkTedi mine owners.

The aircraft is special one as it is the 100th Airvan to roll off the assembly line at Gippsland Aeronautics in Victoria, Australia.

Thinking of Coming to PNG?

If you are thinking of coming to PNG it is recommended that you take the time to read the following information on the PNGBD website --

PNG Sports Federation

The PNG Sports Federation (PNGSF) once again is at the mercy of corporate sponsors to get its athletes to the Pacific Games in Apia, Samoa, later this year. The PNGSF will need over K500,000 to send a team to Apia. Some of the events that are used to raise money for the athletes are fundraising events are the Trukai Fun Run and PM's Corporate Dinner. Another event is the Prime Minister's Golf Challenge at the Port Moresby Golf Club. The challenge will be held in Port Moresby on the 23rd of February, in Lae on the 13th of April and in Mt Hagen on the 15th of May. The Prime Minister has made a special plea for corporate support as the fundraising event was to support young sportsmen and women.

Tribal Fight

Waring clansmen have clashed on the Pope John Paul II sports oval in Mt Hagen, Western Highland province. Opposing clan members armed with bush knives turned the Pope John Paul Oval into a war zone when their long-running tribal fight spilled into the city. The feud, between rival clans in the nearby Nebilyer Valley, has been going on for 27 years. In 1984, Pope John Paul II addressed tens of thousands of highlanders at the oval, appealing for permanent peace and an end to tribal warfare. The Post-Courier newspaper has called on the national government and Provincial Governor Paias Wingti, a former PNG prime minister, to show leadership and put a stop to the tribal fighting.

Snake Bites

With what appears to be the start of the wet season in Central province has led to an increase in the number of people presenting with snakebites at local health centres and the Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH). This has led to a critical shortage of the life saving anti-venom. Many snake bite patients need to be placed on a ventilator and to help ease the shortage of this equipment at PMGH the Medical Department of Oil Search has loaned two ventilators to the hospital.

PNG Schoolboys Rugby

The schoolboy's rugby league has received K100,000 from Nestle under the Milo brand to help develop and promote the sport in the country. This is the third year that Nestlé's have sponsored the schoolboy's rugby competition. The schoolboy league competition will start on the 14th of April at the first week of term two. About 7,000 plus schoolboys are expected to register to play this year in their own local competitions around the country with Port Moresby and Lae having the biggest number of schools taking part in the competition.

Gas Project

The deal to pipe gas from PNG to Australia has been scrapped. The PNG Gas Project was going to be one of the biggest resource developments ever contemplated for the country. The PNG Gas Project would have involved transporting gas via a pipeline over 3,000 kilometres to customers in Australia. If it had been constructed, the pipeline would have been the longest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Coming Events

National Surfing Titles in Vanimo in mid-February 2007.

32nd Gaming Fishing Association of PNG titles will be held from the 1st to the 4th April

May Coffee Festival 2007 - cancelled due to 2007 National Elections.

Tufi Cultural Show, Oro Province -- 9th to the 11th June

National Mask Festival, Kokopo - East New Britain Province -- 12th to the 15th of July

International Orchid Spectacular -- 5th and 6th of August

Lukim PNG NAU Tourism Expo -- 9th to the 11th September

National Tourism Conference -- 12th September

Hiri Moale Festival, Port Moresby - National Capital District -- 15th to 18th of September

PNG 30th Independence Day Celebrations -- 16th September

Morobe Show, Lae -- 4th to 5th of November

The Milne Bay Canoe and Kundu (drum) festival is to be in November.

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