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adres address
adresim address a letter
ais ice / snow
aisblok iceblock
aiskrim ice-cream
ailan island
antap high / summit / up
antap upstairs
apinun afternoon
apinun evening (early)
apinun good afternoon
baim buy / pay for
baim rent
bensin gasoline
bilong em his / her
bret bread
bruk broken
brukim break

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Bensbach River

Milne Bay Tourism

Read the letter to the editor by Gretta Todurawai, the Board Chairman of Milne Bay Tourism, about the effects the disrupted Air Niugini Services are having on tourism in the province.

Also take the time to read another view about Air Niugini by the President of the PNG Divers Association (PNGDA), Max Benjamin.

Both writers make very good points about the National Airline. Hopefully the second article will help to quell some of Gretta's concerns

See also - Air Niugini has announced the introduction into service of its Boeing 757-200 - -- at the bottom of this page there is also an article about "Air Niugini announcing the signing of the National Pilots Award".

See also --

Miscellaneous Links

Keith Jackson's web log for people associated with the former Australian School of Pacific Administration --

PNG is a strange place when it comes to travel --

Community Based Tourism Foundation --

PNG Tourism Industry Association --

PNG Tourism Promotion Authority --

Yorkysknob's photos of PNG --

More PNG photos --

Australia PNG Business Council --

PNG in the News

Earthquake --

University of Technology under police guard --

Papua New Guinea welcomes new Christian radio stations to educate citizens --

Miner seeks out minerals on PNG seabed --

Exploring primitive Papua New Guinea in modern times --

Father sues defiant son in village court --

Preserving PNG's diverse cultures through art --

Cops identify prime suspects --

Handling of toxic wastes inadequate - 4th annual disaster management conference in Lae, Morobe province --

Investors rush float offering the makings of new mineral field --

PNG Blogs -- PNG Rugby Football Association Blog -- Goroka Show, scroll to the bottom of the linked page for show photos --

The following web site is not exactly about PNG but it does have a good discussion about Julian Moti --

First Aid Course Completed -- -- -- and

Goroka, PNG --

Lost packages --

Swimming in Wewak --!485C19FEE8E75867!1157/

Karai Bilong Kumul --


News Items

PNG News Feed

News Feed - for some of the latest headlines from around the world visit the PNG Gossip newsletter RSS News Feed located at -- -- At the moment this uses Yahoo and Google but it seems they pick up on the same news stories so there is not much difference between the two feeds and some of the links remain on the feed for days at a time.

Bones for Sales

Officials are investigating claims that skeletal remains of World War II soldiers, possibly including Australians, are being sold as souvenirs by villagers in PNG.

see -- -- and --

2007 Elections

a report by the Commonwealth-Pacific Islands Forum election assessment team has commended the recent PNG elections. Members of the team assessed the part of the counting process and the formation of the new government as well as some of the preparation and campaigning for the elections. The report concluded that unlike 2002, no elections failed and no large-scale violence or disorder occurred. Although there were some "security incidents" observed in parts of the country such as the Highlands, the report noted that "these were handled with professionalism and a high degree of effectiveness by the security forces". The team suggested that there were still "significant challenges", which needed to be overcome in order to entrench strong democratic principles and effective election management in the country.

PX Reunion

For anyone that has worked at the National Airline of PNG then there is a reunion planned for all workers to be held on the 1st of November at the Rydges Oasis Resort situated on the Sunshine Coast of Australia at Caloundra --

Gun Control

The Coalition Group to Stop Gun Violence in PNG has called on the prime minister to act quickly on the recommendations of a committee on gun control. The Guns Control Committee was established by then minister for internal security Bire Kimisopa. The Coalition Group is made up of women groups, NGOs, human rights advocates, civil societies, churches and development agencies. They say the increase in gun-related violence can not be ignored and want measures introduced to curb the problem.

Puzzling Marijuana Plant

Police in Goroka are puzzled over the appearance of a marijuana plant found growing at the airport. A single plant was found growing inside the perimeter fence by a Civil Aviation worker after a recent clearing of the airport.

see -- -- for news item

Police should not be puzzled about a single plant because in the hemp plant's natural life cycle, its seeds are eaten by animals or birds. The seeds that don't get cracked pass through the digestive tract unscathed. They're pooped out somewhere else, along with a nice supply of organic fertilizer. This is how cannabis spreads its seeds in order to be fruitful and multiply. Mystery solved. Someone should really offer the Goroka police some training. Now if it was a crop of 10 or more plants then they should be looking elsewhere.

Relocating Border Base

The new Forest Minister, Belden Namah, has called for both army bases in Wewak and Vanimo to be relocated to better monitor the border with Indonesia. The Defence Force Commander, Peter Ilau, has said that relocating army bases to boost security on the border with Indonesia is an economic question. Belden Namah is making a submission to cabinet for the two bases to be moved to Vanimo's hinterlands to watch the border on a 24-hour basis to monitor illegal activities and security threats.

Migration Service

Perhaps the heading above should be Migration dis-service because service at the Immigration and Citizenship office at Waigani has reportedly gone from bad to worse despite numerous assurances by the Foreign Affairs Department of improvement. The service is so bad some customers have even had to wait in line for hours just to get an application form for a passport.

A related story --

Mini Budget

The Finance Minister has handed down a K1.367 billion Supplementary Budget that Parliament overwhelmingly passed 84-0. The supplementary budget has been described as "impact budget" targeting the 87% of the rural majority living in 89 districts of PNG. The mini budget is in four parts with K197 million for various recurrent expenditure; K893 million for public infrastructure including K240 million for maintenance; K356 million allocated by district under DSIP including K297 million for major improvements in infrastructure; K297 million for repaying Government debt and K250 million to reduce the Governments superannuation liabilities.

Railway System

According to the Works and Transport Minister, Don Polye, a feasibility study will be conducted into the construction of railways that will link up major centres of the country to bring down the cost of transporting goods. Mr Polye made the remarks during Question Time in Parliament recently in response to National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop who asked if the Transport Department was considering the construction of highways that would link up the country.

Dumped Drugs

Prescription drugs recently dumped at Lae's Voco Point may have been dumped by a private clinic or a pharmacy. The drugs for the treatment of stomach ulcer, diabetes, flu, asthma and many other ailments were all past the recommended use by date.

The Department of Environment and Conservation has revealed that chemical and dangerous wastes had accumulated in PNG because there was no proper disposal system. It also said the chemicals and waste from various industries were often kept in improper storage areas and simply discharged into the environment.

Weddings Rings Donated

A couple amongst a group of 34 from PNG who donated gold bullion and money also donated their wedding rings to the Temple Institute in order to help finance construction of new Temple in Jerusalem. See --,7340,L-3457263,00.html -- for full news item.

Hailstones in PNG

Hailstones reportedly the size of coconuts pounded some villages in Minj District in Western Highlands for almost four hours on the 13th of October, damaging houses and crops. Many houses were flattened or had only a few pieces of timber left standing. Their occupants have had to seek shelter with relatives and friends.

Do It Yourself

The Mumeng, Kabwum, Bulolo and Finschhafen districts have decided to "do it themselves" when it comes to maintaining roads in Morobe province rather than rely on contractors to do the work. The districts have bought bulldozers, trucks and other earthmoving equipment and were transporting them to the district headquarters so that work can start. All districts will eventually have equipment decentralised from Lae to carryout maintenance.

New Look National

If you have a chance take a look at the new look The National online edition --

Diplomatic Relations

Foreign Minister, Paul Tiensten, has said that once the board of inquiry's report on the Julian Moti affair is made public the diplomatic relationship should move forward. Mr. Tiensten said the outcome of the impasse hinged on a PNG court ruling on the report's validity and on the result of forthcoming elections in PNG and Australia.

Australian authorities want Moti, an Australian lawyer, to face charges he raped a 13-year-old girl in Vanuatu in 1997.

Telephone Rumours

Is it true that the Government plans to cancel the licences for the two new entrants in the mobile phone market?

Minister Arthur Somare has stood by his earlier announcement that the mobile phone licences issued to two foreign-owned companies would not be scrapped or revoked. Digicel has said after the 14th of February next year it will not have its own network.

Karai Bilong Kumul

Don't forget to visit this web site -- -- and participate in either sending a letter to the Prime Minister and / or voting in a poll.

Govt TV

The Prime Minister has said that he expects there will be a government television network by May or June next year. Sir Michael Somare told Parliament during Question Time the Government had plans for a national television service and the National Broadcasting Corp had been tasked to make a submission to cabinet. The Government is not happy with the present coverage it receives in the PNG media. The Government currently produces a newspaper called "Gavamani Sivarai" that comes out every four weeks.

K1.6 bil Govt Debt

The government owes Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) K1.6 billion in superannuation payment for public servants. The government has recently paid K250 million as part payment towards settlement of its unpaid liabilities

Missing for 34 Years

The Post Courier "The Drum" has carried the following article

Missing in action, last heard of 34 years ago. That's the case with Andrew Leitch last known of in Port Moresby back in pre-Independence 1973. His brother John in the United Kingdom is trying to trace him. Andrew would be 70 now, if still around. He was a trained electrician and reportedly worked for the Australian Government in Moresby. If anybody knows of his fate, drop a line to -- -- and copy thedrum.

Coming Events

19th and 20th of October 2007 -- The Oceania Regional Consultation of the IMoSEB (International Mechanism Of Scientific Expertise on Biodiversity) process will take place in Alotau. For more information, contact the IMoSEB Executive Secretariat; e-mail:

Oct 22 to 31 -- Pride of PNG 2007 coffee cupping competition in Goroka

National Cultural Commission Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Port Moresby -- from the 26th to the 28th of October

Morobe Show, Lae -- 27th and 28th of October

PNG Mining Seminar -- 29th - 30th October 2007. Crowne Plaza, downtown Port Moresby.

Air Niugini reunion -- 1st November at Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

The Milne Bay Canoe and Kundu (drum) festival is to be held in November from the 2nd to the 4th.

40th anniversary of the PNG Institute of Medical Research - between the 18th and 22nd of June 2008 in Goroka

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