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Neo Melanesian

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waswas wash / bathe
klin clean
doti dirty
sop soap
swim swim
susu breast
mama mother
susu mama breast feeding mother
kantri country
provins province
ples village
taun town
siti or bigtaun city
raun round
graun earth / ground / world

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Airlines of PNG at Goroka Oct 2007

Rally in Goroka - Oct 2007

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PNGScape Komuniti Board --

Kumul Karai

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PNG in the News

Men and women argue differently...(no they don't... yes they do... no they don't... they damn well do!) --

'Direct Strategies' Needed For Conservation --

Sad news from PNG - Ian Saem Majnep died recently at home in the Kaironk Valley. There is a short obituary by Andrew Pawley in the Post-Courier. --

Grass-thatched hut replacement --

Canoe Festival --

A man was killed in retaliation for the murder of a Watut man at a settlement in Wau --

K430million in taxes from resources --

Court acquits Siune of charges --

PNG Blogs -- Cell phones for sale -- Goroka Trip -- In Gapun, a remote village on the Sepik River, the women take a robust approach to arguing!485C19FEE8E75867!1192.entry -- Life in Vanimo -- Alotau PNG.

News Items

Telephone Numbering

PANGTEL, the PNG Radio communications and telecommunications Technical Authority is implementing a new numbering plan for the PNG network. For example mobile phone numbers will now start with 7 and be 8 digits long. Digicel has already implemented the numbering plan and its mobile phones are eight digits long and start with seven.

Landlines around the country will also change although it looks like they will stay at 7 digits in length.

Momase Region (Madang, Wewak) - change 1st digit currently 8 to a 4
Southern (Central, Gulf, Western, Oro) - change 1st digit currently 3 to a 6
Highlands (Chimbu, Eastern) - change 1st digit currently 7 to a 5
New Guinea Islands (Manus) - change 1st digit currently 4 to a 9

The international access code presently 05 will now change to 00 making it easier for someone to accidentally add an extra zero and call emergency services.

PNG News Feed

News Feed - for some of the latest headlines from around the world visit the PNG Gossip newsletter RSS News Feed located at -- -- At the moment this uses Yahoo and Google but it seems they pick up on the same news stories so there is not much difference between the two feeds and some of the links remain on the feed for days at a time.

Automatic Tellers

Several new ANZ ATM's have been seen around Port Moresby. I have seen one at the International terminal at Jackson's airport, one in the lobby at the Holiday and another at the Crowne Plaza. Bank South Pacific has opened a new ATM lobby to the public at Mosa - New Britain Palm Oil Headquarters. This is one of 20 new ATM's around the country and just one of 33 new ones to be installed early next year. After this there will be over 1450 BSP ATM's around the country.

Drunken Flyers

Two drunken rugby league supporters on the way back from Singapore refused to comply with directions by flight attendants and in the ensuing scuffle an arm rest was torn from one of the aircraft seats. The two were handed over to police on arrival at Jackson's Airport. It has been alleged that they drunk a bottle of Jack Daniels while aboard the aircraft. The Civil Aviation Authority is investigating the incident which scared other passengers onboard the Air Niugini flight.

A 20-year old rugby union player has been charged with drunken behaviour and damaging a seat while on board the recent flight from Singapore to Port Moresby

Asylum Seekers

Three Burmese men waiting in Vanimo, PNG after fleeing their country's military regime hope they will be granted asylum in Australia. The trio illegally crossed into PNG from Indonesian Papua by boat in April after years living on the edge in Thailand and Malaysia. see -- -- for full story.

The UNHCR's representative in PNG, Wallaya Pura, said the three men's desire to be settled in a third country such as Australia would only be considered if PNG did not accept them.

National Games

The National Games are to be staged in Lae between the 16th and the 24th of November. The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) will embark on comprehensive radio coverage of the Papua New Guinea National Games.

Air Niugini

The National Airline quietly celebrated its 34th birthday on the 1st of November. The only event I am aware of was a reunion of staff held in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Apart from that it was business as usual and no special birthday fares.

Impounded Cargo

Customs officers from the Internal Revenue Commission have impounded a cargo vessel for allegedly failing to declare all the goods on board. It is believed the undeclared items included fishing gear and 80,000 boxes of frozen sardines belonging to a fishing company based in Manus. The company also has an office in Port Moresby.

Telikom Graduation

251 students have recently graduated with certificates and diplomas from the Telikom Training College in Lae. As with all telecommunication training centres around the world many of the Telikom graduates will find jobs at rival companies in years to come. The graduation was the 20th from the college. Training workers in house allows Telikom to tailor courses to suit any new equipment being introduced.

New Road

A new 1.8 km section of road being built at a cost of K36 million has been designed without bus stops despite going through heavily populated suburbs. The National Road Safety Council has expressed its concern at the lack of suitable stops for passengers along the six-lane road. The Safety Authority knows that given the attitude of many bus drivers that they will simply stop wherever they want causing congestion and possible accidents. A National Capital District worker said one lane will be used by the buses and signs will be put up once the road is complete.

Kokoda Track

Exploration company, Frontier Resources, have been told by landowners that part of the Kokoda Track will have to be rerouted when the landowners begin mining the Kodu hill and surrounding areas on Mount Bini at Koiari in Central province. About 10 per cent of the track passes through the area and the landowners maintain that it is heir right to improve the lives of the people through mining.

The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) is considering re-opening some unused parts of the 96km Kokoda Track between Oro and Central province. This is an effort to ensure the people living along the track can also benefit from both tourism and the mining industry.

Moti Report

The PNG Defence Minister, Bob Dadae, has rejected the Moti report recommending Prime Minister Michael Somare be charged for allegedly helping wanted Australian lawyer Julian Moti escape to the Solomon Islands. The report found Somare ordered a clandestine PNG military flight to take Moti to the Solomons in October last year despite a request by Australian authorities to have him extradited to face child sex charges. see --

Justice Gibbs Salika has said to leave the interpretation of the law to the judiciary when asked to comment about the remark by the Defence Minister.

Miss PNG 2007

Miss Goroka 2007, Heather Launa, will contest the Miss PNG Red Cross title for 2007. Miss PNG Red Cross is currently Genevieve Roberts, employed by Goroka Grammar, who was Miss Coffee.

Previous Miss PNG title holders -

  • 1974 - Eva Ani
  • 1975 - Eau Suve
  • 1976 - Sayah Karukuru
  • 1977 - no title
  • 1978 - Angeline Tukana
  • 1979 - Milly Misbut
  • 1980 - Mispah Alwyn
  • 1981 - Jennifer Abaijah
  • 1982 - Moi Eli
  • 1983 - Shannel Bray
  • 1984 - Patricia Mirisa
  • 1985 - Carmel Vagi
  • 1986 - Anna Wild
  • 1987 - Harriette Warren
  • 1988 - Erue Taunao
  • 1989 - Joycelyn Leahy
  • 1990 - Nellie Ben
  • 1991 - Marcia Muir
  • 1992 - Jennifer Lemeki
  • 1993 - Sharon Onsa
  • 1994 - Tania Doyle
  • 1995 - Imanakone Sioa
  • 1996 - Rita Stegman
  • 1997 - Lisa Linibi
  • 1998 - Helai Oala
  • 1999 - Roberta Ali
  • 2000 - Ephreddie Jubilee
  • 2001 - Olivia Wilson
  • 2002 - Yaku Ninich
  • 2003 - Cynthia Asi
  • 2004 - Ashwin Samson
  • 2005 - Michelle Pala
  • 2006 - Genevieve Roberts


Vocal women leader Betty Benson from Asaro in the Daulo district has called for polygamy to be outlawed and done away with once and for all during a training workshop for first women magistrates in Goroka. Speaking on behalf of other concerned women in the province and eight districts, Mrs Benson said given the increasing cases of family violence triggered by husbands they want polygamy practice to be outlawed.

Polygamy is still considered an acceptable customary practice in the highlands of PNG.

Cable Thefts

More Telikom Vandalism --

Radio link communication is one of two practical solutions that Telikom is seriously considering to adopt in response to the constant sabotaging of its main communication links to the Gerehu Earth station.

It is not only PNG that has had to suffer the theft of cable in recent times. Residents of Melbourne have suffered at one railway crossing twice this year where copper cable has been stolen. The most recent theft only yesterday (5 Nov) cause the railway crossing boom gates to operate and cause traffic to be diverted for many hours through the peak period. Luckily it was the day before the Melbourne Cup so many people had taken the day off to make a four day weekend. Australia and most of PNG stop for the running of the Melbourne Cup.

Free Education

Sir Michael Somare has said that free education for all children given the current economic situation of the country is out of the reach any government. Sir Michael said a promise of free education by political parties and candidates was a total lie as it was impossible for any government to fund education for all children.


When was the Kavieng Wharf Massacre?

It may have been on the 18th February 1944 but the 18th February was the one associated with the false story of the ship Kowa Maru and when the missing prisoners of war were allegedly put on board. It was subsequently sunk with great loss of life, 30 miles west of New Hanover on the 21st of February 1944. It was the date the men went missing, presumed dead, and used by the Australian Government on the Certificates of Death issued after the war. It may have been one day in March 1944 most likely the 14th. This date was stated by the 3 most senior Japanese officers as the date of the massacre in their appeal petition dated 2 December 1947.

Home Brew

Police in Kundiawa, Simbu province have reported that the production of home brew is increasing in the town, the provincial capital.

New Ireland Province

New Ireland Governor, Sir Julius Chan, has proposed the construction of a gold smelting factory in the province during a meeting with three mining companies in Kavieng recently. Lihir Gold Ltd, Nautilus Minerals Ltd and Allied Gold are all investing in the province. At the meeting, Sir Julius said he would set up a committee to look into the viability of a gold smelting factory in the province and asked the companies to give a briefing on their activities and plans.

Port Moresby Hospital

The Port Moresby General Hospital has celebrated its 50th birthday. The hospital provides services to Port Moresby, Central and the whole of PNG.

Kundiawa General Hospital does not have enough personnel to meet the growing number of patients. See --

Coming Events

National Games to be staged in Lae between the 16th and 24th of November

Christmas Day -- 24th December

New Year's Day -- 1st January

Medical Symposium - September 2008

40th anniversary of the PNG Institute of Medical Research - between the 18th and 22nd of June 2008 in Goroka

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