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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
taim time
apinum afternoon / early evening
nait late evening
aua hour
bihain last / later on
longpela taim long time
monintam morning
kaikai long monin breakfast
switpela kaikai dessert
kaikai long belo dinner
liklik kai or belo lunch
minit minute
de day
taim long san daytime
nait night
belo kaikai noon
secon second
sampela taim seldom

Webster's Online Dictionary
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Old Jackson's Airport Terminal

Banana's in Goroka

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Misc Links

ASOPA (Australian School of Pacific Administration) web site --

Google Maps image of where Airlines of PNG usually parks its aircraft at Jackson's airport --

Kokoda Women on the March --

RAF in New Britain and PNG, 1942 - 1944 --

Tree House Village EcoResort -- -- the world's largest living Tree House.

The website for Ulumani Tree Tops Guest Haus located at Waga Waga in Milne Bay can be found at --

PNG Department of Health --

Westpac Bank --

Bank South Pacific --

Bank of PNG --

Blake Dawson Waldron --

Niugini Electrical --

The Markham Group of Companies --

Heli Fix Helicopters --

Heli Niugini --

Regional Aviation Group --

Keynote Music --

Designscope Architects --

PNG Transport --

PNG University of Technology Home page --

University of PNG --

PNG Blogs

The Goroka Mudmen and Other Tales --

Piniau honoured as NBC gets funds boost --

Dust - by Burfo - So this time around, for something different, we decided to go for champagne and nibbles at the foot of the volcano followed by dinner poolside at the Rabaul hotel (where Bruce and Suzie were, as always, marvellous hosts... but for a ... see --

This service station in Kokopo sells kero (kerosene) from the bowser. The local people use it for their stoves and their lanterns. see --

One of the nice things about volunteering, working and living in PNG is the folks that one gets to meet along the way. see --

Kundiawa, IN THE PINK! --

Return to Lae --

Volcano --

Since Lae gets about 5 metres of rain annually, even the locals have a hard time specifying exactly when it is. --

Various blogs talking about Lae, Morobe Province -- -- and --

Then we hopped on another plane to Lae, only about a 1 hour flight. Upon arriving at the Lae airport, we had a little mini welcome ceremony --

Madang to Ukarumpa --

PNG in the News

Two on trial in PNG over Aussie's death --

Killer weed invasion - mentions the threat to the Sepik River hidden in amongst the rest of the article --

Missing eccentric, declared dead in PNG, leaves fortune to sister --

Dr. Rodrigue on patrol in Tari, PNG in 1959 --

Surfing PNG

Just some of the sites dealing with surfing in PNG

If you want to watch surfing in PNG then visit -- -- PNG Surfing Association -- PNG Surfing -- surfing in PNG -- Surf Information for PNG -- Surfing Kavieng

News Items

GSM Network Expansion

International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, and Export Development Canada have signed an agreement with Digicel to help increase a nationwide GSM network in PNG. The project is expected to expand substantially the reach of telephone service, covering areas previously not reached by existing service providers, as well as improving service quality, stimulating competition in the sector, reducing costs to consumers, and generating significant employment and support to local small and medium enterprises working with Digicel.

see also --

PNG STI Problem

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that there are more than a million new cases of sexually transmitted infections (STI's) in PNG every year. A recent study conducted by the PNG Institute of Medical Research, involving a group of women in Eastern Highlands province, showed 21 per cent had gonorrhoea, 19 per cent had Chlamydia, and 24 per cent had syphilis. Overall 70 percent of the people were positive for at least one sexually transmitted infection.

IMR Web Site --

New Guinea Gold

Commercial Gold Production has commenced at the Sinivit Mine in East New Britain province. Bob McNeil, Chairman and CEO commented: "until we have the results of several months of mining and leaching we will not attempt to provide accurate monthly forecasts of gold dore production. Also, as we can store relatively large amounts of gold on carbon, in carbon columns, prior to smelting, we intend to take advantage of this fact to allow us to produce and sell dore gold when we perceive the market to be most advantageous. We will not produce dore gold and hold on site because of security risks".

Bougainville - Panguna Mine

The PNG government is paving the way for lifting a moratorium on mining in the semi-autonomous island of Bougainville, home to the Panguna copper mine. The mine shut down in 1989 after being attacked by secessionist rebels. There has been no exploration or mining because site access is still off-limits despite the formation of an autonomous island government.

The European shareholders of Bougainville Copper, a group of individual private investors, is also pushing for a restart of the mine.

See --

Thief Cleaning

An owner of a dry-cleaning shop in Lae has turned a steam cleaner on a thief after he was caught stealing pants worth about K14.00. Lae Police seemed unconcerned about the radical punishment and released the thief after being assured he had learned his lesson.

see --

Haemophilus Influenza

PNG will begin vaccinating children to protect them against the disease Haemophilus Influenza Type B, or Hib disease. Hib is one of the deadliest causes of meningitis and pneumonia especially in children. An Australian contribution of $US20 million has been made through the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation to fund the program until 2009.

see --

Highlands Malaria

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says malaria is now appearing in the Highlands of PNG. This area was once considered too cold for the disease spreading mosquitoes to survive. WHO officials are warning that more than half the annual estimated 150,000 deaths it forecasts will occur as a result of climate change will be in the Asia-Pacific. The WHO has allocated $US10 million to study the effects of climate change on health and how to deal with it.


A battalion of 34 PNG soldiers serving in the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI, have returned home after four months of active duty. The battalion will now be replaced by a battalion from Tonga.


The Marianas Variety, Micronesia's leading newspaper, has reported a surge in prices in PNG due to the increase in fuel prices.

See --

Fiji Visit

Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, has had a private meeting with Fiji's interim Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, and Tongan Prime Minister Feleti Sevele in Fiji. According to the Fiji Times Online, the meeting was held behind closed doors and the agenda kept secret. However, the 'Prime Minister's Office permanent secretary, Parmesh Chand, described it as a friendly gathering of leaders'.

see --

Touch World Cup

Radio New Zealand has reported that PNG is struggling to pay for a team to attend the Touch World Cup in New Zealand next year. It would be a shame if PNG could not attend because it is ranked third in the Oceania region after their efforts at the Samoa Games last year.

Slim Dusty and Kokoda

As ANZAC Day is coming it is an appropriate time to mention that one of Slim Dusty's latest albums 'Natural High' has a song titled 'KOKODA'. This is a wonderful tribute to our Kokoda veterans and the PNG Carriers who supported them.

visit -- -- to hear the song and see footage from the Second World War.

Next Newsletter

Due to ANZAC day and other commitments the next newsletter may be delayed or even appear earlier than the 26th of April.

Simbu Province

The Governor of The landslide on Saturday blocked the main highway, and crushed houses, four church buildings, food gardens and livestock areas. The massive landslide swept through the village of Gera, near Kundiawa on the weekend. There have been no injuries reported so far.

see also --

Pilot and Engineer Exodus

Radio Australia reports the country is losing its best pilots and aircraft engineers abroad. The engineers and pilots are finding better-paid jobs overseas. The situation particularly affects locally-owned small airlines that mainly service rural communities.

see --

SW Broadcast DXing

For those interested in attempting to get a shortwave SQL from the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) in PNG time is running out as the NBC has advised they plan to close all Short Wave stations by 2015. I would assume that if a SW station was to break down that little attempt would be made between now and 2015 to get it back on the air. Try NBC Madang on 3260 or see -- -- for all the frequencies currently in use by the NBC.

PNG Reunion

Tickets are now on sale for the 21st of June 2008 SP Bikpela Pati to be held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. If you are interested you may purchase your tickets on line at -- -- or by sending a registration form (available on the web page) along with your cheque, MasterCard or Visa details to PO Box 384, Palm Beach Qld 4221, Australia

Coming Events

Australia PNG Trade Expo - 4th to 6th of May

Coffee Festival, Goroka, Eastern Highlands -- will be held between the 8th and 10th of May

2008 Sepik Iron man -- Queen's birthday weekend (8th of June)

21st of June 2008 - PNG Reunion - see --

40th anniversary of the PNG Institute of Medical Research - between the 18th and 22nd of June 2008 in Goroka

Tolai Warwagira Cultural Festival - July 9 - 15 2008 - Rabaul, East New Britain

14th National Mask Festival - July 16 - 19 2008 - Rabaul, East New Britain

PNG Tourism Expo -- September

Hiri Moale Festival -- September

PNG Independence Day Celebrations -- 16th September

Medical Symposium -- September 2008 --

Morobe Show -- 18th and 19th of October -- the Show is held on the weekend closest to the full moon in the month of October each year in Lae, Morobe Province. --

Milne Bay Canoe Festival -- always held during the first weekend in November.

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