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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
glas glass (substance)
glas bilong kapten binoculars
glas bilong lukluk mirror
glas glass (container)
glasim take temperature
haus piksa cinema / theatre
haus sik hospital
haus tambaran art gallery / spirit house
haus win garden house / summer house
haus building / house / hut
han arm / hand
han bilong pisin wing
han bilong siot sleeve
pas stuck
pas / leta letter

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Gatherings of the Clans --

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A view of Wewak from the ground --

PNG's very own Mt Everest --

End of school term and Lae "sights" --

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart vanished along with her navigator, Fred Noonan, into the Central Pacific, never to be heard from again after contacting the Coast Guard cutter Itasca. Her last port of call was Lae where she left on the 2nd of July, 1937. See --

Misc Links

Was Papua New Guinea an Early Agriculture Pioneer? --

Tank Hunting in Kavieng --

We have never been modern --

Security guard forces teen to pay with sex for shoplifting --

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Port Moresby --

News Items

Panguna Mine Conflict

Diane Andrews has announced that there is a new novel out about the Panguna Copper Mine conflict. It is by Brian Darcey, who lived on the island throughout the conflict and saw it happen - so his novel is 'thinly disguised truths...'

Visit -- -- to find out more about the book.

Diane wants to publish more stories about Bougainville - she will publish any work by PNG Gossip readers if you wish to contribute your work through her site. Diane says the best stories will be published on the site AND in an anthology with an isbn, which will be publicly available. She will be doing a world-wide call for manuscripts in two weeks time, but wants to let PNG Gossip readers know first, as they are dedicated to subjects about PNG. First in may be first served.

The Melanesian

Thomas Sloan has mentioned the following link -- -- it is a community of critics committed to putting people first. You may have read the following link in the last newsletter - Is there such a thing as an "environmentally friendly mine"? -- -- but I suggest viewing the whole site.

Remote Computing

A remote PNG village primary school has received laptop computers as part of an initiative to improve learning in rural areas. For some of the students, it's the first time they have even seen a computer, let alone been able to use one. Students at the Dreikikir Administration Primary School near Wewak, the capital of East Sepik Province, in PNG's northeast coastal area received 47 computers funded by the European Union One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) pilot project. Dreikikir is the second PNG school to get the laptops. Earlier this year Gaire, in Central Province, received computers as part of the scheme. Similar programs have been successful in the Solomon Islands and Peru.

Operation Open Heart

Air Niugini and Qantas have flown in the medical equipment for this year's Operation Open Heart. Without sponsorship the four tonne of equipment would have cost an estimated K150,000. Qantas flew the cargo from Sydney to Brisbane and Air Niugini flew it from Brisbane to Moresby.

Air Niugini

The Post Courier has reported that both national and expatriate pilots are leaving the National Airline. Air Niugini has attributed this to wage disparities between national and expatriate pilots as well as its policy on promotion, which is restricting expatriate pilots from being promoted to flying large aircraft. The airline has admitted the shortage of pilots is causing frequent flight cancellations and delays.

see full news item --

Dual Wage System

After 33 years PNG will review the dual salary policy to come up with a single salary system. The present system pays experts from overseas at a higher rate than similarly qualified PNG people and as mentioned above this has led to problems within Air Niugini and all other organisations in trying to retain good local staff. Local staff with internationally recognised qualifications are leaving the country to get paid more overseas.

Pacific World Heritage

The United Nations is considering three sites in the Pacific for World Heritage listing and one of them is the ancient agriculture farm at Kuk in PNG. PNG currently does not have any sites included on the World Heritage list.

see --

Missing Cash

The cash in transit between Australia and PNG reported missing in the last edition has been recovered.

see --

Investigations by Brinks Security led to the money being found at a residence near Jackson's international airport in Port Moresby. One man has been taken into police custody.


Not everyone can visit the remote airstrips of PNG but here is one that will whet your appetite. -- -- and of course that will lead to others such --

Bougainville Videos

The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper Limited (ESBC) have sent a cameraman to Central Bougainville to take some images of the dormant Panguna mine and the region of Arawa.

If that link does not work then go to -- -- and select the "English" section and then to "video and audio" to watch the video clips.

Somare Investigated

The PNG public prosecutor has confirmed he is investigating Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare over alleged breaches of the country's leadership code. The PM failed to submit annual statements between 1994 and 1997 and filed late statements between 1998 and 2004.


Steve Marshall the PNG correspondent for the Australian ABC and Radio Australia reports that international corruption watchdog Transparency International says the PNG Government is doing little to fight corruption.

A local PNG newspaper alleges that a Government minister has received more than $50 million in under-the-table payments from Asian logging companies. The money is believed to be parked in a private Singapore bank account and represents a 2 per cent cut from every log exported from PNG between 2002 and 2007.

Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Puka Temu, has demanded the newspaper provide evidence.

Rising Fuel Prices

Island state considers subsidising rising costs. Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare said in Lae this was one of two options Government was considering to relieve the pressure on the economy brought about by global fuel costs. Sir Michael said the NEC would meet on the 11th of July and decide whether to subsidise the cost of fuel or reduce taxes on some fuel products. PNG is also looking at bio-fuel as an alternative.

see --

Goroka Show

One of the largest Cultural events in Papua New Guinea, Goroka Show will be held on the 13th and 14th of September 2008 in Goroka. Tribes from all over the Highlands, Madang, Morobe, Sepik people come through the Highlands Highway to participate, and compete against each other during the 2 days show.

see --

Pacific Partnership 2008

The United States Pacific Partnership 2008, a humanitarian civic assistance mission, aimed at building international relationships with partner nations will be pulling into Port Moresby on the 4th of August this year. A team will partner with PNG Defence Force engineers from Lae to complete projects in Popondetta.

see --

PNG Population

At an annual growth rate of 2.3 per cent PNG is set to reach 8.1 million by 2028. 2.3 per cent is the highest rate in the Asia Pacific region. According to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, PNG currently has a population of 5,931,769.

PNG - China Business

A week-long business symposium between and China, organised by PNG's Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) and the PNG Government, has just concluded in Port Moresby. The symposium attracted hundreds of business houses from around the country. The event came as a result of the government's move to try and initiate a wider participation of local business people in international trade and investment road shows.

PNG - Another Zimbabwe?

The Opposition leader, Mekere Morauta, has told reporters that PNG was heading in a "dangerous" direction when the Prime Minister used parliamentary privilege to attack the retired Ombudsman Commission chief Ila Geno for initiating an inquiry into the PM's personal finances. Somare is facing a probe into alleged financial irregularities, some dating back 20 years.

"The (Ombudsman's Commission) matter is before the courts and should not have been allowed to be discussed in parliament," Morauta said. Deputy Opposition leader Bart Philemon said he felt "sad and sick" after the "vicious and cowardly attack ... to character assassinate one of the most respected former heads of constitutional office".

Fake Police

Superintendent Fred Yakasa, the top police officer in the capital of Port Moresby, has said that police and criminals masquerading as officers are carrying out highly organised crimes in the country. Last month, a senior public servant travelling to the airport had a suitcase containing about $A80,000 stolen at gun point by men believed to be dressed as police officers. PNG Police Commander Gari Baki has accused rogue officers and high profile figures of helping the country's most wanted criminal escape from prison.

Australian Football

The World Footy News has recently reported on the progress of the PNG under 14 Binatangs Aussie Rules Football team. The full story for mad keen fans can be found here --

Meanwhile the Australian Rugby League State of Origin clash was won 2 games to 1 by the Queensland side.

Communication Problems

Lae, Mount Hagen, and the Southern Highlands were cut off from Port Moresby recently following equipment failures at two Telikom mountaintop installations. Both repeater stations located on Mt Strong between Port Moresby and Lae and Mt Kegum between Lae and Mount Hagen broke down. Email, telephone, facsimile, radio and mobile phone services were all cut off. Due to the remoteness of the locations and bad weather Telikom could not immediately rectify the problems.

Deep Sea Mine

Brisbane-based Nautilus Minerals is well on its way to starting the world's first sea floor copper mine in 1,500 metres of water not far from East New Britain but people from coastal areas in the country are trying to halt the world's first deep sea mining project to take place in their territorial seas.

PNG Orchids

Did you know that Papua New Guinea has more species of Orchids in any other countries of the world ? There are about 3,000 known species of Orchids, which is approx. 2/3rd of known species of all the orchids in the world, and probably more species yet to be discovered.

District Allowances

Each Open MP expecting to have access to K10 million to distribute to their districts have been told the amount has been reduced to K4 million. The original amount promised will not be released as it could lead to inflation.

Telephone Connectivity

At last! After many months of waiting mobile phone customers form both Pacific Mobile and Digicel can now send and receive calls between the two systems. Many people will hopefully no longer have to carry two fones, one for each company.

Kokoda Mine

After the recent signing of an agreement between Australia and PNG stopping mining along the Kokoda Track Perth-based mining company, Frontier Resources, is preparing to sue the Australian and Papua New Guinea governments for loss of potential earnings from the proposed copper mine near the track. The amount Frontier is claiming is about the equivalent of the annual PNG budget.

Coming Events -- The Goroka General Hospital web site is now online.

Tolai Warwagira Cultural Festival - 9th - 15th July 2008 - Rabaul, East New Britain

14th National Mask Festival - 16th - 19th July 2008 - Rabaul, East New Britain

Goroka Show -- 13th - 14th September 2008 - see --

PNG Tourism Expo -- September

Hiri Moale Festival -- September

PNG Independence Day Celebrations -- 16th September

16th September - NBC to launch its National TV Station.

Medical Symposium -- September 2008 --

Morobe Show -- 18th and 19th of October -- the Show is held on the weekend closest to the full moon in the month of October each year in Lae, Morobe Province. --

Milne Bay Canoe Festival -- always held during the first weekend in November.

Anti Corruption Day - 9th December 2008

Arafura Games - 9 to 17th of May 2009 --

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