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Medical Aid Abroad NZ donates books to the College of Nursing --

8 year-old gets record award for damages from PNG court --

Anglicans forgive former Archbishop --

PNG govt minister charged with misappropriating funds --

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Robert @ PNG has a copy of the PNG Sorcery act 1971 online at --

Travel in PNG -- - An attempt at climbing Mt Wilhelm.

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News Items

Old Kina Withdrawn

As mentioned previously the old (bigger) K1 coin was to be withdrawn as legal currency on the 31st of December 2008. The Bank of PNG has extended this to the 30th of June to help people in remote areas. The Bank, not in tune with the people, has stated that the coins must be returned in quantities of at K50 to the bank giving a postal address. I am not sure how the bank expects people in remote locations to be able to do that and how much it will cost to ship K50 worth of coins securely.

Minimum Wage

A minimum wage determination has been announced by the Chairman of the Minimum Wages Board, Pex Avosa. The minimum wage for a 44 hour week will become K1.14 an hour and after a 40 week transition period this will then move to K2.29 an hour. This equates to just over K200 a fortnight. The board will have the determination gazetted with the dates the changes become effective.

The deputy managing director of the WR Carpenter Group of Companies, Tamzin Wardley, is concerned that the proposed rates will affect its agricultural businesses.

Taxi Meters

The deadline for fitting meters to taxis has been extended to the end of this month (Feb). The Land Transport Division of the Transport has extended the deadline because over 200 owners and operators were cooperating and have already had meters fitted.

Airport Issues

The Civil Aviation CEO, Joe Kinatu, has said that PNG's jet airports need K1.3 billion to upgrade them to take modern jet aircraft. The existing airports were developed with Fokker F28's in mind yet theses were phased out several years ago. Air Niugini is currently using Fokker F100's, a heavier aircraft, but is known to be looking for a replacement for this aircraft as it is being phased out around the world. Civil Aviation claim the airports need to be upgrade to be able to take aircraft similar to the Boeing B737.

Both Mr Kinatu and the Minister responsible for airports have assured the public that the airports in the country were safe to use.

Tokua Airport

The airport at Tokua has been opened and closed again. Volcanic ash continues to disrupt flights to and from the main East New Britain airport. Preliminary talks with the Civil Aviation Authority have suggested the use of Vunakanau, an old abandoned, wartime airstrip near Vunadidir in the province could help to relieve the current problem where it is not known from day to day whether passengers will be able to get into and out of Tokua because the falling ash. Many passengers have had to catch boats to Namatanai on New Ireland and then catch a bus to Kavieng to meet up with the Air Niugini flight.

Paralympics Coaching

A Paralympics workshop has recently been held in the eastern highlands capital of Goroka. Oceania Paralympic Committee president Paul Bird, former Australian Paralympics coach Chris Nune and the Australian power-lifting coach John Eden both spoke at the workshop aimed at lifting the standard of coaching within PNG.

New BSP Office

The Bank South Pacific has opened a new office in Moro. The new bank was built at a cost of K3 million and has an Automatic Teller Machine to enable customers to have access to their money. --

Border Wars

A group of border rangers set up by Forest Minister, Belden Namah without the knowledge of the West Sepik Governor has come to blows with the PNG police force. Mr Namah has denied there was an incident between the two groups but then claimed he was nearly assassinated when police opened fire indiscriminately as he drove to the scene of the confrontation.

The Governor has said that the border rangers are not an officially recognised law enforcing group.

Vale Bev Hicks

Carole Saunders has provided the following information -
This is a notice to inform all those who knew Bev Hicks that she passed away very recently after a battle with cancer. Bev was a teacher through much of the nineties in Port Moresby. Letters of condolence can be sent to -
The Hicks Family
58 Matipo Ave
Rotorua 3015
New Zealand

Goroka Fracas

A fight between two rival tribes from Heganofi scattered the public in all directions in Goroka recently. An hour long battle stretched from the Bird of Paradise Hotel to just past the provincial headquarters near the police station and back again. Any one who has visited Goroka will know that this area is a popular place for the selling of artefacts including bows and arrows. Some of the fighters restocked with souvenir bows and arrows along the way helping to keep the fight going.

see --

High Tide Warning

The National Disaster Centre has issued a high tide warning to coastal villagers for today (Friday until next Wednesday). The warning said spring tides produced higher high tides and lower low tides than normal. The high tides are expected to be in excess of 2.5 metres.

Six Mile Clash

A fight between residents of the six mile area in Port Moresby has left a 70 year old man dead and several others injured. Residents have called on police to take action otherwise they will take matters into their own hands. The fight erupted between different ethnic groups after some young people from Chuave went to a store demanding alcohol and were upset when they were refused.

POM School Buses

The National Capital District Commission has bought three buses to help transport school children. The Governor purchased the buses from his Provincial Support Grant. The buses will be on the roads between 6am to 8am and 2pm to 4pm each school day.

Bus 1 - Manu Autoport, Sabama, Badili, Koki, downtown, Hanuabada and Badihagwa High School
Bus 2 - Waikele, Gerehu Stage 6, Waigani, Tokarara, Hohola, Murray Barracks, Manu Autoport and East Boroko
Bus 3 - Manu Autoport, East Boroko, Gordons and Nine Mile

Bavaroko Closed

The use of specially purchased school buses provided by the National Capital District Commission will be of little use to students who hoped to attend Bavaroko School. The primary school, with over 2000 students enrolled for this year, has been closed indefinitely due to non payment of water and electricity bills. The headmaster did not know or could not disclose how much money was owed by the school.

Gold Mining

Although the price of gold is still high two gold mines within the country have had to stop production. The gold mine operated by Barrick Gold in Kainantu has closed and stood down its employees to focus on further exploration. Barrick has stated that the mine is costing more than what it is making. The mine on the island of Lihir has had to close due to demands by three different, angry landowner groups demanding millions for housing projects and maintenance. Lihir Gold hope the dispute will be settled quickly so mining can recommence.

Sorcerer Hides

A man suspected of being a sorcerer in Morobe province has gone into hiding after neighbours at the five-mile settlement in Lae threatened to kill him. His father is also in hiding. The people believe he is a sorcerer after playing a game of cards where the players try to seek "the heart of the devil" or spiritual being which told them he was a sorcerer. It was not clear whether the father was identified in the same game of cards.

see also --

Sorcerer Killed

A man accused of sorcery has been hacked into tiny pieces with bush knives after he was convicted of using black magic by a kangaroo or makeshift court in the Eastern Highlands near Goroka. The court was made up of church pastors and village officials.

Recently a young woman was stripped naked, bound and gagged and burned alive near Mt Hagen for what her accusers said had been a sorcery-related crime.

Markham Bridge

Japan will fund the rehabilitation of the Markham Bridge in Morobe province to the tune of almost K30 million. Japan will also help with the design of bridges on the coastal trunk road in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville at an estimated cost of K1.5 million.

Ulingan Bay Prepares

Villagers from the little known Ulingan (Uligan) Bay area in Madang province are preparing for a visit by a team of Japanese surfers and film crew on the 27th of this month The Japanese surfers are touring PNG's three main surfing destinations, starting at Lido village in Vanimo, Sandaun province. The Madang visit is a combined surf tourism initiative between Surfing Association of PNG and the national tourism promotion authority.

Gas Project

Recent VIP visitors to the country to check out the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project sites have raised concerns about safety and landowner issues. The potential lenders for the LNG project were in the country as part of the due diligence process.

A quick search over the Internet by any investor will often reveal recent news items and other articles about disputes with landowners and others that claim to be landowners for any major project in the country.

Coming Events

Inaugural Madang Golf Classic February 2009 sponsored by Airlines of PNG.

Symposium on Sea Turtles - to be held in Brisbane, Australia between the 17th and 19th of February.

Prime Minister's Corporate Golf Challenge - Port Moresby 27th of March.

Oceania Snooker and Billiards titles in Port Moresby from the 20th to the 29th of March.

PNG Institute of Engineers national conference -- 2nd and 3rd of April.

34th Games Fishing Association PNG National Game Fishing Titles - Madang - from the 3rd of April to 13th of April - see --

PNG Kickboxing Association has postponed its world title fight -- 25th April.

ANZAC Day - 25th April

Arafura Games - 9 to 17th of May --

The International Cricket Council (ICC) East Asia Pacific (EAP) Under 19 Cricket Trophy tournament will be held from the 1st to the 7th of June

5th National Tourism Conference -- June (date to be confirmed) - to be held at Madang Resort Hotel.

Tolai Warwagira from 8 to 14 July and Mask Festival from 15 to 18 July at Kokopo East New Britain

PNG Remembrance Day - 23rd July

45th Medical Symposium - Port Moresby - sponsored by the Pacific International Hospital from the 1st to the 5th of September.

31st October and the 1st of November - Morobe Show

National Elections - June 2012

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