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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Neo Melanesian English
draiva driver
buskanaka savage
inglis British
kepten captain
kuk cook
kuskus clerk
lapun old person
liklik dokta medical assistant
manki boy / youth
meri woman
manmeri everybody
pikinini child
pren friend
rabisman no-hoper
sista nurse / nun
skulboi schoolboy
tisa teacher

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List of PNG cities and towns by population --

Explore an interactive map of Papua New Guinea from National Geographic --

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YouTube - AYNZ to AYPY_0001 - Captain Dans Pacific Blue 737 800 flight from Nadzab Airport Lae to Jacksons Airport Port Moresby. --

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News Items

Lihir Gold

Lihir Gold has reported production may decline as much as 15 per cent this year.

Full story --

Chief Magistrate Appointment Challenged

The recent appointment of a new Chief Magistrate by the Judicial Legal Council is being challenged by incumbent John Numapo.

full report --

Swamp Ghost

The Second World War B-17 Flying Fortress, dubbed the Swamp Ghost, is now at the port of Lae ready to be shipped to the United States. The National Executive Council against the recommendation of the Public Accounts Committee gave permission to export the relic on the 10th of September. 2008? alternatively, 2009?

The Public Accounts Committee ruled in 2006 that the salvage of the Swamp Ghost from the Agiambo Swamp in Oro province was illegal. The Swamp Ghost, officially known as B17-E serial number 41-2446, was accepted into the US Army on the 6th of December 1941.

Full story --

The Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee has slammed the sale of the "Ghost" - full story --

Prison Minister Loses Job

The Correctional Services Minister, Tony Aimo, has lost his portfolio after the recent escape from Bomana jail outside Port Moresby. Mr Aimo will remain as a minister without portfolio in Somare led government. Commissioner, Richard Sikani, was also sidelined over the escape of the country's 12 most notorious criminals, including three on death row, from the Bomana Maximum Security Unit, including that of the country's most wanted man, occurred with the help of an armed woman.

full story --

Oliver Ben Gabi, one of the 12 prisoners who escaped from the maximum security unit in Bomana on the 12th of January has been recaptured. --

Nihon Island Connects

Over 500 people on Nihon Island in Manus province can now connect electronically to the outside world thanks to the recent installation of a Very Small Armature Terminal (VSAT) system by Telikom PNG. It has been estimated that in the past the villagers on Nihon had to pay around K800 to travel to Lorengau, the provincial capital, to make a telephone call. The nearby islands of Kali, Bipi, Salian, Andricon, Lessau, Harangan, Korojih, Jowan One and Two, Likum, Nydah, Sori, Bundrahei and Buke are also benefiting from the new services.

Airport Upgrades Questioned

PNG's government, led by PM Somare and his deputy Sir Puka Temu, has been criticised by the opposition over plans to upgrade Jacksons International Airport in the capital, Port Moresby. The 500 million kina (US$190 million) project is intended to bring the airport up to international standards. The opposition has argued that there are other, more important services that should be prioritised, such as schools and hospitals.

Prison Woes

PNG Correctional Services Head claims Bomana escape an inside job. In another incident, 73 inmates at the Buimo jail outside Lae city too the jail commander hostage and used him as a human shield to make their escape.

Floods Hit Dei District

Flood water from the Gumanch River bursting its banks near the Koma and Karam villages in Gumanch, Dei district, Western highlands province have destroyed over fifteen houses, food gardens, 24 pigs, coffee trees and property worth thousands of kina. It is estimated over 100,000 people have been affected by the floods.

Another landslide has blocked off an entire section of the Madang-Ramu Highway, a few metres away from the Usino junction in Madang province, leaving Madang town-bound traffic and passengers stranded.

see also - Usino-Bundi carries brunt of burst river --

The Buang River along the Bulolo Highway has washed away 12 house and destroyed gardens at Patep village in Mumeng, Morobe province --

Bulolo Highway Reopened

A track big enough to allow the passage of light trucks has been cut through the landslide affected Bulolo Highway near the Mumeng Government Station. Heavy loads from bigger trucks are being repacked onto smaller vehicles to get through.

U19 Cricket World Cup

The PNG Under 19 Cricket Team has earned a place in the Plate Championship semi-final, with a hard-fought 30-run win over Afghanistan.

PNG 173-9 in 50 overs (Steven Eno 55 n.o., Sese Bau 43; Aftab Alam 6-33, Ayub Khan 3-27)

Afghanistan 143 all out in 37.3 overs (Khushal Rasooli 48; Raymond Haoda 5-34, John Reva 3-34)

PNG won by 30 runs. Man of the Match: Raymond Haoda.

Earhart's Plane Found?

The discovery of the wreckage of an aircraft in the Ip River in East Pomio, East New Britain province recently, has generated renewed speculation that it could be the aircraft belonging to famed American aviatrix, Amelia Earhart. Long-time Earhart researcher, Dave Billings, believes it is not.

full story --

Mekeo Development Foundation

The Mekeo Development Foundation (MDF) will help youth in the Mekeo area of Central Province through various development projects. MDF will support the local rugby clubs to bring development at club level for the next five years.

Tribal Warfare

Eleven people have been gunned down at Pawale village in the PDL4 area of the PNG LNG project in Southern Highlands. Many women and children are unaccounted for after 270 houses and other properties were destroyed. The raid was believed to be in retaliation for the killing of an Imawe Bogasi clansman before the December Licensed Based Benefit Sharing Agreement (LBBSA) forum.

New Gulf Ambulances

Several sea and river ambulances are to be given to villages from the five Sepoe villages in Kerema to help ferry sick people to health centres in the province. A land ambulance was recently given to the Moru health centre. The ambulances have been funded under the District Services Improvement Program by the Malalaua Joint District Planning and Budget Priorities Committee.

International Students

Returning students to PNG warned of cholera outbreak. Students returning to universities in Lae and Madang, have been warned of the alarming rate of cholera cases in the two provinces.

Full Story --

Coming Events

AFLPNG - PNG Scholarships / Under 18 Trials will be held in Australia. 8 x U18s are hoped to be provided with Country Queensland, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Scholarships. -- February 2010

Women in Mining and Petroleum Conference - 22nd to the 24th March 2010 - to be held at Divine Word University in Madang.

International kickboxing tournament - Kundiawa - 26th - 28th of March. --

25th April 2010 - World Malaria Day. Malaria affects 90 per cent of the PNG population.

World liquefied natural gas (LNG) summit - Mid 2010

16th September - Independence Day

11th Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference - 6th to 8th December, 2010 - Hilton Hotel, Sydney --

Full Pacific Games - New Caledonia 2011

National Elections - Scheduled for June 2012

2012 PNG Games -- Kokopo, East New Britain

Pacific Mini Games - Wallis and Futuna 2013

Full Pacific Games - PNG 2015

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