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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Neo Melanesian English
kros / koros angry
krosim scold
kukim bake
kukim long paia barbecue
paia fire
lipti tea leaves
lo law
lokim dua lock door
saksak sago
liklik little / small
kwik / kwiktaim quickly
lainim learn / study
karet carrot
kari curry
kapul cuscus
kopi coffee
kopra copra
kela bald / baldness

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PNG in the News

Tougher penalties needed for drivers --

Alotau hosts annual PNG-Australia talks --

PNG newborn named Julia Gillard --

'Rambo' sprays domestic airport with bullets --

Moresby: where even the haves have so little --

Papua New Guinea-Australia Bilateral meeting, held at the Alotau International Hotel, Alotau, Milne Bay province on the 7th and 8th of July. Joint statement --

Claims PM offered 'K40m to drop case' --

Judge finds logging company threatened newspaper --

AUSAid Rip-Off --

PNG Blogs

Pulled up in Popondetta --

Manam Island, Madang Province, by David Ulg Ketepa --

Scuba Diving in PNG --

Boom time for PNG --

Tumua Village, Morobe province --

Lae, Papua New Guinea Travel Blog --

A 'university for the community' --

LAMAZ Graduation --

Steven Edmund Winduo's blog --

Misc PNG Links

Studying the rich history of Rabaul's Chinese by Keith Jackson --

NTM Mission News: Gili on pins and needles --

Illegal logging debate heats up --

The good and bad sides of foreign aid --

University of Goroka --


PNG Images

Asaro mudmen at Goroka show --

Painted Face --

Aerial photo of Ukarumpa in the 1970s --

Mt Hagen and Highlands --

Qantas and Air Niugini - VH-ZXD gets ready to depart for Perth as QF651 while P2-ANA taxies to RWY19 as PX4 to Port Moresby. --

Old Air Niugini DC3's --

Experience Milne Bay video --

Kanage video --

News Items

APNG to Upgrade

Airlines PNG plans to spend K6 million to upgrade the avionics on its fleet of Twin Otter (DHC-6) aircraft. The investment will upgrade the planes to the next generation of flight deck standards. The new flight deck will include the latest technology synthetic vision system providing both pilots on board with an accurate three dimensional picture of terrain around the aircraft, even in cloud or at night.

Jiwaka Province

The National Alliance Party national caucus plans to meet in the new Jiwaka Province next month at the rugby league ground in the heart of Minj, capital of the South Wahgi district. The meeting is scheduled for the 13th and 14th of August and will be attended by 380 foundation members, 120 delegates, 41 National Alliance Members of Parliament, 17 National Alliance council members and 120 provincial executives.

Jiwaka comes from JI - Jimi, WA - Wahgi and KA - Kambia. All areas from the new province.

Amet Reinstated

Sir Arnold Amet has been reinstated as the regional Member for Madang by the Supreme Court. The National Court declared his election null and void in September 2008 on grounds of undue influence.

see --


With the recent removal of sections of the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates it would appear Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare may be forced to relinquish his job as Prime Minister as the National Alliance Party goes into damage control mode to remain in government for the remainder of this term of Parliament. It is rumoured that Somare's son, Arthur ( State Enterprises Minister), Deputy Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu and deputy leader (Highlands) Don Polye are all vying for the top spot as are all the political parties weighing up their chance of forming a new government. We will have to wait and see if there is just a change of party leadership or change of govt.

Businesses worried about change in Government --

see also --

and -- - also - We are intact --


Tkatchenko Caught in Melee

PNG Gardener, Justin  Tkatchenko said he was caught up in recent "Rambo Like" gun fight in the car park of the domestic terminal at Jackson's airport, Port Moresby. Tkatchenko said police used his car as a shield and 27 bullets later his car is like a sieve.


Institute of Public Administration

The acting director of PNG's Institute of Public Administration says the institution is transforming itself into a "school" to support the government's Vision 2050. He said the transformation was aimed at meeting the government's public sector reform requirements.

see --

The Drum

Don't forget to visit the Post Courier's "The Drum" column.

Here is a sample --

PNG Cricket

PNG Cricket star, Raymond Haoda, has arrived in Queensland to take part in the QLD BULLS Cricket Elite Pace Bowler Development Programme. The programme will see training six days a week at Queensland Cricket's facilities at Alan Border Oval and with a personal trainer in a local gym.

full article --

GG Election to be Tested

The re-election of the Governor General will be tested in the Supreme Court by the Morobe Provincial Government lawyers. Morobe Governor Luther Wenge said the papers will be filed today (16th July) in the Supreme Court. He said the reference will seek the legal opinion of the court as to whether the election of the Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane on 23rd June was valid and constitutional.

Wigmen in Abu Dhabi

A group of Huli wigmen from the Southern Highlands province have caught the attention of the public in Abu Dhabi. Local TV and radio stations converged on the mall to film and broadcast the Huli wigmen in action. The group performed as part of performances by traditional arts and dance troupes from 10 countries at the Summer in Abu Dhabi Festival in the United Arab Emirates.

Change Aid to Trade

The Australian and PNG governments say the focus of their relationship needs to turn from aid to trade. Both governments are now working on a new treaty that goes beyond aid to incorporate trade and economic development. The current aid provided to PNG by Australia is often called "boomerang aid" because much of the money is spent hiring expensive consultants from Australia with little of the actual money getting to the grass roots level.

see --

Parkop Does It Again

The Governor of the National Capital District, Powes Parkop, has opened a picnic site at Hatama beach outside Port Moresby. The area is to be managed by the people of Meduna village. Parkop said the picnic sites would give people a chance to recuperate, have a good time and continue to work and contribute towards the development of the country. With the recent improvement the Meduna villagers will charge a fee of K50 per vehicle. A separate fee will be charged for boat rides.

Operation Open Heart

Operation Open Heart (OOH) has successfully concluded in Port Moresby. The visiting team from Australia led by cardiac surgeon Dr Graham Nunn and anaesthetist Dr Mathew Crawford and their PNG counterparts were satisfied with the outcome. 27 open heart and 24 closed heart operations were performed by the team. Preparation for this year's event took six months and involved staff from all divisions from the cleaning staff, pathology, x-ray, theatre, nursing and the blood bank to ensure that there was adequate stock of blood for use during the operations.

See - OOH ends on high note --

POM General Hospital

The PNG Tribal Foundation in partnership with Medicraft Hill-Rom has donated 50 new beds valued at K450,000 to the Port Moresby General Hospital maternity ward. The shipment of the beds to PNG was sponsored by a group of local organisations and businesses, including Port Moresby Rotary, Hi-Lift, Telikom, Airways Hotel, the gaming board and a team from Pacific Medical Centre.

Hagen Rice Project

A project at the Hagen Agriculture Technical Corporation, established by the PNG and Chinese Governments late last year, has identified a rice variety identified as Chinese Upland No.3 as being a very reliable crop that could be grown in paddies as well as at higher altitude. Rice expert Dhang Bao Qing and team leader Xin Zonghbao said PNG would save money by growing and consuming its own rice.

BSP Supports BAHA

The BSP (Bank South Pacific) bank has presented a cheque for K50,000 to the PNG Business Coalition Against HIV & AIDS - BAHA. BSP currently has a HIV workplace policy with BAHA and it seeks to safeguard its employees in terms of ongoing awareness and training in the workplace. BAHA in turn makes sure that one or two staff members from BSP branches nationwide are given priority to attend training when BAHA's training team visit their province to conduct HIV workplace training.

Miss PNG Quest

Mobile phone company, Digicel, has donated K110,000 towards this year's Red Cross Miss PNG Quest. K80,000 goes towards the sponsorship of the event and K30,000 towards sponsoring an entrant. Digicel has called on other companies to come support the quest this year. Red Cross acting secretary-general John Hosea thanked Digicel for the support and said: "The money raised from the quest will go towards helping the vulnerable and build resilient communities in the country."

Previous Miss PNG title holders --

Locals Surrender Grenades

Three men have surrendered hand grenades to the Mt Hagen police station. The trio, from Mul-Baiyer's Dei and Hagen Central in Western Highlands, told police that they could not continue taking the risk to keep the explosives which could accidentally cause mass destruction and deaths.

see --

see also - Grenades handed in --

Kokoda for Students

It is possible to see daily patterns of rainfall on the Owen Stanley Ranges with orographic / relief /convectional rainfall that unloads rain on the northern side of the track.

see --

Aussie Fruit Picking

PNG has approved the regional fruit picking scheme. PNG will participate with Australia as a pilot country under the Pacific Seasonal Workers Pilot Scheme. PNG Ministers underscored the importance of the pilot scheme to the lives of Papua New Guineans and the country. Australia welcomed Papua New Guinea's agreement to participate in the Scheme, noting it would enable Papua New Guinea to market itself more effectively as a potential labour source, but recognising that the number of places available over the life of the scheme would depend on the level of demand.

See -- -- Item 34

Air Niugini

Air Niugini says like other airlines operating from various airports around the country it is not responsible for security including Jackson International Airport in Port Moresby. Two separate shooting incidents have occurred at the Port Moresby airport in recent months. Air Niugini stressed that all facilities at the airport, including the terminal and security, screening facility, are the sole responsibility of PNG Civil Aviation Authority. All users pay PNGCAA for using the airport and its facilities. Air Niugini does have its own security, however, their responsibility starts once the customer checks-in at the check-in counter through to boarding the aircraft.

As mentioned last issue P2-PXU (Construction Number 4316) is almost ready for delivery --

Coming Events

Sapphire singers on PNG tour - 10th to 18th of July --

Organic Law on Political Parties and Candidates Commission Conference - Alotau International Hotel, Milne Bay province - 12th - 16th July 2010 --

National Mask Festival, Rabaul - 14th - 18th of July

Malagan Show - 14th - 27th of July

PNG Remembrance Day - 23rd July

PNG Corporate Games -- 23rd to the 25th of July

Mt Hagen Show -- 13th - 15th of August

Sepik River Expedition - September 2010 --

2010 Medical Symposium 29th of August to the 3rd of September. (Wewak) --

19th Pacific History Conference, Pacific at the crossroads - University of Goroka - 12th to 16th of September

Independence Day - 16th September

Hiri Moale Festival -- -- (usually celebrated at the same time as Independence Day)

Goroka Show -- 17th to the 19th of September --

Morobe Agricultural Show - 23rd & 24th October --

11th Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference - 6th to 8th December, 2010 - Hilton Hotel, Sydney --

Full Pacific Games - New Caledonia 2011

National Elections - Scheduled for June 2012

2012 PNG Games -- Kokopo, East New Britain

Pacific Mini Games - Wallis and Futuna 2013

Full Pacific Games - PNG 2015 --

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