PNG Gossip Newsletter - 6 February 2011

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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
Mi laik baim I would like to buy
Mi no klia gut I do not understand
Mi no laikim I do not like it
Mi no save I don't know
Mi stap gut I am fine
Moni Money
Monin Good morning
Nogat No
Pikinini Baby or very young child
Ples Balus Airport
Ples bilong yu we? Where are you from?
Soim mi Show me
Tenk yu Thank you
Toilet We? Where is the toilet?
Tok isi Speak slowly
Wanem nem bilong yu? What is your name?


Mi laik toksave long ol lain Enga na Southern Highlands olsem ol i karim sem i go bek long ples bilong ol.



I want to make it clear to people of Enga and Southern Highlands that such behaviour is shameful it should be taken back to their respective provinces.


Webster's Online Dictionary
with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation


English       Pidgin English  
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PNG in the News

US WWII airman's remains return home --

No new NRL team for 'at least six years' --

Dry spell hits ENB villages --

Police accused of hiding evidence in rape case --

Adviser injured in Moresby --

Red Cross nurse frustrated at cholera outbreak --

Pregnant wife of expat raped --

Concerns over homebrew consumption --

PNG proposes new plan for European trade deal talks --

PNG Blogs


PNG Andrew --

Papua New Guinea Blogs --

Port Moresby --

The need for a new preschool classroom --

PNG Informedia --

Nineteen years and counting --

The Ramblings of John & Sheena --

PNG Exposed Blog --

The strength of women farmers in PNG --

Finding Joy in PNG --

Misc PNG Links

Wild PNG --

Air Niugini Airbus diecast miniature --

Jasons PNG --

Rapopo Plantation Resort is conveniently located between Kokopo and Tokua Airport --

Airlines PNG --

Air Niugini --

Boroko Motors --

Credit and Data Bureau --

Conservation International Melanesia --

Internal Revenue Commission --

Walindi Plantation Resort --

Loloata --

PNG Images

Madang Cultural Day --

Village water supply Sogomi village, near Goroka Eastern Highlands Province --

Mud men --

PNG Images --

PNG Postcards --

PNG Travel Photos --

PNG Culture --

Telita Cruises --

Diving PNG --

Kevin Glennon --

Rabaul Volcano --

Shopping in Kainantu --

News Items

Disappearing Languages

Languages are disappearing from PNG. Several languages are down to having less than a handful of speakers. Along with the disappearance of the language the Smithsonian Natural History Museum is concerned about the loss of crucial local knowledge. The Smithsonian's offered to work with PNG's National Museum to document and protect endangered languages.

Here is a list of endangered languages --

SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) suggest that there are two languages that have probably already been lost and they are Abaga and Aribwatsa. Follow the links in the above link to read more.

Road Safety Campaign

A road safety program that identified safe Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) drivers last year is underway again in 2011. Last year 15 lucky PMV drivers won a four day trip to Australia part of the trip was being able to watch the 2010 National Rugby League Grand Final live. Hundreds of PMV drivers from around the country are expected to sign up.

Last year every driver that entered in Port Moresby was disqualified.

Blind for Life

From the Post Courier - A young mother is completely blind because of injury inflicted by her abusive policeman husband in a violent three-year marriage that ended in November last year.

Full story --

Rotary Overseas Medical Aid for Children

The East Keilor Rotary club in Melbourne, Australia is hosting 7-year old Gregory Jack from Siakeu Village on remote tropical Panaeati Island east of the mainland of PNG while he undergoes medical procedures to correct a genetic disorder called Crouzon syndrome. His condition had left his skull and facial bones unable to expand as he grew, and he had been unable to close his eyes.

Moonee Valley Weekly news item --

BAHA 2010

In 2010 BAHA helped to assist 74 organisations in the development of HIV policies. BAHA publishes all workplace policies on their web site at -- -- Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) has renewed its sponsorship to PNG BAHA with two hundred thousand kina (K200, 000.00) to assist its key activities. Over the last four years a total of K800, 000.00 has been donated by OTML to BAHA to support its work for the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Cholera Concerns

There are fresh concerns over the outbreak of cholera in the country. The majority of the cases were in poor settlements in Lae City, with one on Mandok Island in the district of Siassi. --

Gordon's Market Closed

One of the main markets in Port Moresby had to be closed due to ethnic violence over the recent weekend. The National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, officially closed the Gordon's Market indefinitely and condemned the clash that claimed several lives. The market closure has affected the innocent people who use the market to earn their living in the city. The governor called on both sides to stop the fighting.

Yakasa shames those involved in clash --

MPs condemn killings in Moresby --

Peace ceremony held in POM --

Post Courier - The Drum

Here is a very relevant item especially since the elections are just around the corner

In addition, the media, shame on us, for promoting this grand standing politics being played by our politicians. Now that the 2012 campaign is approaching, we must be very careful with how we report on MPs delivering services to their voters. We have to ban the use of the word "donate" in our stories when we report on MPs are giving money from their grants. It's the people's money channelled through them.

And another from The Drum

Is it Gordons or Gordon? Last night we consulted the telephone directory and other literature available and settled with the spelling Gordons, with an S at the end. In the morning, our reporters had an argument; some said the place should be spelled with an S while other said no. And our Big Pat settled the issue. It's GORDON and NOT Gordons. It was Gordon's Estate, owned by an expatriate family that lent its name to the present day Gordon's suburb and Gordon's Police Barracks.


Gold Panners Arrested

Police from Porgera have rounded up and arrested 45 locals after they were caught panning for gold along the river used by the mine for tailings. The National reports that a group of fully armed men surrounded the area and arrested men, women and children, including school students, as they were panning for gold along the waste tailing river; the police then locked them up in cell.


InterOil LNG Plan

Explorer InterOil Corporation and its joint venture company Liquid Niugini Gas have signed follow-up agreements with Energy World Corporation (EWC) on the construction of a liquefied natural gas plant in PNG.


Highlands Highway

Businesses and trucking firms along the Highlands Highway are losing valuable goods to looters who take advantage of drivers who stop along the side of the road to buy food or go to the toilet. Song Trading Limited recently lost goods worth more than K190,000 after a container was looted near Aviamp Tea Estate in South Wahgi district of Jiwaka Province. Police are investigating the incident and are confident that the suspects will be arrested soon.


New BSP Chairman

Kostas Constantinou has been appointed to be the chairman of Bank South Pacific after Noreo Beangke stepped down during a recent special board meeting of the directors. Constantinou had been a director of BSP since April 2009. He is a prominent businessman in PNG and is chairman of Airways Hotel and Apartments Ltd, Airways Residences Ltd, Lamana Hotel Ltd, Hebou Constructions (PNG) Ltd, a director of Gazelle International Hotel Ltd, Heritage Park Hotel Ltd in the Solomon Islands and Grand Pacific Hotel Ltd in Fiji. Constantinou was also a director of POMSoX-listed Airlines PNG Ltd and ASX-listed Oil Search Ltd.

Beangke will remain as a director of the bank.

Genetic Study

New studies of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) evidence has shown interaction between the islands of Southeast Asia and the Pacific is far more complex than previous accounts tended to suggest and the study paves the way for new theories of the spread of Austronesian languages.


PNG Doing Indonesia's Work

Powes Parkop, the governor of the National Capital, has accused the government of using a security operation along the border with Papua to do Indonesia's dirty work.


Sun Come Up Film

The "Sun Come Up" film about the plight of the islanders on PNG's Carteret Islands has been nominated for an Oscar. The film covers the serious consequences of Earth's changing climate on the Carteret Islands where Islanders have had no choice but to move to higher ground. The Islands are expected to be under water by 2015.



Sanctum is a 1 hour 49 minutes film, set deep underground in the caves of Esa'ala in Milne Bay province, telling the story of a handful of explorers - some experienced, some novices - trapped underground when a cyclone floods "the largest unexplored cave system in the world".


See also - Actors need funds to attend preview of another film called "Dschungelkind" (Jungle Child) --

Trailer --

Seaweed Farming

Seaweed Marine PNG, a company run by Malaysian Peter Hong Hi Chung, has been granted a one-year trial to farm seaweed in Milne Bay province. If the trial is successful then the company would be willing to invest more than K30 million in the industry in the province over the next 10 to 15 years. The farming of seaweed could be the next big thing for the largely maritime province.

Man Vs. Wild

The Discovery Channel has announced a new season of MAN VS. WILD starring Bear Grylls. Each of the new episodes presents Grylls with challenges in the wilderness unlike ever before. One episode shows Grylls risking his life and limb climbing crumbling volcanic cliffs and leaping over a 100 foot death drop on a dangerous desert island in PNG.

Check Discovery Channel for viewing times --

City Mission

Trukai Industries has donated a monthly supply of 50 kilos of brown rice to City Mission. The partnership between Trukai and the City Mission is now into its sixth year.


Oceania Football

There is a new man heading the Oceania Football Confederation. David Chung from PNG now heads the organisation after president Reynald Temarii was suspended by FIFA amid allegations of improper conduct during the World Cup bidding process.

Coming Events

Note: please verify any date mentioned as dates do change and events can sometimes get cancelled.

Interplast - 21st of February - 4th of March --

International Women's Day (IWD) - 8th March 2011 - The first IWD was run in 1911 so 2011 sees the IWD Global Centenary.

National Surfing Titles - 16th to 25th March

National Game Fishing Titles - 16th to 25th March

Arafura Games - 7th to 14th of May --

Lik Lik Diwai Tourism Festival - 20th May

Wahgi Sing Sing -- June

Warwin High School Cultural Day - 13th June

Kontu / Tembn Shark Calling - New Ireland - 29th June - 2nd July

Birding in Paradise 12th - 22nd July --

Warwagira Cultural Show - Kokopo - 29th June - 5th July

National Mask Festival - 6th - 9th July

Malagan Show - New Ireland - 22nd - 24th July

Crocodile Festival, Ambunti - 9th & 10th August

Mount Hagen Cultural Show - 13th & 14th August

Goroka Show - 16th to 18th September

Morobe Show - 15th & 16th October

Canoe and Kundu Festival, Alotau - 4th to 6th November

Full Pacific Games - New Caledonia 2011

National Elections - Scheduled for June 2012

2012 PNG Games - Kokopo, East New Britain

Olympic boxing qualifying tournament - April 2012

Pacific Mini Games - Wallis and Futuna 2013

Full Pacific Games - PNG 2015 --

Do you have an event that you want advertised? - Use the submission form located at -- ../misc/ctc.html

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