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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
aisblok iceblock
aiskrim ice-cream
akis axe
insait inside
isi easy
isi isi carefully
karet carrot
kari curry
karim carry
mambu bamboo / bamboo pipe
mambu bilong blut artery / vein
mambu bilong nek gullet / windpipe
mambu bilong wara water pipe
solwara sea
sori sorry / sad
sosis sausage
sospen saucepan

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Matupit Island
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Divine Word University Entrance
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PNG in the News

PNG medical profession urged to lobby government for abortion law change --

Nautilus slammed over research efforts for PNG Solwara interest --

Fans welcomed Lockyer and MacDougall in Port Moresby --

PNG negotiating multi billion dollar deal with China for road --

Ownership and usage of mosquito nets --

Popondetta people praise Ipatas --

Policeman charged in PNG political row --

Three killed in SHP rallies --

Legend comes alive in PNG highlands --

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PNG Microbank --

PNG Yellow Pages --

Alotau: Women organize Walk Against Corruption --

Bishop Museum Botanist Finds Undiscovered Plants in PNG --

The people of Alotau and Milne Bay province are major consumers of betel nut, chewed with lime --

Goroka --

Read a charity report about a micro-dam at remote Faseu --

Spreading devotion to Jesus' mercy --

A new initiative boosts women candidates ahead of national elections --

Tavurvur volcano --

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Futlus of Kavieng --

Port Moresby Harbour --

Sing Sing in Mt. Hagen --

Over Rabaul --

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Madang Sunrise --

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Spreading the word in PNG's forests --

Welcome To Nokondi Land --

News Items

Mt Hagen Sing Sing

The Mt Hagen Sing Sing originated in the late 1950s as a way to improve relations between the various groups, share cultural experiences and celebrate the diversity of cultures among community members. Since then the show has grown and evolved into a truly remarkable display of song and dance where groups come to display stunning facial tattoos, elaborate body paint and ornate headdresses.

This year's Mt Hagen Sing Sing will take place on the 11th an 12th of August. In 2013, the show will move back to the third weekend in August.

Tough Visa Requirements

The tough visa requirements for someone to travel from PNG to Australia have often been described as racist. Julie Bishop's pledge to do something about it was warmly greeted at the recent annual PNG business forum.


Election Help

Australian officials say they are providing an unprecedented level of help to Papua New Guinea as it prepares for this month's general election. PNG's rugged geography and poor infrastructure makes preparing for the elections a huge logistical task.


The election campaign fever is at its peak in Wewak, the capital of East Sepik province. --

Candidate Arrested

An election hopeful has been arrested and it is alleged he has a cache of guns at his house.


The candidate remains in custody in Mt Hagen and has been refused bail. The Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga has declared the Highlands as a high-risk area.


Thousands Homeless

Flooding in Western Province has affected more than 26000 people, disaster officials say. The National Disaster and Emergency Service said heavy rain caused the Fly River system to overflow, inundating villages on the river's banks.


Lautoka Interview

Port Moresby City Council financial controller Augustine Ravi gives an interview at Lautoka City Council office.


Travel Air

Mangi Lo Peles (Travel Air) has expanded to cover commercial flights to Boram Airport, Wewak, East Sepik province. The company now serves seven airports around the country. The inaugural flight was met with a traditional hosing down of the Fokker F50 aircraft.

Joint Border Committee

A 6th Joint Border Committee (JBC) Meeting has been held between officials from Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. The meeting was held in Auki, Malaita province of Solomon Islands. The 6th JBC coincided with the 11th Senior Official Meeting (SOM).


Kalibobo Fenced

Land near the Kalibobo Lighthouse (Coastwatchers Memorial) in Madang has been fenced with a two metre steel picket fence. Mr John Simi from East Sepik has purchased the land and obtained a title to it from the Lands Department. Mr Simi plans to develop the land by building a guesthouse. The land has been use in the past to commemorate the losses during previous wars. Many people considered the land to be reserved land.

Fair Elections

Police Commissioner has appealed to members of his constabulary and Electoral Commission officials to ensure that this month's election is free, fair and safe. Tom Kulunga has warned against accepting bribes



After the closure of Rabaul Shipping - see shipping firm shut down -- -- Lutheran Shipping has announced it will no longer provide a weekly shipping service for the people of Finschhafen, Tewai Siassi and Lae. It has been reported Lutheran Shipping has not been able to meet the required safety standards set by the NMSA - National Maritime Safety Authority.

Vulnerable Species

A study has shown that in countries like Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Honduras, 50 to 60% of biodiversity loss was linked to exports, mostly to meet demand from richer countries.


Soldiers Graduate

24 females were included in the total of 179 soldiers that recently graduated from the PNG Defence Force Goldie River Training Depot.

O'Neill Calls on Somare

Peter O'Neill has called on suspended Angoram MP Arthur Somare and the National Alliance party to stop trying to score political points by misleading the public about the economy. "The alarmist manner and behaviour that Arthur Somare is carrying on about is just a political gimmick and they are continuing to play politics when the election is just around the corner," Peter O'Neill said.


Somare: We'll form next govt --

Improving Health Care

Read about Alex Nikolsky, a second year medical student from Australia with a passion for improving health in Papua New Guinea.


Diplomats Visit Irks D/PM

Australian High Commissioner to PNG Ian Kemish's recent trip to Vanimo Green electorate has not gone down well with Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah


Papua New Guinea Namba-tu Praim Minista i komplein long wokobaut blong Australia Hai Komisina igo long Vanimo.

-- (Tok Pisin)

SP Sports Awards

Sportsman of the year has been named as Ryan Pini with Toea Wisil from the newly formed Jiwaka province winning the title as PNG's top sportswoman of the year. Both Pini an Wisil were away overseas competing in events.

Jackson's Airport

Peter O'Neill has officially launched the extension of Jackson's Airport apron parking area. Airlines will have access to Additional parking bays in a bi to improve on-time performance. Mr O'Neill assured the people that when he forms the next government key economic areas such as airstrips, roads and seaports will be improved to help develop the economy of the country.

PNG Power

PNG Power staff around the country are planning to strike. The workers are concerned about their job security as well as their entitlements after the Public Enterprises Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, recently announced the involvement of the LR Group from Israel to carry out investigation, participate and later own 50-50 share of the generation assets of Port Moresby Power in Port Moresby Power Ltd.


Rai Coast High School

The Ramu Nickel Cobalt project has donated 50 beds to the Lutheran run Rai Coast High School. The beds will accommodate up to 100 students. Ramu Nickel/ Cobalt made a major donation to the school in 2010 when the company donated K40,000. towards a tractor for its agriculture activities.


Vale Sir Harry Pelgen

Sir Harry (Helmut) Pelgen formerly of Lae has passed away on the 11th of June at the age of 78. There is a funeral service being held for him today at the Lakeview Chapel, Albany Creek Memorial Gardens, Bridgeman Downs, Queensland at 2pm.

ARB Anniversary

The Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ARB) has celebrate its 7th Birthday. The first president of the Autonomous Government on Bougainville was declared in June 2006 and Joseph Kabui was the successful candidate who managed to poll a total of 37,928 votes. The present President, John Momis, came second.

Daru - PX

Air Niugini has announced that it will resume flying back to Daru after many years of not being able to land there due to runway problems. The first flight is set to land on the 21st of June using a Dash 8 Series 300 aircraft - DH8-300. Once further improvements are made to the runway then Air Niugini will consider using a Dash 8 Q400 aircraft.

Coming Events

Note: please verify any date mentioned as dates change and events can sometimes get cancelled. Of course I may also put down a wrong date :)

National Elections - Now on!

11th Festival of Pacific Arts -- -- from 1st to 14th July 2012

Remembrance Day - 23rd July 2012

Mt Hagen Show - 11th and 12th of August 2012

48th PNG Medical Symposium - 2nd to the 7th of September. Gateway Hotel, Port Moresby

Samarai and Milne Bay Reunion - Rydges Oasis Resort, Caloundra, Australia between the 7th and 9th of September 2012 -- --

Imotiva Kokoda 2012, Walk for a Cause - 9th October 2012 --

Fifth PNG Games, Kokopo, East New Britain - 17th to 30th November 2012

Pacific Mini Games - Wallis and Futuna 2013

2013 Pacific Netball Series (hosted by Fiji)

Full Pacific Games - PNG 4th July to 18 July 2015 --

Pacific Mini Games - Vanuatu 2017

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