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belhevi regret
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bratasusa brothers and sisters
bratasusa siblings
han arm / hand
han bilong pisin wing
han bilong siot sleeve
moni money
pas stuck
pas / leta letter

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New YWAM Ship Bougainville / PNG Sign MOU
PNG Fire Services Johnstons Pharmacy Burnt
Air Services PNG Kapuls Boosted
Kundiawa Hospital Pukaikia Impresses
Interplast Australia National Elections
Telikom Network Upgrade Kokoda Track 'mateship'
Coffee Cherry Borer Melbourne Storm Rugby League
Dr Pavlin Farewelled Supermarket Shopping
National Research Institute Ombudsman Offices Closed
Police - Interview Training PNG Solomons Border
SpeedCast PNG Land Grab Inquiry
Pikinini Hoops Basketball Manus Island Brawl
Surfing With Robbo World Water Day
Wabag Magistrate's House Burnt Diocese Intervenes to Finance Schools
Out of Condoms Foreign Aid Conundrum
Fiji Trade Minister Baffled Bank South Pacific
Child Labour UOG Donates Books
Pastor Killed Near Karkar Coming Events
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PNG News Links

Black Caps batsman Ross Taylor takes on coaching consultancy --

Polye to take ATS petition to parliament --

Deep sea tailings not affecting sea level: Ramu Nico --

PNG, Tahiti look to build in Port Moresby --

Komolong leading PNG's new breed --

Polye's T.H.E Party supports compulsory Education --

Man slashed, stabbed and beaten whilst on his way to dental clinic --

Misc. Links

Olsem Wanem - World Tuberculosis Day in Papua New Guinea| EP8 S6, 2017 --

US Government empowers PNG to build resilience --

PNG Hunters third on the ladder --

HIV prevalence in PNG worries UN agency --

Not enough funds for HIV/AIDS advocacy, says PNG cardinal --

News Items

New YWAM Ship

YWAM Medical Ships has acquired another ship to transport medical volunteers to PNG. The MV l'Astrolabe was formerly a scientific research vessel in Antarctica. Christian charity YWAM Medical Ships plans to rename the vessel MV YWAM Liberty on its arrival. The MV l'Astrolabe will be the fourth vessel the organisation will deploy in PNG.

Townsville Bulletin --

Bougainville/PNG Sign MOU

The President of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, John Momis, hopes the latest memorandum of understanding signed with the PNG national government will lead to improved financing for the autonomous region.

Radio New Zealand --

PNG Fire Services

The business community in Port Moresby is concerned about the PNG Fire Services' lack of equipment, and its inability to fight fires, which had impacted heavily on insurance premiums. Apart from a lack of water there are no fire engines in Port Moresby with sufficient snorkel reach for many of the taller buildings in the capital city so insurance companies base any premium on a total loss. It is understood that most of the few fire hydrants in the city are defective or covered with concrete or tar.

The National --

Johnstons Pharmacy Burnt

Images have come in of Johnstons pharmacy and the Jacobi Medical Centre in Boroko burning. A total of four buildings were destroyed by fire. Looters took advantage of the situation and broke into the nearby CHM electronic shop as well, which wasn't on fire and stole electronic goods before police came in to prevent anymore looting.

Legend FM News --

Thursday 23rd March - Gutpela Kaikai on fire --

The Gutpela Kaikai fast food shop is located between the Papindo Supermarket and Johnston Pharmacy which caught fire the next day (Friday 24th).

Firefighters struggle --

Madang students stressed as fire rips through classrooms --

Buildings looted and set alight in Port Moresby --

Air Services

Statistical data on scheduled international passenger traffic to and from Port Moresby from 2012 to 2016 has been stagnant with about 480,000 passengers a year with an average of 55 per cent seat utilisation which means there was excess capacity in the market.

Solomon Star --

PNG Kapuls Boosted

The Kapuls have been boosted with the arrival of Holland based David Browne into the training camp as the countdown continues to the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifying home game against Tahiti in Port Moresby this Thursday at the Sir John Guise Stadium.

PNG Today --

Kundiawa Hospital

The Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Kundiawa General Hospital in Chimbu has been upgraded to level-six hospital - the fourth in the country.

The National --

Pukaikia Impresses

Sixteen year old Letisha Pukaikia from PNG continues to impress as she seeks to further her career in athletics whilst attending school in New Plymouth on New Zealand's North Island. She was born in Port Moresby of predominantly East Sepik heritage

One PNG --

Interplast Australia

A team of six medical specialists from Interplast Australia have visited Mt Hagen conducting surgery mainly on patients with cleft palates and burns on their body. Over a hundred patients have come to see the team, but due to time factor, only thirty of them underwent a successful operation.

Their mission is to 'repair bodies and rebuild lives'.


National Elections

Police commissioner, Gari Baki, says provincial and divisional police commanders will have support from HQ in managing potential hot-spots during the elections.

Radio New Zealand --

Telikom Network Upgrade

Telikom has upgraded its asymmetrical digital subscriber line switches in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands. This increases bandwidth capacity up to 24mbps for existing and new landline internet services to residential and business customers. It launched its 4G LTE mobile service in Mt Hagen.

PNG Today --

Kokoda Track 'mateship'

An Australian commitment to restore the word "mateship" to a Kokoda Track memorial has been questioned, with Papua New Guinea officials saying they have not received any request for changes to be made.

The Australian --

One of the most brutal conflicts in Australian war history, the Kokoda Campaign was a powerful victory that directly saved Australia from the threat of Japanese occupation.

Coffee Cherry Borer

The Coffee Industry Corporation has announced that the coffee berry borer pest has been identified in two Highlands Provinces- Jiwaka and the Eastern Highlands. Authorities reassure stakeholders that coffee exports will not be affected, because the threat will be contained.


Melbourne Storm Rugby League

Melbourne Storm have named a rookie, Justin Olam from PNG, on their extended bench. Olam would make his NRL debut if selected in the starting 17. Olam has been making strides in his development since being signed from Queensland Cup side PNG Hunters during the off-season and he has some explosive qualities to his running game.

League News --

Dr Pavlin Farewelled

The U.S. Government's Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has joined an enthusiastic group of health professionals and colleagues to bid farewell to the World Health Organization (WHO) epidemiologist, Dr. Boris Pavlin who left PNG on the 18th of March.

Loop PNG --

Supermarket Shopping

Here is a sample of pricing at a Moresby Supermarket prepared by A Kiwi Expat in POM. Prices are in PNG Kina so you will need to convert to your own local currency.

  • Oreo's - vanilla K3.80
  • Oreo's - Chocolate K4.40
  • 2 minute Maggi noodles K6.60 for pack of 5
  • Palmolive big bottle dishwashing - K11.95
  • Heinz Baked Beans (standard can) K4.50
  • Arnott Cheese & Bacon Shapes K9.50 (on sale)
  • Kleenex 12pk toilet paper K19.90 (on sale, normally K30)
  • ETA Potato Chips -big packet K9.50
  • UHT Milk 1 litre K4.95
  • Olive Grove spread 375gm K9.30
  • Wattles chunky frozen chips K14.35
  • Beef Eye Fillet 600gm K45.57
  • Apples (packet of 10) K11.53
  • Sliced bread - fresh K5.95

A Kiwi Expat in POM --

National Research Institute

The Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis has announced support of K1.5 million in aid towards the PNG National Research Institute. An additional K4.1 million will be given to the National Research Institute to build an APEC study centre this year.

PNG Today --

Ombudsman Offices Closed

EMTV have reported the closures of the Ombudsman Commission Headquarters and the Momase Regional Office. Reliable sources say the Ombudsman Commission was given a 10-day eviction notice on the 10th of March for non-payment of rent.


Police - Interview Training

Police in Madang have completed training to help to better present cases before the courts and avoid having them struck out for over lack of evidence.

The National --

PNG Solomons Border

Better co-operation on the policing and management of the border between Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands is to be one of the main components of new bilateral programmes to be set up later this year.

Radio New Zealand --

SpeedCast PNG

SpeedCast International Ltd has opened an office in Port Moresby to support the company's growing customer base in the energy and enterprise markets. SpeedCast has been operating in the country for more than 10 years with an international gateway and self-sufficient standalone teleport, but this is its first office facility in PNG. The team includes 10 employees who focus on operations, engineering, sales and local support.

Yahoo --

Land Grab Inquiry

Leader of the PNG National Party, and Member for Sinasina Yongomugl, Kerenga Kua is supporting Manumanu landowners in their call for nothing less than a Commission of Inquiry into acquisition by the Department of Defence of land at Manumanu in the Central Province.

PNG Today --

Pikinini Hoops Basketball

The Basketball Federation of PNG (BFPNG) has rolled out a new Hoops for Health (H4H) initiative, Pikinini Hoops. BFPNG Chief Executive Officer Joel Khalu said the program was a great way for young kids to have fun and improve their sporting abilities. Pikinini Hoops is a four-week program.


Manus Island Brawl

A brawl between refugees and their guards broke out at the detention centre on Manus Island recently, when a dispute over food turned violent. According to a resident the brawl in was sparked by a new barrier erected to manage the line of detainees queuing for their meals.

Radio New Zealand --

Surfing With Robbo

PNG is the latest country to come on board with a high-level surfing event as it runs the World Long-board Tours opening event at a break known as Tupira on the north coast.

Geelong Advertiser --

Still Perfect in PNG --

World Water Day

Water PNG in Lae have joined with the rest of the international community to celebrate World Water Day to commemorate the importance of having access, not only to water, but clean freshwater.


Wabag Magistrate's House Burnt

The home of a principal magistrate in Wabag town, Enga was razed to the ground recently, according to provincial police commander acting Superintendent George Kakas.

The National --

Diocese Intervenes to Finance Schools

The Catholic Diocese in Lae is stepping in to help fund Catholic-run schools in Lae because of the delay in the Tuition Fee Free Payments from the government.


Out of Condoms

Madang authorities have raised concerns that there is a lack of condoms in the province. With the elections just around the corner, the increase in sexual activity is said peak.

One PNG --

Foreign Aid Conundrum

Australia gives $550 million a year to its nearest neighbour in PNG; it's more than Australia gives to anyone else and more than any other donor to PNG. Critics of development assistance often ask the question: "What does our money achieve?" And PNG is a perfect illustration of the confusing answer: development aid is making a tangible difference in people's lives, and yet the big picture remains relatively unchanged.

The Armidale Express --

Fiji Trade Minister Baffled

Fiji's trade minister Faiyaz Koya says he has no idea why his PNG counterpart Richard Maru has called for a complete ban on trade with Fiji.

Radio New Zealand --

PNG Manufacturers Council backs Maru's call on Fiji trade ban --

Bank South Pacific

PNG's Kumul Consolidated is believed to be signing up for an agreement to commit to owning shares in the $1.5 billion-plus Bank South Pacific for five years, ahead of its plans to list on the Australian Securities Exchange.

The Australian --

Child Labour

The Government has launched a national action plan to stop child labour, with parents and guardians told to be more responsible for the welfare of their children.

One PNG --

UOG Donates Books

The University of Goroka (UOG) has donated 53 boxes of books to 13 schools in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. The books were from the university's Steven Eka Library.

The National --

New Tribes Donate Books --

Pastor Killed

Criminals who boarded a dinghy bound for Karkar Island in Madang province allegedly robbed and killed a Lutheran pastor while travelling near the shorelines of Kuburne village on Karkar Island.

The National --

Coming Events

Note: please verify any date mentioned as dates change and events can sometimes get cancelled. Of course I may also put down a wrong date.

Good Friday - 14 Apr 2017
Easter Sunday - 16 Apr 2017
Easter Monday - 17 Apr 2017

Australia PNG Business Forum & Trade Expo 14 - 16th May in Port Moresby --

Queen's Birthday - 12 Jun 2017

National Remembrance Day - 23 Jul 2017

Independence Day - 16 Sep 2017

Pacific Mini Games - Vanuatu 2017

The FIBA Melanesian Basketball Cup from the 24th of September to the 1st of October, 2017.

PNG Games have been postponed to 18 Nov 2017

Christmas Day, Monday 25 Dec 2017

Boxing Day, Tuesday 26 Dec 2017

2018 - APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit to be held in Port Moresby --

Port Moresby Craft Markets - Laguna Hotel - 1st Saturday of the month (9 am - 2 pm), PNG Arts - 2nd Saturday of the month (9 am - 2 pm), Holiday Inn - 3rd Saturday of the month (9 am - 2 pm), Ela Beach - 4th Saturday of the month (6 am to 12 pm)

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