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man man
meri woman
pikinini kid / child
dok dog
pikinini man boy
pikinini meri girl
buk book
tisa teacher
kar car
tete today
asde yesterday
tumora tomorrow
nau now
frut fruit
moni money
pas letter
rit to read
kaikai to eat / food
toktok talk / speak
lukluk see / look

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PNG News Links

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Abaijah: Don't use culture as excuse for violence --

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Snooker Championships --

K100, 000 boost for table tennis --

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Misc Links

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Governor of Bank of PNG tells conference higher food production critical --

News Items

Independence Day

PNG Celebrates Independence Day today the 16th of September. PNG gained independence from Australia in 1975.

It's official. The 16th of September this year falls on a Saturday and it's a public holiday. Monday won't be a holiday but another normal working day. So, there should no excuse for not turning up for work on Monday.

NCD ready for independence celebration --

Independence celebrations begin --

To get you in the mood here are a few links --

Eric Surface PNG Independence Day Videos Part 1 --
Part 2 --
Part 3 --
Part 4 --
Part 5 --

Eric has a few other videos about PNG so don't forget to click on the links offered by YouTube about Eric's stay in PNG.

EMTV Independence Special: PNG 1975 - 2015 --

Independence is celebrated not only in PNG but overseas as well. Here is a clip from Brisbane, Australia -- -- and a clip from Shenyang, China --

Sydney PNG Wantoks --

History of Papua New Guinea --

Air Niugini Reservations

Air Niugini will be changing to the new passenger service system Sabre Airlines Solutions by the end of this month, according to the airline.

An Air Niugini project team has been working with stakeholders to ensure that the migration is smooth. There may be some disruptions to seat availability and bookings.

PNG Today --

Uni Entrance Exam

The Special Tertiary Admissions Test has been developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research. The test is designed to assist universities with their selection of students. It allows applicants to demonstrate their ability to cope with tertiary studies, in addition to their Grade 12 achievement results.

The PNG University of Technology and University of Goroka both conduct the Special Tertiary Admissions Test for grade 12 school leavers applying for studies.

Australian Council for Educational Research --

PNG Power Easipay Woes

Electricity users were unable to purchase their Easipay on all vending sites including mobile networks. Electricity users fronted up at the PNG Power office Headquarters in Port Moresby, demanding answers to when this service would be back up and running but they received no favourable response.


EasiPay back online - Post Courier --

PNG Power Facebook page -- -- Web Site --

Several users, on social media, finally managed to get EasiPay credits only to go home and find there was a power blackout!

Payment system glitch causes widespread power outage in Papua New Guinea--

Meninga Names Aussie Team

Australia will unleash six debutants as part of the Australian Prime Minister's XIII to take on PNG in Port Moresby on the 23rd of September. Mal Meninga named his team with the likes of Api Koroisau, Dylan Walker, Jack Bird and Paul Vaughan part of the PM's side for the first time.

Fox Sport --

PANGU Crosses

Sam Basil has joined the ranks of the government deserting the opposition frustrating many voters.

The Bulolo MP and the bulk of his Pangu Pati have confirmed they are joining the People's National Congress-led coalition government.

Pangu emerged from the recent election as one of the three big parties in the new parliament. It campaigned vigorously on a platform for removing the government led by Peter O'Neill for the past of six years. This made it all the more surprising when Mr Basil - flanked by 11 Pangu MPs - held a sombre press conference along with Prime Minister O'Neill to announce their move to join him.

Radio New Zealand --

Basil: Why I crossed --

Sir Mekere disappointed with Basil's move --

Lae MP John Rosso and Lufa MP Moriape Kavori have now joined Pangu Pati, bringing the total number to 12 MPs who sided with the Government --

Gordons Market

Port Moresby's biggest food market has been closed for a K30m reconstruction. Over 1500 registered market vendors operating in the area will reportedly be relocated to the newly refurbished Boroko market area. The reconstruction project is dual funded split between New Zealand Aid and the National Capital District Commission; K15m each.

Post Courier --

Policeman Charged with Murder

A former police officer has been arrested over the alleged murder of notorious bank robber, William Nanua Kapris. It is alleged that the former police officer with his men had shot the late Kapris at close range; not during a shootout. Kapris was killed in 2013 after escaping from the Bomana Correctional facilities.

The National --

POM Cricket Logo

The Port Moresby Cricket Association has launched a new logo. The logo will appear on the uniforms of all teams playing POM Cricket Association games. The association has been in existence since 1963.

PNG Loop --

Spirit of Rabaul Robbery

The leader of the Spirit of Rabaul robbery has surrendered to police following community effort in bringing law and order to the community. Kokopo Vunamami Urban Local Level Government Mayor Diuvia Kopman together with the Kokopo District Development Authority CEO John Talele assisted in facilitating the surrender of the leader.

Post Courier --

Immigration and Citizenship Service

The Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority will stop dealing with freelance agents for visa and passport applications until a new policy is in place. Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha has been instructed by Minister Petrus Thomas to impose the suspension and other changes over the coming next weeks.

The National --

Buses Leave Passengers Stranded

Hundreds of students, workers and commuters were left stranded at Bumayong in Lae, Morobe, after PMV (public motor vehicles) buses went on strike recently. The strike followed reports of one of the PMV buses being stoned by drunkards after dropping off passengers in Bumayong.

Post Courier --

Overdue Government Rent

Reports of government departments being locked out of their offices has been put down to a budgetary oversight rather than cash flow problems. Only K75 million had been budgeted for rental accommodation in the current financial year. This amount was exhausted in the first quarter of the year.

The National --

Public Servant Charged

The East New Britain Provincial Administration's Property Manager was arrested and charged for fraud. The accused Jeffrey Tokunai, 40 years from Malaguna 1 in Rabaul district was charged by police in Kokopo on three counts of fraud.

Post Courier --

Fuel Prices

In a statement by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC), fuel prices for petrol, diesel, kerosene all rose in response to rising global oil prices. For Port Moresby motorists, petrol rose by 13.06 toea per litre (tpl) and now sits at 319.58 tpl; diesel increased by 5.76 tpl and is now selling at 259.05 tpl; and kerosene prices grew by 7.73 tpl to sell at 244.15 tpl. The ICCC states that retail prices for all other designated centres will change according to their approved in-country shipping and road freight rates charged by other fuel distributers.

Loop PNG --

Butibam Volleyball

The Lae branch of PNG Microfinance Limited is supporting the Butibam Amateur Volleyball Association with some merchandise for the upcoming 43rd national volleyball championship to be held in Lae. Meanwhile, Volleyball Federation Inc executive officer Puksy Tore said 20 teams will participate in the national championship.

Post Courier --

Investment Conference a Success

The Business Advantage PNG Investment Conference held recently in Sydney, successfully showcased the nation's potential as an investment destination and canvassed different views from the business community about the opportunities and challenges. A clear picture of PNG's and the Pacific region's great untapped potential emerged.

Business Advantage PNG --

PMIZ Loan Approved

The China Exim Bank has agreed to fund the new plan for the government's multi-million Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) project in Madang with a US$152million (K350million) loan. The loan is concessional and will be repaid by government when the project is operational and generates returns.

Post Courier --

Ruach Leaves Newcastle for PNG

A Youth With a Mission (YWAM) ship designed to deliver primary health care, dentistry and other services in PNG has set sail from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Travelling via Townsville on its way north, the vessel is to be based in PNG until 2018

The Herald --

New Inn for Hagen

A new K3.5 million inn has opened in Mt Hagen next to the Kagamuga International Airport. The new inn has eight executive suites and eight standard rooms. A restaurant and conference centre will be added soon.

The National --

Pacific Seafood Expo

PNG's major players in the fishing industry have gathered in Port Moresby for the inaugural Pacific Seafood and Technology Expo. Small scale fishing companies, such as the Morobe Fisheries Co-operative, are in the capital to learn about the latest fishing technologies from across the Pacific.

ABC Australia --

Sixth Pacific Tuna Conference

The bi-annual Pacific Tuna Forum is an initiative of the Papua New Guinea Government, through the National Fisheries Authority. It was first held in 2007, and this will be the third time PNG is hosting this event in Partnership with INFO-FISH and other regional fisheries management organisations.

Post Courier --

PNG Genetic Diversity

The first large-scale genetic study of people in PNG has shown that different groups within the country are genetically highly different from each other. Scientists reveal that the people there have remained genetically independent from Europe and Asia for most of the last 50,000 years.

Science Daily --

Melanesian Basketball Cup

Preparations are underway for PNG to host the Melanesian Basketball Cup. Paradise Beverages has donated K270,000 towards the event. EMTV is the official broadcaster of the 4-day tournament which will start on the 27th of this month. The event adds to PNG's record of successfully hosting international tournaments and EMTV as the broadcaster.


Illegal Logging Leases

The government has promised to finally shut down illegal logging leases that have enriched foreign companies and dispossessed traditional landowners. The country's new Lands Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, has formed a committee to review 175 controversial Special Agricultural Business Lease (SABL).

NZ City --

Coming Events

Note: please verify any date mentioned as dates change and events can sometimes get cancelled. Of course I may also put down a wrong date.

National Darts Championships Alotau from 8 September through to 18 September 2017.

Independence Day - 16 September 2017

The FIBA Melanesian Basketball Cup from 27 September to 1 October, 2017 -

War Canoe Festival - 27th and 28th of October, Alotau, Milne Bay Province

Rugby League World Cup 2017 - Wales vs PNG in Port Moresby - 28 October 2017 --

PNG Games have been postponed to 18 November 2017

Christmas Day, Monday 25 December 2017

Boxing Day, Tuesday 26 December 2017

2018 - APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit to be held in Port Moresby --

Oceania Men's and Women's Continental Hockey Qualification in Port Moresby in May 2018

Port Moresby Craft Markets - Laguna Hotel - 1st Saturday of the month (9 am - 2 pm), PNG Arts - 2nd Saturday of the month (9 am - 2 pm), Holiday Inn - 3rd Saturday of the month (9 am - 2 pm), Ela Beach - 4th Saturday of the month (6 am to 12 pm)

Do you have an event that you want advertised? - Use the submission form located at --

PNG Media

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