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banis ribs / fence / wall
bikpela man adult
bikpela big
haus win garden house / summer house
kago cargo / goods / baggage
kagoboi porter
kaikai food
kantri country
laik like
lukaut look out
memba member
nambis seaside / beach / coast
namel middle
pinis finish
ragbi rugby
redi ready
rong wrong
sapos suppose
sapotim support
sindaun sit down
taim time
wok work

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PNG News Links

QRL Intrust Super Cup TV match moves to Saturday for 2018 --

New Boroko Market Security Praised --

Whatever you do, don't go outside': Aussie's horror work trip. AUSSIE carpenter Trent thought he was doing good work in an impoverished city. What he got was a good excuse to leave and never come back. - News.COM.AU --

Oil Search sees no need for new equity for PNG --

Sinai charged for false declaration --

Murky waters raise alarm for Hanuabada villagers --

Oil Search sees no need for new equity for PNG, Alaska projects --

PNG judge appointed to assist SI --

World-first mining case launched in PNG - Lawyers Weekly --

Misc Links

Miss PNG --

Incredible pictures reveal heroes during World War II --

Helicopter parents who praise their children too easily are blamed for them still living at home aged --

World Bank Calls for inclusive growth in East Asia, Pacific --

Could this be one of the world's best dive sites? Visit Papua New Guinea's Walindi Plantation Resort --

Out of our depth: Deep sea mining in PNG episode 1 --

PNG mining minister says government committed to deep sea mining --

News Items

Online Selections


Students that sat for grade 12 national examinations this year are being selected through an electronic selection process for higher learning institutions in 2018. The selection system was launched by Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Pila Niningi at Holiday Inn. The launch was witnessed by Enga Governor Peter Ipatas, DataCo Managing Director Paul Komboi and representatives from higher learning institutions.

Post Courier --

Fake Birth Certificates

It is very difficult to get a birth certificate in PNG and virtually impossible from outside the country but it seems anything is possible at a price. Police have arrested two public servants and are on the hunt for one more suspected to be involved in issuing illegal birth certificates. The trio are thought to be behind a syndicate involving others outside government involved in illegal activities.

Radio New Zealand --

Maramuni Landing

Watch an MAF Twin Otter Landing at Maramuni in Papua New Guinea. Pilot - Phil Sutter. Airstrip length 450m x 15m, altitude 4800ft Credit: Campbell Smythe

Facebook --

Morobe Teachers Get Leave Pay

Leave fares payments for teachers in Morobe have been sorted and will be paid in full despite a shortfall of K1.3 million. Morobe provincial education advisor, Keith Jiram said the shortfall has not affected the planned payout. "We have a shortfall of K1.3 million but managed to cover the shortfall by getting funds from other education programs to fund teachers travel," Mr Jiram said.

Post Courier --

Rugby League International Rankings


1 Australia,
2 New Zealand,
3 England,
4 Tonga,
5 Fiji,
6 Samoa,
7 Scotland,
8 France,
9 Lebanon,
10 Papua New Guinea.

Sydney Morning Herald --

Better Public Sector Envisioned

Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore wants to see an improved public sector in the country. The Minister was speaking during a Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct meeting in Madang last month. Supporting the development of public servants in districts and provinces, including opportunities to engage in the public-private partnership arrangement, were the key discussions of the Executive Advisory Board of the Precinct.

Loop PNG --

Madang Weather Warning

Madang residents were warned recently to take extra care due to strong winds and heavy rain experienced in the township almost every night. Meanwhile, the National Weather Service has warned that the strong winds battering the province would continue for several weeks.

The National --

Moresby Weather Warning

Port Moresby motorists have been warned to watch out for flooded sections of city roads when driving around. City Manager Leslie Alu has urged everyone to adhere to the road rules and be mindful of sections of the road, which have continued to experience flooding when it rains in the city.

Post Courier --

Big and Small in PNG

Papua New Guinea has undergone a resurgence in popularity as a cruise destination thanks to its astounding marine life and fascinating cultural experiences. And while it's possible to visit many PNG destinations on a large mainstream cruise line, some travellers prefer the more intimate atmosphere of smaller vessels.

The Australian --

Former Fireman to get Award

Former fire officer, Paul Wevi, who served the PNG Fire Service loyally for 30 years will be one of several ex-servicemen taking part in the organisation's 50th anniversary celebration tomorrow at the Port Moresby Fire Station. Mr Wevi will be one of the forty ex-service men who will be receiving a plaque on Friday during the launching of the PNG Fire Service 50th anniversary celebration in recognition of their service.

Post Courier --

PNG Fire Department today marks 50th anniversary --

Goroka Landing to be Investigated

A Defence Force Plane (CASA CN235M - P2-502) has reportedly landed on a closed runway while runway works were in progress at Goroka in the Eastern Highlands. It has been mentioned that the plane may have been transporting athletes from the Eastern Highlands that had just finished competing at the PNG games in West New Britain.

The rumour mill

APEC Summit

During the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, to be held in Port Moresby next year, delegates and officials will be accommodated on three cruise ships moored at the capital.

Carnival Australia has announced three ships - P&O's Pacific Explorer and Pacific Jewel plus Princess Cruises' Sea Princess - will offer supporting accommodation to the 10,000 people at the event. The ships will be moored within the APEC security zones to provide accommodation for those attending the summit, which runs from the 12th through to the 18th of November 2018.

Cruise Industry News --

Body of Missing Policeman Found

The body of a senior police officer has been recovered after 24 hours of searching by fellow officers. The body was found after he was swept away by flood at the Tapo Fjord River crossing, in Madang province.

Loop Nauru --

Toll Free POM Police

The NCD police hierarchy is working with Telikom PNG Ltd to allocate police a toll free number to go together with a new police unit that will be establish, called NCD Task Force. NCD Police Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N'Drano said all this is part of his plan to regain the public confidence in the police force by ensuring a quick response time to any incident in the city.

One PNG --

Miracle Potions

Papua New Guineans are using potions made in backyards from questionable ingredients, including human urine, as the country faces a chronic shortage of conventional medicine. The herbal medicines are big business on the streets of PNG's cities and towns.

ABC Online --

NiuPower Project

Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited (KPHL) says it welcomes landowners to become commercial equity partners in the Port Moresby Power Project

Loop PNG --

Judges Sworn In

His Excellency Grand Chief Sir Bob Bofeng Dadae, GCL, GCMG, KStJ, Governor General of Papua New Guinea, has presided over the swearing in ceremony of a judge and acting judges of the National and Supreme Courts of PNG. The swearing in ceremony was witnessed by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika and fellow judges.

PNG Today --

Sabre Expands

Sabre Corporation, the leading technology provider to the global travel industry, announced a new agreement with Air Niugini to distribute the Sabre global distribution system (GDS) in PNG. This move marks Sabre's entry into the PNG travel market and further cements Sabre as the leading travel technology partner for the Pacific region.

Travel Daily News --

Stop Blame Game

New Britain Palm Oil (NBPOL) country manager Robert Nilkare says the blame game between the private sector and government needs to stop. Mr Nilkare said this while commending the newly launched dashboard by the United Nations and the PNG Business Council recently in Port Moresby.

PNG News --
Businesses focusing on UN goals --

Illegal Fire Crackers

People in Lae in possession of illegal firecrackers can be charged under the Dangerous Goods Act, says Kelly Sop, the Lae Urban local level government law and order committee secretary. Sop said illegal firecrackers known as "pop guns" were dangerous and could harm people. Police and law and order committee members will conduct a joint operation during the festive period to maintain peace and order.

The National --

Markham Valley Vocational Training

Markham Valley parents have been encouraged to make good use of the technical education opportunities available to their children. Morobe technical vocational education and training (TVET) inspector John Moses urged parents to enroll their children at the Umi Technical Vocational Centre (UVTC) and to support their children all the way to the end.

Post Courier --

Oro Jail Break

There's been another jail break from Oro Province's Biru prison. According to The National, the seventeen inmates who escaped from the prison on Sunday are mostly remandees. The provincial police commander Lincoln Gerari says the escapees remain at large and are dangerous.

Radio New Zealand --

Driver Crashes Into Police

A drunk truck driver has crashed into a police vehicle in Lae, Morobe province. The Police driver was caught off guard when the truck suddenly pulled into their lane. The Police vehicle driver tried to avoid the truck but as they were just meters apart, both vehicles collided.

Post Courier --

Budget Not Disbursed Correctly

The United Nations Development Programme representative in PNG (Roy Trivedy) has called for greater efforts to get the government budget executed properly. Mr Trivedy said typically only 40 to 60 percent of earmarked funds were dispensed. Trivedy said the recently released national budget was one of the best he had seen during his time in PNG, but that unless it is executed properly it is just a set of figures.

Radio New Zealand --

Boroko Christmas Expo

Ray White Real Estate has recently hosted a Christmas Expo at Boroko. Companies present during the event were bmobile, Telikom PNG, Venture Travel Agent, Monian Limited, Shetland Times Limited, Post-Courier, Oleander Hair and Beauty, Leisure Holidays and Pacific Industries.

Loop PNG --

Coming Events

Note: please verify any date mentioned as dates change and events can sometimes get cancelled. Of course I may also put down a wrong date.

Cake Bake Show - 20 December 2017 - Lamana Hotel

Christmas Day, Monday 25 December 2017

Boxing Day, Tuesday 26 December 2017

New Year, 1 January 2018

11th March - 1st round QRL 2018 season. PNG Hunters kick off premiership defence against Ipswich Jets --

Good Friday, 30 March 2018

Easter Sunday, 1 April 2018

2018 - APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit to be held in Port Moresby --

Oceania Men's and Women's Continental Hockey Qualification in Port Moresby in May 2018

Queen's Birthday, 11 June 2018

July 2018 - 6th Melanesian Festival of Arts and Culture - Solomon Islands

Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 in San Francisco - 20 - 22 July 2018

Remembrance Day, 23 July 2018

Mount Hagen Cultural Show --

Independence Day, 16 September 2018

Goroka Show --

World Tourism Day 2018, 27 September

Port Moresby Craft Markets - Laguna Hotel - 1st Saturday of the month (9 am - 2 pm), PNG Arts - 2nd Saturday of the month (9 am - 2 pm), Holiday Inn - 3rd Saturday of the month (9 am - 2 pm), Ela Beach - 4th Saturday of the month (6 am to 12 pm)

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