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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
abus bulmakau beef
antap up / on top / above
baim buy / buy and sell / pay / pay for
baim bas catch a bus
cuscus possum
daimen diamond
gaden bilas park
gait guide
garamut slit drum / drum
mambu bamboo / vessel / pipe / pan pipes
mambu bilong wara water pipe
pinis finish / end / stop
pinis bilong mauten foot of mountain
spacim pikinini space your children
twenti twenty
univesiti university
waia wire / rope / sttring / vine
yangpela young / green / small

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Lae Botanical Gardens
Lae Botanical Gardens

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PNG News Links

Return home unlikely for volcano-affected PNG community --

Asians found dead in Goroka kaibar --

World's coral reefs face new peril from beneath within decades --

Juffa blasts PNG resources 'sell out' but tells of Managalas hope --

PNG hosts APEC meeting on illicit timber trade while allowing illegal loggers to destroy its forests --

Loggers still operating on PNG lease despite court ruling --

Elite calls for review into voting system --

The Belt and Road to nowhere: China's incoherent aid in PNG --

Misc Links

Pressure mounts on Catholic-run family planning clinics in PNG --

Papua New Guinea - First historical issue of PGS Salesian Bulletin --

My Land My Country --

Jerry Garry, PNG geologist who helped shape Afghanistan's mining laws --

Lae City coach hopes rival PNG football competitions can combine --

National Capital District Commission --

LNG Interest Rekindled --

Government gives ILG certificates to clans in Madang's Ramu Valley --

PINA condemns journo's alleged attack --

Pit Pit in Coconut Cream --

Pacific Place renamed MRDC Haus --

PNG country profile from the BBC --

News Items

Kokoda Track Blockade Ended

Protesting landowners have ended their blockade of the famous Kokoda Track. The PNG Government has agreed to the group's key demand - to review a joint aid program with Australia in exchange for the track being reopened. The landowners claimed the aid program, the Kokoda Initiative, was not being run properly and they were missing out on the economic benefits of the track.

Australian ABC --

YWAM Medical

Over 70 people in remote areas of Morobe Province have regained their sight over the last two weeks, thanks to a YWAM Medical Ships' ophthalmology (eye surgery) patrol, with specific assistance from Pacific International Hospital. A further 853 received optometry assessment for sight-enhancing glasses.

Post Courier --

Israeli doctors perform over 80 vision-restoring surgeries --

Trukai Industries has given one tonne of Jasmine and naturally enriched rice to YWAM in Lae --

Rotarians Donate

The Modilon Hospital in Madang recently accepted a gift of $400,000 worth of medical supplies from an unexpected source: Montrose, Colorado - a town that's 7,319 miles away on the other side of the Equator. The shipment contained all kinds of equipment, including EKG monitors, glucose pens, stethoscopes, laryngoscopes, CPAP supplies, lab coats, oxygen tank regulators, gloves, protective masks and more.

Telluride Daily Planet --

Tougher Gun laws Proposed

People illegally using or possessing firearms will face jail terms of up to ten years and fines of up to K10,000 under strict new laws to be presented to Parliament in April. The Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill CMG MP, has announced that the National Executive Council has formally endorsed amendments to the Firearms Act that will increase penalties for offenders, and will work with the Government's commitment to modernise the Royal PNG Constabulary.

One PNG --

APEC Meeting

The visit by senior officers from the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) to Goroka this week will be an historical event for Eastern Highlands Province and the Highlands region.

Post Courier --

Newcrest is Platinum Sponsor for APEC --

High levels of Papua New Guinean poverty overshadows APEC --

PNG yet to consider Pacific APEC help --

Water PNG in Goroka

An integrated land group (ILG) that owns a large portion of land that hosts the source of Goroka's water supply has welcomed moves by Water PNG to take over water supply in the town. Goroka urban local level government continues to oppose the Water PNG takeover.

The National --

Alluvial Mining for Locals

According to the Minister for Mining, Johnson Tuke, alluvial mining is now reserved for Papua New Guineans. This will also see for regional alluvial (small scale) mining schools to be established in the country and the sector to be funded by the government. He said mining was a sector that Papua New Guinea based its budget on and therefore imperative, under the O'Neill-Abel Government to help the people participate meaningfully in the alluvial sector and generate wealth for the country.

Post Courier --

Govt Facilitating Illegal Logging

The PNG government has been accused of allowing loggers to operate illegally without landowner approval.

Radio New Zealand --

Townsville Flights

Air Niugini has denied suggestions its Townsville to Port Moresby services will be cut but welcomed an offer from Qantas to code share the flights. Qantas said Air Niugini's Townsville-Port Moresby flights would benefit from a Qantas's codeshare, given the PNG carrier was considering dropping the route due to low passenger numbers.

Australian Aviation --

Broncos in Port Moresby

As expected the Brisbane Broncos arrived in Port Moresby to be greeted by a packed crowd waiting for them at the Jacksons International Airport. People stood outside the airport for almost 3 hours, waiting for the players to walk out.


Brisbane Broncos attack fires late to down PNG Hunters in Port Moresby trial match --

Student Hospitalised

Frustrated pedestrians at the 9-mile market in Port Moresby burnt a PMV Bus after it hit a student and bumped three taxis last week. Eyewitnesses said angry commuters bashed the driver and his crew as police arrived on scene to calm the situation.

PNG Today --

Police Driver Training

Bring it on, these are words from the more than 10 female body guards and their trainers during their last tactical driving drill at the Air Transport Wing, Port Moresby. "We are 100 per cent ready, if they are to drive a leader tomorrow, they are ready," said Sergeant Lucas Atkins from the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Post Courier --

Past and Present PNG Photos

Is any place on the planet less familiar to many people than heavily forested, mountainous, linguistically complex, faraway PNG? The images on the pages at the link below document just a few points on the wide spectrum of life in PNG today. At one end is what might be called extravagant tradition. To see that, the photographer Sandro, who's based in Chicago, went to the Eastern Highlands and attended the Goroka Show.

Smithsonian Magazine --

Nadi Aviators Confident of Victory

The 2018 Melanesian Cup saw the Fiji Nadi Aviators take on reigning champions Lae Snax Tigers at the Oil Search National Football Stadium in Port Moresby on the 24th of February.

Post Courier --

Resettlement Impossible for Refugees

An advocate says the recent arrest of nine Manus Island refugees in Port Moresby shows men detained in PNG by Australia cannot be resettled there. The men were captured during an early morning police raid at Aku Lodge, where they'd been living for up to two years as part of a resettlement process.

Radio New Zealand --


Sime Darby Plantation plans to reduce its stake in its 100% owned New Britain Palm Oil (NBPOL) to between 51% and 60% - three years after taking full control of the company. Sime Darby Plantation is a founder member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and together with NBPOL's capacity, it can produce almost 26% of the global CSPO output.

The Star --

Commercialised Galip Nut

The galip project in Morobe province is the start to the province's long term goal to participate in the commercialisation of the nut. East New Britain province is the leader and only province that has advanced with the galip project to reach commercial stage.

Post Courier --

Corruption Index

Papua New Guinea has improved its ranking in Transparency International's newly released global corruption index. The index -- -- ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption. It uses a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 is highly corrupt and 100 is very clean. With a score of just 29, PNG is ranked at 135th, which is still an improvement of 15 places over five years.

Radio New Zealand

Kokoda Boxing Challenge

Some of the best boxers from Commonwealth countries, including PNG, Fiji and Australia will be able to showcase their talent in the Kokoda Boxing Challenge as part of a Commonwealth Games Trial. The Challenge will be held in Port Moresby on the 10th of May at the Lamana Gold Club. PNG will be represented by a female and four male boxers in this event.


Catch of the Day

A lead up event to the 43rd National Game Fishing tournament saw Runner-Up angler Mick Hauser show off a mahimahi, weighing 12.2kg that he caught during the 11th annual Muddy's Memorial Billfish shoot out in Lae, Morobe Province.

Post Courier --

The 2018 43rd National Game Fishing tournament will be held from the 23rd of March

More Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Following the completion of their four year training at the Air New Zealand Aviation Institute in Christchurch, New Zealand, ten Air Niugini Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) including two females have returned to Port Moresby and joined the aircraft maintenance workforce at Air Niugini Engineering. Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer, Mr Simon Foo in welcoming them home said the airline invests a lot of resources into training young Papua New Guineans and the results are very rewarding.

PNG Today --

Drug-resistant TB

Health authorities in PNG say they've finally made progress against a "superbug" in communities near the Australian border. A drug-resistant tuberculosis outbreak on Daru Island has been causing international alarm since it was first noticed a decade ago.

Australian ABC --

Coming Events

Note: please verify any date mentioned as dates change and events can sometimes get cancelled. Of course I may also put down a wrong date.

11th March - 1st round QRL 2018 season. PNG Hunters kick off premiership defence against Ipswich Jets --

PNG Petroleum & Energy Summit - 19 to 21 March 2018 in Port Moresby --

43rd National Game Fishing titles from 23 March to 1 April 1 2018 in Lae, Morobe province.

Good Friday, 30 March 2018

Easter Sunday, 1 April 2018

Commonwealth Games - 4 April 2018 - 15 April 2018

2018 - APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit to be held in Port Moresby -- (Link Broken!!!)

Oceania Men's and Women's Continental Hockey Qualification in Port Moresby in May 2018

Queen's Birthday, Monday 11 June 2018

July 2018 - 6th Melanesian Festival of Arts and Culture - Solomon Islands

Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 in San Francisco - 20 - 22 July 2018

Remembrance Day, Monday 23 July 2018

Mount Hagen Cultural Show --

Independence Day, Sunday 16 September 2018

Goroka Show --

World Tourism Day 2018, Thursday 27 September

Christmas Day, Tuesday 25 December

Boxing Day, Wednesday 26 December

New Year, Tuesday 1 January 2019

Port Moresby Craft Markets - Laguna Hotel - 1st Saturday of the month (9 am - 2 pm), PNG Arts - 2nd Saturday of the month (9 am - 2 pm), Holiday Inn - 3rd Saturday of the month (9 am - 2 pm), Ela Beach - 4th Saturday of the month (6 am to 12 pm)

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