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PNG Gossip Newsletter Meri Milne Bay

Welcome to the Papua New Guinea Gossip - 30 Sep 1998. A very special welcome is extended to any new readers. If you have comments or suggestions to make then please e-mail them to giaman@pnggossip.com

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Remember that this mailing list is mainly meant for people who have an interest and already know a little bit about the people and geography of Papua New Guinea. The local PNG currency is called Kina and is mentioned from time to time in this newsletter.

If you are really keen on finding out what the Kina is worth a currency converter for most world currencies can be located at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/moni.html

For those who are not so familiar with the geography of Papua New Guinea I suggest taking a look http://maps.expedia.com and then click on the find a map option. Go to this link for a quick start to a link to a map of Port Moresby. http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/pom-map.html

Also remember that the accuracy of the information in this newsletter should not be relied upon - it is, after all, a gossip newsletter.

National Capital Botanical Gardens

Situated within the vast campus of the University of PNG in Port Moresby, the National Capital Botanical Gardens are one of the prime tourist attractions for the country. The Gardens have a huge collection of plants from all over PNG as well as many plants from other parts of the world. These include many palm species, bamboos, heliconias, cordyline, pandanus, native trees and shrubs. Well known for its extensive collection of PNG orchid species housed in large greenhouses the gardens have large orchid houses for orchid hybrids producing cut flowers for the own flower shop. The web site is located at -- http://www.ncbg.org.pg

Taklam Guest House

The Guest House, actually it is now called Taklam Lodge and Tours, was originally located in Rabaul but was relocated to Kokopo after the twin volcanic eruptions destroyed Rabaul in 1994. They commenced operations in 1990 offering a home away from home service. A web site is located at -- http://www.taklam.com.pg/

PNG Manufacturers Council

The Manufacturers Council of Papua New Guinea -- http://www.pngmade.org.pg/ -- The Manufacturers Council is a non-government organisation, established in 1991, to promote the manufacturing and downstream processing sector within Papua New Guinea.

PNG Religious Web Sites

The web site for Papua New Guinea Church Partnership based in the United Kingdom is located at -- http://hometown.aol.co.uk/pngcpluxton/PNGChurchPartnership.htm. This was formerly known as the New Guinea Mission - Supporting the Anglican Province

Here is a quote from one of the pages on the web site --

Many people who live in remote areas in PNG do not receive any medical treatment. The first ever doctors in Koinambe (an area of malnourishment in the Jimi Valley) returned to UK in July 2002. VSO's Chris and Toni Rolles were able to visit people where they live - sometimes two days walk across difficult terrain. PNGCP recruit, Dr. Susanne Alzinger, returned from Oro Bay to Zurich fifteen months ago....

Pioneer Bible Translators -- http://www.pioneerbible.org.pg
Port Moresby Diocese of the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea -- http://www.portmoresby.anglican.org
United Pentecostal Assemblies of PNG -- http://www.upcpng.org
Catholic Church of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands -- http://www.catholicpng.org.pg
Religious Television Association -- http://www.rtapng.com.pg

Telephone Management

If anyone is in PNG and looking for a good telephone management system for their Ericsson, Telikom Oki, Panasonic, NEC or possibly other PABX then I suggest taking a visit to MATRYX -- http://www.matryx.com.pg. -- This PNG system boasts over 100 customers within PNG. The company can also offer web development and various IT services. It is also associated with the PNG Business and Tourism Directory located at -- http://www.pngbd.com

Real Estate Agents

Arthur Strachan (Lae) -- http://www.arthurstrachan.com.pg
Century 21 -- http://www.century21.com.pg/ and http://www.siule.com.pg/
Kohoy Real Estate -- http://kohoyrealestates.tripod.com/
L.J Hooker -- http://www.ljhooker.com
Ray White Real Estate -- monian@online.net.pg
Strickland RE -- http://www.sre.com.pg/
The Professionals -- http://www.theprofessionals.com.pg

Institute of Directors

The PNG Institute of Directors has revamped its website with the help of an AESOP Volunteer, Peter Griffin . It is an excellent introduction to PNG company law and related governance issues it can be found at -- www.pngid.org.pg

Bill Purcell's Website

Bill, a pilot with many years of experience in PNG, has sections of his web site dealing with Tok Pisin and PNG Aviation in General with special areas on Missionary Aviation Fellowship, PNG Airstrips, Humour and even some airline related humour. This site located at -- http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/billsview/ -- has more than mentioned above so my tip is to visit and take a good look around.

His section on PNG airstrips carries the following disclaimer. PNG Airstrip Data is published only as a guide to pilots in matters helpful to operations, such as GPS settings, wind characteristics, and surface conditions. The PNG AIP-AGA is the legal document governing aviation operations.

National Capital

The National Capital District covers an area of 225 square kilometres located on the southeast coast of the main island of Papua New Guinea at latitude 9 degrees 29 south of the Equator. The web site is located at -- http://www.ncdc.gov.pg

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister's web site is located at -- http://www.pm.gov.pg/pmsoffice/pmsoffice.nsf -- but some of the information is well and truly out of date. For example the site made mention of the PNGBC (Papua New Guinea Banking Corporation) but this organisation no longer exists. It has been taken over by the Bank South Pacific.


A recent awareness campaign was barred from the Goroka Show because it was too explicit. It's okay for people to get AIDS but not okay to try and prevent it!

Port Moresby

The Hiri Moale festival in Port Moresby has been slammed for holding an event at the same time as the Independence Flag raising ceremony.

The Hiri Moale float procession was a bit of a flop this year. Only one float appeared.

Independence Day

The designer of the PNG Flag wants more compensation than the recognition she has already received. It was even rumoured that she attempted to pull down the flag on Independence Day. Maybe that's why everyone went to the Hiri Moale festival instead??!

No news has been received as to how each politician spent the K10,000 that the PM gave them for Independence Day. This adds up to a total of K1.09 million for all the politicians.


The acting Prime Minister has said the PNG economy will turn around and be on the road to recovery very soon. So for all of you overseas readers who own property or businesses here you might be in luck but I woldn't hold my breath waiting.

An official from the Bank of Hawaii (Regional Economist) has predicted a rosy future for PNG within the next 6 to 12 months.

Catholic Archbishop of Port Moresby has said the PNG's budget is proving to be a farce because it is heavily dependent on overseas loans.


Solders on Bougainville are selling scrap metal to makes end meet. This is because they have not received their allowances for the past six months.

Oro / Popondetta

The Oro Provincial Govt. has been suspended on allegations of gross mismanagement of public funds.

Internal Revenue Commission

The IRC is holding public briefings on the Value Added Tax to be introduced next year in PNG.

Pangu Pati has said that they will not support VAT in the next session of Parliament.

Dr Elton Brash

Condolence messages are still streaming in after the death of Dr Elton Brash. (ex Vice Chancellor of the University of Papua New Guinea)

Angau Hospital

The chairman of the Angau Hospital has reported that the Gaming Board has presented the hospital with K100,000. The chairman is disappointed though that a promised K150,000 in December hasn't arrived yet.


Schools in the National Capital have been told not to suspend students who fail to pay school fees. How are schools supposed to manage if they don't get paid?

PNG Education Related Website

PNG media related sites

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Created 30 Sep 1998
Updated 10 May 2004
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