P.N.G. Gossip Newsletter - 8 Jun 1999

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Remember that this mailing list is mainly meant for people who have an interest and already know a little bit about the people and geography of Papua New Guinea. The PNG Kina, which is mentioned from time to time, is currently worth about 43 United States cents but varies on a daily basis.

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Niugini Match Company

Soap and Chemical Manufacturer Campbell Brothers have bought the Niugini Match Company, which, I believe, is based in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Australia.

Air Niugini

Air Niugini is attempting to sell off more of its assets. Adverts have appeared in the local press for the sale of the following - Catering, Printing and Crew Transport. Also up for sale are the some of the existing Air Niugini operations based at Vanimo, Kundiawa, Manus and Daru. Meanwhile Air Niugini sales offices will come under a separate subsidiary called Air Niugini Travel Centres.

Highlands Highway

The continued crime problems along the Highlands Highway have forced over 60 truck drivers in Lae to walk away from their jobs. These drivers, who are employed by at least six trucking companies, fear for their safety after continued attacks in parts of Enga Province.


The 80 Kilometre road project linking Bereina, Central Province to Malalaua, Gulf Province will be completed next year. This was at the opening of the first stage, which is from Bereina to Apanaipi. The second stage, from Apanaipi to Malalaua, is expected to be completed by April 2000.


The Government will allocate K500,000 for the upgrading of the Charles Abel Highway linking the airport at Gurney to the provincial capital of Alotau.

Indonesians Freed

PNG Security forces have freed eleven Indonesians held captive by the OPM on PNG soil. The rescue was a combined operation by the PNG Defence Force and the police mobile squad. The Indonesians were captured by the OPM on May the 5th about 50kms from the PNG Indonesian border on Indonesian soil.

National Speaker

The National Speaker of Parliament has been sacked by his party caucus along with Kilroy Genia. It is said that Mr Pundari has formed his own political party called "PNG Liberal Party"

Bill Skate

The Prime Minister is now considering the redistribution of Ministries in his Government in a bid to entice PANGU into his fold. In fact Chris Haiveta is now back and has developed an economic recovery package in as little as two days. Meanwhile party politics are in full swing whilst people manoeuvre for the vote of no confidence in July.


Francis Ona, the rebel leader of the BRA, has said that he had no time for the newly formed Bougainville People's Congress (BPC) headed by fellow BRA strong man Joseph Kabui. Mr Kabui has said that the future of Bougainville is now in the hands of the BPC.

Radio East New Britain

The radio station is off the air again. This is due to staff discontent with the current NBC restructure, which is attempting to weed out the deadwood.

Port Moresby Show

The 47th annual Port Moresby show was on this last weekend. This year the show had as usual, Agricultural Displays, Traditional Dancing Groups, the Coca-Cola Amphitheatre, as well as stalls displaying wares and selling showbags. Once again it was hot and dusty and very difficult to take photographs. I have a few at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/pomshw99.html but be warned they are not high quality.

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