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World Environement Day

2015 Poster Competiton.


Entries close 12th June 2015

World Environement Day 2015
Poster Competition



Poster Competition


The Ozone Layer acts as a shield protecting the Earth from the sun’s harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays.
The Ozone Layer Protects life on our Planet.

Developments in technology has seen an increased use of Hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) used as a coolant in Refrigeration and Air conditioning.

HCFC is an Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) hence contributes to the deterioration of the Ozone Layer. Excessive exposure to Ultra Violet radiation can lead to various human health issues like skin cancer & eye cataracts. This detrimental impact extends also to plant life & other global warming issues.

The Montreal Protocol is an International Treaty designed by the United Nations in 1987 to Protect the Ozone Layer.

Papua New Guinea has been a party to this treaty since 1993. The PNG Government has put in place the HCFC Phase Out Management Plan (HPMP) which will see a complete ban of HCFCs in PNG by the year 2025.


Best Poster! Ozone Day Gold award & K500.00 Cash Prize
2nd Ozone Day Silver award & K300.00 Cash Prize
3rd Ozone Day Bronze award & K200.00 Cash Prize

Mail entries to:
‘Ozone Day Poster Design Competition’
National Ozone Unit
Conservation & Environment Protection Authority
PO Box 6601, Boroko, NCD, PNG

Authorised by :
Gunther JOKU
Managing Director





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