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PNG Gossip Newsletter Meri Milne Bay

Welcome to the Papua New Guinea Gossip - 3 May 2001. A very special welcome is extended to any new readers. If you have comments or suggestions to make then please e-mail them to giaman[at]pnggossip.com

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Remember that this mailing list is mainly meant for people who have an interest and already know a little bit about the people and geography of Papua New Guinea. The PNG Kina, which is mentioned from time to time, is currently worth somewhere around 31 - 32 United States cents but varies on a daily basis.

If you are really keen on finding out what the Kina is worth a currency converter for most world currencies can be located at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/moni.html

For those who are not so familiar with the geography of Papua New Guinea I suggest taking a look http://maps.expedia.com and then click on the find a map option. Go to this link for a quick start to a link to a map of Port Moresby. http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/pom-map.html

Also remember that the accuracy of the information in this newsletter should not be relied upon - it is, after all, a gossip newsletter.

Sites to visit

Here is one of many tales told about Papua New Guinea that can be found at PNG Tales -- http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Cove/9183

Note: Copyright remains with the author.

The Rubbish Dump

This is a good example of taking instructions literally, it happened sometime in Port Moresby.

The boss of a business said to one of his boys "Take my vehicle and pick up all the rubbish out the back, take it all to the dump and burn it"

The boss wondered why it was taking so long for his vehicle to come back but the worker had only been doing what he was told.

He took the vehicle and the rubbish to the dump and burnt it, both the rubbish and the vehicle!!

For more tales like that then do not forget to visit PNG Tales located at http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Cove/9183.

Some other sites, worth paying a visit to, have been put together by Don Fielder at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/2847/index.html. If you want to read about the world's biggest butterfly take a trip to http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/2847/png.html where you'll learn not just about the Queen Alexandrae Butterfly but also about Birds of Paradise and a food dish called Mera Kao Kao.

Ela Beach Hotel

The Ela Beach Hotel or perhaps known to others as the Davara Hotel has a website located at http://www.elabeachhotel.com.pg

Haus Poroman

The web site for Haus Poroman, P O Box 1182, Mt Hagen, PNG is http://www.hausporoman.com.pg - Haus Poroman translates to "House of Friends" and is the only place to stay if you are visiting Mt Hagen and wish to experience the atmosphere that is Papua New Guinea.

Accommodation WebSites

Mt Ulamona

Residents of West New Britain have been warned that Mt Ulamona has been put on a stage two alert after recent eruptions and other volcanic activity.


The National newspaper has reported that the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum has said that prominent industry bodies share an "unparalleled concern at the continuing growth of corruption, nepotism, outrageous salary packages and political horse-trading that seems to be going on unchecked in the country".


Police have charged a man for being in possession of 16 Kilograms of marijuana. This is considered by police as being the biggest drug haul this year with an estimated street value of K500,000.


The PNG Cricket Board (PNGCB) has revealed that it mortgaged its only asset to raise money for several overseas trips. The Board now owes K180,000 in interest plus approximately K53,000 of the principal.

It has been revealed that the PNGCB was so financially starved for cash that an executive member had to mortgage his mother's house to obtain funding for the national team to be able to play in the International Cricket Council Trophy tournament in Malaysia.

Electricity Rates

The cost of electricity has gone up by ten percent after requesting a 44.4 percent increase from the price controller.

The first 100-kilowatt hours of electricity will now cost the domestic consumer 16.38 toea per kilowatt-hour. The balance of the bill will be charged at 23.57 toea per kilowatt-hour on a monthly basis. For those with the easy pay metres the cost will be a flat 19.66 toea per kilowatt-hour.

Cigarette Prices

A price rise has been granted for the price of cigarettes. Regular smokers can expect to pay K7.50 for a packet of 25 and K6.00 for a pack of 20 cigarettes. Individual cigarettes will now sell for 35 toea for Cambridge whilst Mutrus and Spear will sell for 60 toea.

Wewak Cannery

A joint venture project between Angco Limited and Starkist has given assurances that the proposed Wewak Tuna Canning project has taken environmental considerations into the plan. Concerns have been raised because the proposed cannery will be located close to the Windjammer Hotel.


It has been reported that the Tapini Local Level Government Council of Tapini has not had a meeting in over four years. This has meant that the region has suffered in terms of development and government services for over four years.


Over 400 Australians and New Zealanders turned up at Bomana War Cemetery to commemorate ANZAC day.

Sopas Hospital

The Health Minister has reassured the community of Enga that the Sopas Hospital will reopen. The SDA church closed the hospital last November due to funding and constant tribal fighting problems which became a threat to the staff and patients.

Fire Fighting

The fire brigade is actively attempting to educate property owners on the hazards of fire and what precautions should be taken. It is hoped that then the risk of fire will be reduced.


The National Alliance Political Party is setting up a branch office in Manus. The branch was launched at the Lorengau market by Sir Michael Somare in front of over 2000 people.


Some of the members of the Advance PNG Party have merged with the People's Democratic Movement (PDM) Party forming a party big enough to rule without a coalition. The current leader of the PDM is Prime Minister Mekere Morauta.

Sepik Liquor Licencing

After a sharp increase in the number of fatal accidents, involving the use of alcohol, the police in the East Sepik province are extremely concerned about the way liquor licences are issued.

Moresby Arts Theatre

The Moresby Arts Theatre had their annual general meeting on the 29th of April. For details please send email to phil.and.bren@independent.com.pg

Arafura Games

14 boxers from Bougainville, North Solomon's Province, will be contesting the Arafura Games to be held in Darwin from the 19th to 26th of May. Boxers from the province have a proven track record and have produced many top boxers in the past.


The tourist town of Madang is seeing the erection of security fences around homes, businesses and government offices. The Administration Headquarters is the latest to receive a security fence after a recent series of break ins at the offices.

National Capital District Commission

The Commissions is introducing time cards and time clocks. It has been found that many of the staff have abused the use of books to record attendance.


Exhibits at the PNG National Museum and Art Gallery are in danger of being lost for ever due to outstanding electricity bills. If the power goes off then the fragile relics from the past will deteriorate very quickly. It was only that the museum was hosting an exhibition of Australian Aboriginal art that the electricity company allowed the power to be reconnected.


Some of the 700 plus languages spoken in PNG are under threat of becoming extinct. The Summer Institute of Languages has reported that at least six languages have been lost since 1950. Five more have less than five speakers remaining. The major problem appears to be the widespread use of Pidgin English for wide spread communication amongst the many varied language groups.


It is hoped that meetings currently being held in the Togarau Mountains inland from Wakunai on Bougainville will come up with a solution to dispose of the weapons used during the Bougainville conflict. It is hoped that if the weapons are disposed of them the people of Bougainville will help to build confidence in the community.

It has been three years since any major conflict has been reported on Bougainville.

World Money

It has been reported that the Australian budgetary assistance amounting to K33 million is in the government's bank account. This should make some of the many public servants who have been suffering happy. The International Monetary Fund has deposited another K129 million making a total of K162 million available to the government just before the 2002 elections.

Western Highlands Province

Australian Senator Kay Patterson has donated practical training kits for villages at Opiapul. The Senator was in the province checking on the progress of various AusAid projects.

Financial Sites

Post Courier

The cover price of the Post Courier newspaper has increase from 80 toea per copy to K1.00. The National is cashing in on the opportunity at being able to advertise itself as being for sale at only 80 toea.

PNG media related sites




Radio Stations

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