PNG Gossip Newsletter - 6 June 2005

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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
banana banana
bin / ol bin beans
diwai tree / wood (timber)
gamtri / kamarere eucalyptus tree / gum tree
gorgor / kawawar ginger
han bilong diwai branch of tree
het bilong diwai crown of tree
kakao cocoa
kamautim (kaukau) harvest (sweet potato)
karet carrot
kasava / tapiok cassava
katim diwai i pundaun fell a tree
kaukau sweet potato
sips chips (potato)
tomato tomatoe(s)
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Remember that this mailing list is meant (mainly) for people who have an interest and already know a little bit about the people and geography of Papua New Guinea. The PNG Kina, which is mentioned from time to time in this newsletter, is currently worth around 30 - 30.5 United States cents but varies on a daily basis.

If you are really keen on finding out what the Kina is worth a currency converter for most world currencies can be located at -- -- The PNG Business and Tourism Directory also has daily rates based from a PNG perspective

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Milne Bay

Maps of Milne Bay -- -> this is for drilling down to places such as Wedau.

The Tawali Resort is located on a volcanic bluff overlooking the clear protected waters of Milne Bay and accessible only by boat. The Tawali Resort web site can be located at --

Considering walking along the mainland coast of Milne Bay then here is an article that may interest you -- -- It covers a walk from East Cape to Wamira Village just near Dogura Anglican Cathedral.

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PNG Rugby League --
PNG Aussie Rules --
South Pacific Motor Sports Club --
The Motor Sports Club also has sub-pages dealing with -- go karting, snooker, game fishing and speedway. Visit the -- -- web site and navigate from there.
Game Fishing --
Royal Papua Yacht Club --

ICCC Web Site

The Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) has a web site to hopefully help the ICCC carryout a greater awareness of consumer rights and business responsibilities under the provisions of the ICCC Act and other relevant legislation. The website can be found at -- -- Consumers will now be able to lodge complaints online.

PNG Chill

The PNG Chill Web Site can be found at --

National Statistical Office

The National Statistical Office has a web site located at --

Ever wondered what is the population of various PNG towns? -- -- makes a reasonable guess considering the last census held in PNG was in the year 2000.

News Items


The National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) has released eight selected clones of durian fruit trees to the farmers. NARI made the release during the annual open day in Lae, Morobe Province. The selection of eight was made from over 20 seedling evaluated between 1980 and 1992 and then further evaluated over the past 13 years. Durian - Durio zibethinus Murr - is well suited to the tropical, humid conditions found in PNG. It is also well known for its uniquely, unpleasant smell when ripe.

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio operators in the Gordon's area are upset that a public broadcaster has been allowed to flood the 40-metre band with an extremely strong single that obliterates all amateur traffic. The high powered broadcaster, Wantaok Light, has been allocated a frequency in what is considered a shared amateur band by the licensing authority who appear to have little regard for the existing use of this segment of the 40 Metre band. Amateurs are asking why, in the light of World radio determinations that state that such broadcasters will have to move to other frequencies by 2009, this broadcaster has been allowed to set up so close to the cut of date in a suburb of Port Moresby. Several commercial companies are also facing problems with the broadcaster who broadcasts continually not like amateur traffic that is in short bursts.

PNG Postage Rates

Can anyone help Tom??

I'm currently mailing books to PNG and I'm rather puzzled about how cheap it is to go from the US to PNG compared to the reverse direction. The cheapest rate for surface books works out to about US$2/kilo to PNG. Post PNG on the other hand seems to have eliminated all cheap (surface) international postage rates, such that DHL is sometimes cheaper than Post PNG. Does anyone know what happened? Is there a cheaper way that I don't know about (for much less than a cargo container's worth)? -- Tom Slone

Security Purchase

It has been rumoured that Protect Security in Gordon's have purchased the Securimax Security Company and is only waiting for final approval from the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission before finalising the purchase. Protect Security have a web page at --

Cancer Machine

Kevin Lock is attempting to contact someone, anyone who has an interest in getting the Cancer Machine at the Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae repaired. He is becoming frustrated because he cannot get through to anyone. Can anyone help him? He says that he can probably repair the existing machine and get it working again.


The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) hopes to be able to attract 100,000 tourists to the country by 2008 and rake in K500 million. It would appear that finally someone has realised that money has got to be spent on tourism if you want to attract people to visit the country. Spend some money and there are extremely good possibilities that the money will be returned with interest that will benefit the whole country. The TPA is currently running a campaign to make people within PNG aware of the benefits that tourism will provide.

National Provident Fund

The first person, hopefully not the only one, has been found guilty of conspiracy and misappropriation of over K235,000 belonging to the former National Provident Fund (now NASFUND). Valuer Iori Veraga was found guilty on two counts of conspiracy and four counts of misappropriation. Veraga was sentenced to immediate imprisonment at the Bomana Jail outside Port Moresby but because no Correctional Services were present he was able to go home and present himself the next day for his trip to jail.

School Fights

Once it was only the Police and the Defence Force that residents of Port Moresby had to worry about fighting in the streets but now there are more and more school children fighting for their schools after school. The fighting has gone to an extreme and students are now being taken to police stations for counselling. Parents do not seem to care about their children and have not bothered to front up at the schools to discuss the problem. Fighting of school children is an ongoing problem and students from Boreboa and Waigani come and fight at the market.

PNG Apples

Any trip to a festival in Goroka will always find someone displaying locally grown apples. The apples seem to grow very well and are often of far better quality than ones imported from overseas. Some of the apples have come from trees grown in the Henganofi District. Being a local product the apples are very popular in the rural districts and attract the attention farmers wanting to see if they can also grow them.

Rafting In PNG

Many tourist come to PNG to go white water rafting unfortunately three Israeli's have been killed and another two injured while white water rafting along the Watut River in Morobe Province. The deaths are a blow to rafting in PNG as the Israeli's were preparing a documentary on rafting in PNG. A travel company in Israel had sent a 12 member team to PNG to help map selected areas of the country that are considered suitable for white water rafting. Condolences from all around PNG have gone out to the families and friends of the rafters.

Medical Drug Shortage

A shortage of drugs at the biggest hospitals in PNG remains an ongoing threat to surgery. The situation is so critical that the annual open-heart surgery program this year may have to be cancelled. It is hoped that more corporate organisations will dig deeper into their corporate pockets to support the volunteer program that involves Australian doctors and nurses operating on heart patients from all over PNG at the Port Moresby General Hospital. The heart operations are planned for August.

Madang Business Trip

A trip to the People's Republic of China by the Madang Governor, James Yali, and a delegation of ten is said to have cost K77,500. K40,000 of this was in airfares and the rest in accommodation and various allowances. The Madang provincial government is struggling to even provide the most basic of basic services to the victims of the Manam Island volcano disaster. In fact it has been reported that people are dying from preventable diseases at the various care centres set up for the disaster victims because of a lack of funding to buy simple medical supplies.

SP Sports Awards

The main awards in the annual SP Sports Awards were once again taken out by Dika Toua and Ryan Pini for the third year running. The awards were presented at a gala presentation dinner held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Both Toua and Pini put in credible performances for 2004 qualifying on merit to compete at the Athens Olympic Games.

Port Moresby Speed Limit

The blanket Port Moresby speed limit is 60 Kilometres per hour (about 37 miles per hour) but motorists regularly flaunt that limit along the Poreporena Highway that links Port Moresby Jackson's airport to downtown Port Moresby cutting through part of Burns Peak. The National Road Safety Council (NRSC) has said it would not impose that rule along the highway as it has been built to a much higher standard than the other roads in the city. The NRSC did not, however, say what speed limit would be suitable for the highway. There was also no comment from police. The highway, opened several years ago, has very quickly become one of the busiest roads in the National Capital cutting many minutes of the trip from the airport to town.

Smoking Teachers

School Teachers have been urged to avoid smoking and develop healthy habits in order to be good role models for their students. Health authorities have revealed that over 40 percent of children in PNG schools are already smoking.

Back Issues

Did you know that back issues of this newsletter are available online at -- -- and mirrored at -- ?

Travel Ban

The Agriculture and Livestock Minister, Mathew Siune, has been banned from further travel because he and his officers have failed to acquit previous travel including money paid for travelling allowances and cash advances as required by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

Bougainville Elections

The elections on Bougainville appear to have been allowed to be run along democratic lines although a candidate who is currently losing the battle for President has hinted that he may appeal any election result due to perceived intimidation by supporters of the leading candidate.


From time to time people ask questions about PNG -- such as "I know that peanuts are grown in PNG but is there any processing of this product in the country?"

And an attempt is made to answer them - for example the question above could be answered with the following -- No, not that I am aware of, but during the 1970's and '80's there was processing of peanuts in the Morobe Province. Some peanuts were exported overseas from Lae to many of the countries in the South Pacific. Peanuts were also made into peanut butter at the Atzera Rural Co-operative for the domestic and international market. Sadly these ventures have folded.

The PNG Frequently Asked Question's need your help to grow so that students and other interested parties from around the world can find out answers to their questions about PNG. I am sure that some of the readers are a wealth of answers to commonly asked questions about the country. I know some of you have a passion about PNG - this is a way to help people know more about the place you love. Write to this newsletter and I will point you in the right direction. Don't expect to be worked off your feet as there are only a finite number of people looking for PNG information at anyone time.

Fast Money Schemes

It seems that no matter how many warnings the central bank puts out or how hard the various churches intertwine the message about fast money schemes into their preaching people are still placing money with the schemes hoping that they will get rich quick. All the schemes appear to be based on the age-old pyramid scheme where the first in reap the hard earned savings of the hopefuls further down the pyramid. The hopefuls further down the scheme are eventually strung out for as long as possible so that more gullible people can be recruited until the scheme collapses and the organisers disappear with the ill-gotten gains. All the schemes manage to deliver is the loss of hard earned money of innocent, trusting people; who have often used their meagre life savings to participate in the scheme.

PNG Cricket Team

The PNG cricket team has recently completed a successful visit to Townsville with a convincing win over Tropical North Queensland, Australia, The PNG squad has returned to Port Moresby and will assemble later next month before heading to Ireland for the International Cricket Council Trophy tournament.

Gender Bias

There have been calls, once again, to tackle gender bias issues as it is thought that overcoming gender issues will also help to reduce the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate. Studies have shown gang rapes, wife beating, gender bias and polygamy were rife in PNG, posing challenges to HIV prevention. Many gender issues are considered socially acceptable in some of PNG's many different societies. Gender inequalities are entrenched in and persist through, customs and traditions. The customary practices of bride price (wealth) and exchange of girls as compensation payments give men the ownership over women. This notion of ownership, that accompanies the practice of bride price, puts women at risk of forced, non-consensual sex in their daily lives.

ECP Solution

It seems that both Australia and PNG want the jeopardised K2 billion Enhanced Co-operation Program to be sorted out by August. Foreign Affairs Minister, Sir Rabbie Namaliu, has just returned from Canberra with a four-member delegation for the first salvage talks on the ECP. The ECP was recently thrown into jeopardy following a Supreme Court ruling that outlawed significant parts of the ECP Act relating to immunity of Australian staff and prosecution powers.

Coming Events


Queens Birthday Holiday - 13th June 2005

Golf - The 36 hole 17th West New Britain Open will be held on the 18th and 19th of June at the Mosa Golf Course.

East New Britain Warwagira and Mask Festival. The Warwagira will be held on the 6th to the 12th of July followed by the Mask Festival on the 13th to the 16th of July. Both events will be held at the Queen Elizabeth Park.

Squash - The K50,000 Steel Industries PNG Squash International has been set to be held between the 16th and 21st of August in Port Moresby. The event is part of the official Men's World Tour and is being run under the supervision of the Professional Squash Association - the world governing body for Men's Squash. The main event will be held at the Holiday Inn Sports Plus Club at Waigani.

PNG 30th Independence Day Celebrations -- 16th September 2005.
Hiri Moale Festival -- the week leading up to Independence Day
Goroka Show -- Independence Weekend

The Milne Bay Canoe festival is to be held near the end of October.

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