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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Neo Melanesian English
ansa result / answer
antap high / summit / up / upstairs
antap long above
antapim increase (price)
apim (pe) raise / increase
bipo before / former / formerly
bipo long taim before (time)
bipo tru long ago
bipotaim early (before time)
gaden garden
givim give
go go
go antap ascend / go up / rise
go bek / kambek / kam bek return
i tambu forbidden
kaikaim bite / eat
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PNG Society of Eminent Scholars and Professionals --


Expat Expert -- -- An interesting site for "expats"

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World Surfaris

World Surfaris has a few pages devoted to surfing in PNG and they can be found by navigating to --


News Items

Give a Bloke a Fair Go

The following article has been contributed by a reader and has been reformatted to suit the layout of the newsletter.

I have just returned from Kiriwina in the Trobriands where the teachers have not received a toea of their salaries for almost 2 months.

Disgraceful and disgusting can best describe the Waigani bureaucracy which ill serves those who are devoted to the next generation. The teachers are now forced to rely on sustanence from their gardens. This pattern is endemic within PNG. It appears that the teachers service commision is run by colonial savage idiotic "dim dims" in black skin.

Within the teachers bureaucracy there are choice examples not to mention many politicians who are tarred with the same brush. Excuses, buck passing no captainship and fractured bureaucracies are a feature of PNG since colonial times. Fingers in the pie and millions of kina going astray are always babbled about in the press without any real change while the leadership plays musical chairs with ministerial positions.

Meaningless sackings, nepotism greed all play their part in the PNG government since colonial times. In Australia a true democracy where by law 100% of the population must vote {unlike the united states} there are efficient checks and balances between government power, bureaucrats and a mighty trade union movement. The people have real power unlike the face of Moresby's parliament which falsely boasts of power to the people.

There are many features of an oligarchy cum theocracy in the way PNG is run. A firm look at the present NCD elections shows bungling, bribary, fighting and the theft of ballot papers. Truly a sham which makes PNG the laughing stock of the world. If PNG is to rise above a failing third world culture there must be a total emotional and mental transformation out of passive malaise of colonial submission to real action on the ground.

No checks and balances and bad governance are all part of the equation, not unlike the "luddites" in early England who destroyed farm machinary and modern methods of agriculture in their frustration and anger. Hooray to the teachers who have the guts to jump out of compliance and submission and go on strike. In Australia we have a Ned Kelly tradition which is deeply suspicious of wealth and power which was part of the British colonial empire. PNG must rise above these attitudes if it is to lift itself out of a third world failing society and not become the laughing stock of the modern world.

The future is in the hands of both the people and government of Papua New Guinea.

best wishes. Dr Adam Rosenblatt

National Museum

The National Museum and Art Gallery are in trouble yet again for not keeping records of more than 30 war relics that have been sold. An enquiry by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has also discovered that the sales were in direct breach of the Public Finance Management Act and financial instructions. Under the War Surplus Materials Act, all war surpluses are State property and lawful procedures must be followed when dealing with them. The

New Treasurer

PNG has a new Treasurer, Sir Rabbie Namaliu has replaced Bart Philemon as the treasurer of the country. Mr Philemon has told Sir Rabbie to learn to say NO in 800 languages of PNG to all requests for money in the run up to the elections.

How many readers can help by supplying the word or words that mean "no" in their local tok ples? - Only PNG languages thanks. Please send your words to -- PNGNews[@]


What are the cost of potholes around the country? How much money are motor vehicle repairers raking in on having to fix failed suspension and accident damage due to potholes? A Waterboard vehicle in Lae crashed into a storm drain outside the Bugandi Secondary School recently. The driver claimed that he had to dodge an oncoming vehicle that was itself dodging potholes. A bystander explained that the pothole was forcing city-bound vehicles to swerve onto the opposite lane forcing oncoming traffic to take evasive action and end up in the storm drain. Is that justice a Waterboard vehicle in a storm water drain?


Yet another fiasco. There have been claims of double voting, candidates being under the legal age to contest an election, names not on roll, not allowed to vote on Sunday and the list of errors goes on and on. The courts have now ordered that there be two more days of bedlam so that voters can get an opportunity to vote. Some of the voters I have spoken to, and they are all long term residents of Port Moresby, have told me horror stories. Policemen threatening them for coming at 2pm instead of early in the morning, Another person was threatened with a rifle because they asked why the couldn't vote even though they have been residing in the same house for 20 or more years and have been voting all that time. The papers have listed other horror stories.

Overall though it would seem that the elections went well because on eight people were arrested in the National Capital for election-related incidents and these people have been released. A candidate in the Koroba-Lake Kopiago by-election has been arrested for allegedly stealing 400 blank ballot papers.

Unmanned Border

The border patrol post between Wutung in Sandaun province and Papua, Indonesia is unmanned between 6pm and 8am but that doesn't really matter because there are no other patrol posts along the border and anyone can cross at whatever time they want. During the day there are five men manning the patrol post. Commodore Peter Ilau, the PNG Defence Commander has instructed his men to man the post 24 hours a day until the other stakeholders can come up with an effective solution.

Unfair Migration Policy

Australian Greens Senator Kerry Nettle says that Australia's closed-door policy on Indonesian Papuan asylum seekers could unfairly burden PNG where Papuan refugees already struggle to survive. She says an influx of asylum seekers into PNG would stretch the country's thin resources and make things difficult for all concerned.


A moderate quake measuring 5.6 shook the New Britain region of the country early on the 13th (July 2006), but there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage. The epicentre was 110 kms west of Kandrian at a depth of 67 kilometres.

Air Niugini

The third Fokker F100 (P2-ANC) is ready for regular passenger service. (see story below). The loan Qantas Boeing B767 being operated by Air Niugini,while their B767 is undergoing routine maintenance in New Zealand, has proved to be even more unreliable than the Air Niugini one. Passengers in Singapore the other night had to sit on board for over two hours while Qantas basically did a full restart of the plane. Passengers coming from Sydney a few days later were once again delayed due to technical issues. The plane was even late for its final appearance wuth the airline.

Hong Kong

Air Niugini is planning to return to Hong Kong after many years absence on the 8th of August 2006. The initial flights will be scheduled via Manila. Air Niugini is also hoping to fly one of the Fokker F100's to Fiji via Honiara. Meanwhile Airlines of PNG have had pictures of a Boeing B767 plane in their colours displayed on the front page of the Post Courier. Two doctored versions of the photo have circulated. One with a chequered tail and one with a plain tail - I believe this was knocked up by the son of the Airlines of PNG Sales and Marketing Manager. Rumours of Airlines of PNG joining with Australian Virgin Blue seem to have almost all died out. The 8th of the 8th has special significance for the Chinese.

Cabin Smoke

A Fokker F100 (P2-ANC) has experienced in flight problems on a trip from Lae to Port Moresby. A passenger sitting mid-cabin reported smoke in the cabin and a smell of burning rubber. Air Niugini confirmed the incident but could only say what the problem was with the air conditioning equipment. The report in The National praised the cabin crew for being "good and professional". -- The "new" Air Niugini site has a press release --

Corrupt Provincial Govt

It has been stated by an Ombudsman that the East New Britain Provincial Government is one of the most corrupt in PNG. Ombudsman Peter Masi told the Gazelle district councillors and public servants recently that Ombudsman Commission had to look into 74 cases involving the ENB provincial government. Other provinces with outstanding cases to be processed were the Morobe provincial government 112 cases, Central 94, Western 51, Gulf 51 and Southern Highlands province 51 - all dealing with corrupt practices.

Anglican Bishop

Anglican Bishop, Peter Fox has said farewell to PNG. He served four and a half years as Bishop of the Anglican Port Moresby Diocese. His farewell message can be found at --


The Nazarene Church has celebrated their 50th anniversary in PNG. The first Nazarene Church was established at Kudjip, South Wahgi district of the Western Highlands Province by the pioneer missionaries Sidni Knox and his wife Wanda from Kansas City on the 9th of January, 1956

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital --

South Korean Development

South Korean companies are seeking access to copper and natural gas development rights in PNG in an effort to secure stable supplies of the resources. The move follows a visit by South Korea's Vice Energy Minister Lee Won-geol and representatives of local businesses to PNG recently.

Medical Research

New research suggests a common childhood virus is a previously unknown contributor to childhood anaemia. An estimated one million children die of anaemia each year, mostly in the developing world. The study appears in the July 15 issue of the Journal of Infectious Diseases. The PNG Institute of Medical Research and the University of Sydney in Australia have conducted the research. --

New Provinces

With elections looming rapidly around the corner there is currently a push, that is gaining momentum, for separate provinces for Hela in the Southern Highlands, Jiwaka in the Western Highlands and to divide Morobe in half as well as to make the National Capital District a province. There is currently a pending submission before cabinet to declare Hela and Jiwaka and possibly a separate Morobe province before next year's elections. Deputy Prime Minister Don Polye has been quoted as saying "the plan was to get the legislative framework in place to make the declarations before next year's elections and worry about the technical details later."

See update March 2009 -- g060716.html

Stranded Coffee

There is currently more than 400 tonnes of parchment coffee in rural areas waiting to be moved to factories. If the coffee is not moved then the country stands to lose K15 million in export earnings at the current price of K6 per kg for green beans. The PNG Defence Force Arava aircraft was supposed to have been able to move this backlog of coffee under the government's green revolution exercise but this seems to have been almost a complete failure.


Gold Coast Papua New Guinea Club, Inc -- PO Box 951, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia

Coming Events

International Orchid Spectacular - Parliament House, Port Moresby 5th and 6th of August 2006

Enga 2006 Cultural Show will be held at the Mommers Oval in Wabag town on the 11th, 12th and 13th of August.

Air Niugini - Port Moresby / Manila / Hong Kong and return -- 8th August 2006

The Institute of PNG Studies Exploratory Workshop - September.

42nd PNG Medical Symposium will be held in Madang from the 4th to the 8th of September 2006 --

PNG 31st Independence Anniversary - 16th September 2006

Annual Hiri Hanenamo Quest and Hiri Moale Festival - 16th September 2006

Goroka Show -- 16th and 17th of September 2007

Kiwi Ball - The fabulous ball held by the Kiwi's will be held on the 28th October this year. This year the New Zealanders hope to have a five-piece band to entertain the crowd

Morobe Show -- November 4th and 5th

Milne Bay Kundu and Canoe Festival -- 6th to the 12th of November 2006

PNG Media

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