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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

nem name
baksait back (rear)
baksait bilong lek calf of leg
baksait; bek back
daun / tamblo / tambolo down
fran front
gaden garden
hap san i kamap / or es east
insait inside
insait long in / inside of
kambek / kam bek come back
long bek backwards
not north
sait / hapsait side
saut south
wes west
nem bilong mi my name is
mi no save I do not understand

Webster's Online Dictionary
with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation


English       Pidgin English  
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PNG in the News

'Island of Love' causing population woes --

Mother kills four children -- -- The news of their killing has shocked Papua New Guineans, and attracted widespread condemnation and calls for those responsible to face the death penalty.

An independent investigation is wanted into sedimentation at a new mining project in the Morobe province --

Why You Won't Find an Ambulance in the Jungle --

Kokoda death probe 'will improve safety' --

PNG Blogs

PNG Islam Society --

An infectious disease poisoning PNG --

New Dawn on Bougainville --

The Masalai blog --

Australian Associated Press PNG Blog --

PNG Andrew --

PNG Fords --

PNG Life --

PNG Travel and Info Blog --

Rabaul Daily Photo --

Karai Bilong Kundu --

PNG Images

Kula Ring of Power -- (51 minutes)

Pictures of Bootless Bay just outside Port Moresby --

Milne Bay and Kokoda were simultaneous New Guinea battles in 1942 --

Sissano Lagoon --

Sissano area four days after the tsunami --

Random PNG Links

PNG Medical Society website --

Hailans to Ailans -- -- is a two part exhibition showing work in a variety of media by five contemporary PNG artists and two artists of the Coast Salish nation.

Living Water Mission --

PNG Department of Health --

Westpac Bank --

Bank South Pacific --

Bank of PNG --

Niugini Electrical --

The Markham Group of Companies --

Heli Niugini --

Regional Aviation Group --

Keynote Music --

Designscope Architects --

Tawali, Milne Bay --

PNG Doctors --

News Items

Vale Ted Kenna

Australia has lost its sole surviving World War II Victoria Cross recipient, Edward (Ted) Kenna. According to his official Australian War Memorial history, "Kenna was involved in an action near Wewak, PNG, during which he exposed himself to heavy fire, killing a Japanese machine gun crew and making it possible for his company's attack to succeed".

see --

Save Unagi Oval

The campaign to save the park and oval named after the late David Unagi continues to gain momentum. One of the organisers, Maria Hayes, says Mr Unagi was the first and only leader to recognise the work of women when he was in Parliament and distributed K20,000 to every district throughout the county to support the work of women. Over 500 people have signed the petition to save the park from commercial development.

Children give petition --


Fun Run

Over 30,000 have taken part in the annual Trukai Olympic Day Fun Run raising K850,000 mainly from the sale of Fun Run T Shirts. Proceeds from the Fun Run will go towards Team PNG's participation at the Pacific Mini Games in Rarotonga, Cook Islands from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October.

Pastor Stoned to Death

A pastor from Simbu has died, believed stoned to death by "frustrated" villagers who have not been paid their Highlands Highway rehabilitation claims. Highlands Highway landowners association chairman Thomas Barry has confirmed that Pastor Wei, from Masul village, died last month.


The closure of the only bank in Popondetta has virtually stopped all business in Oro province. BSP suspended operations in Popondetta a fortnight ago after rioting oil palm farmers damaged several buildings, including the bank. Businesses have had to resort to flying in large amounts of cash from other provinces to pay their employees.

Women MP Bill

Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare is expected to reintroduce the motion to allow the nomination of three women representatives to Parliament.

The final three women candidates are: Ennie Moaitz, former premier/governor of Morobe Province who has vast experience in politics and administration, Priscilla Kare, a former broadcaster who has worked among NGOs promoting gender balance and Mary Toliman with an education and NGO background.

Women make up more than 50 per cent of the country yet Dame Carol Kidu is the sole female elected member of parliament.

see also --

Hela and Jiwaka

Parliament has voted 83-1 for two new provinces to be carved out from the Southern Highlands and Western Highlands provinces by 2012. The fertile agriculture area that is Jiwaka will no longer be part of Western Highlands and the gas-rich Hela region will be separated from the Southern Highlands.

Illegal Liquor Outlets

The National Capital District Liquor Licensing Commission has commenced a clampdown on the regulation of liquor outlets and after-hours trading in the city. Alcohol has been seen as the real cause of the escalating law and order problem in the city. A liquor licensing enforcement team will be inspecting all outlets and trade stores in all settlements and suburbs to ensure that they are trading legally.

20 families homeless after police raid --

Illegal Medicine Sellers

Prescription only medicine can often be found in the main towns being sold over the counter or even from a vendor in the street. Herbal remedies are even more prevalent in a society often brought up on traditional medicine. It is alarming, as reported by Jan Messersmith's Madang - Place Bilong Mi Blog -- -- that cures for every possible disease are available without any consultation with a qualified doctor.

and --

Moresby Housing Prices

The cheapest place a person can find in the National Capital costs the equivalent of around 750 Australian dollars a fortnight. By local standards this is out of the reach of many people in the city. The Housing Minister, Andrew Kumbakor, has admitted the government has failed to address the issue by providing cheap accommodation. Many people have had to resort to living in squatter settlements to survive.

Watut River System

MP Sam Basil has called for an independent assessment of the damage from sedimentation caused by the Morobe Mining Joint Venture at the Hidden Valley Gold Mine. The operator, Harmony Gold and Newcrest Mining, has commissioned a study to determine the extent of the problems. Sam Basil says you cannot rely alone on the company's own assessment of the situation.

Bougainville Accom in ENB

Bougainvillians in Rabaul are looking at securing land to build accommodation in East New Britain for students and businessmen from Bougainville when they visit. The plan would be developed with interested business partners to make it a reality.

Hijack Suspect Granted Bail

A suspect in the 2007 hijacking of an aircraft has been granted bail. The suspect and four others allegedly hijacked a Beechcraft Kingair C90A aircraft that was en route from Port Moresby to Tabubil on the 19th of November in 2007, with K4.7 million belonging to Bank South Pacific on board.

Pacific Health Meeting

Pacific Health Ministers have met in Madang with the aim of developing strategic plans of action to improve health services. The meeting was supported by the Western Pacific Regional Office of the World Health Organization and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

Fuel Leak for F100

An Air Niugini Fokker F100 had to return to Cairns airport recently after Air Traffic Control advised that fuel was venting off both wing's of the airplane. Apparently it is a problem when the plane is filled to capacity and allowed to sit for an hour or more on a hot tarmac.

Full report in The Aviation Herald -- -- and a follow up at --

Burns Philp Icon Burns

Downtown Port Moresby has lost another icon from the past with the burning down of the old Burns Philp building in Musgrave St. The building housed the National Narcotic Bureau office, an Internet cafe, the Tribal Den nightclub and several shops including kai bars. Fire fighters arrived at the scene but could do little other than preventing the fire from spreading to the Westpac Bank.

Firefighters 'locked out' --

For images of the fire please visit Jan Messersmith's web site --

Port Moresby

Keith Jackson -- -- reports that there is a significant risk of robbery and carjacking in the area near Parliament House in the Waigani suburb of Port Moresby and along the highway between Lae and the Nadzab Airport, particularly between the two mile and nine mile settlement areas.

This is quoting from the Australian Government's Smart Traveller website.

You can read the full DFAT travel advisory for PNG here --

Milne Bay

Emergency supplies have begun to reach Milne Bay recently devastated by flooding and landslides. Many in the affected areas on the PNG mainland have lost their homes, food gardens and cash crops.

Law and Order in Lae

Lae in Morobe province, the second largest city in PNG, like all other provinces throughout PNG, suffers from lack of funds to carry out maintenance work on its assets. It is also a city known for its escalating crime rate.

Full story --

Vagrancy Act

According to Powes Parkop, National Capital District Governor, the Vagrancy Act will be put to Parliament during this session. Settlers have been warned: "If the Act is passed by Parliament, all settlements, whether legal or illegal, will be removed, and the settlers will be repatriated to their respective home provinces".

Maprik University

Gabriel Kapris, the Member for Maprik and the Minister for Commerce and Industry, has signed two memoranda of understanding with University of Vudal and UPNG for the start of two universities in Maprik, East Sepik province. He has also presented K5 million for the rehabilitation and upgrade of Maprik Hospital and sub-health centres.

Aitape / Sissano Tsunami

The 17th of July is the anniversary of the worst natural disaster in the history of the Independent State of PNG. On that date in 1998 a tsunami hit the coastline near Aitape, Sandaun province. The tsunami was focussed on a 14-kilometre section of coastline near Sissano Lagoon. The wave height has been estimated at 10 metres or more and all structures within 400-500 metres of the shoreline were destroyed. Over 2000 people were killed and 10,000 survivors were forced to relocate inland.

see --

On the 21st of January 1951, when the country was not yet know as Papua New Guinea, Mt Lamington erupted killing over 3000 people.  This is considered the worst natural disaster in the history of the country.

Coming Events

On now - Salvation Army musician tour. 26 young musicians from Sydney, Australia, will be in the country from the 10th to the 20th of July. They will visit schools and communities in Port Moresby, Goroka and Kainantu.

PNG Remembrance Day - 23rd of July.

Western Highlands provincial show - 18th and 19th of August

45th Medical Symposium - Port Moresby - sponsored by the Pacific International Hospital from the 30th of Aug to the 4th of September.

Pacific Mini Games in Rarotonga, Cook Islands from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October.

PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum 2009 Seminars 27th to the 30th of October 2009. --

31st October and the 1st of November - Morobe Show - see -- -- and --

6th to 8th of November - National Canoe and Kundu Festival, Milne Bay --

25th April 2010 - World Malaria Day. Malaria affects 90 per cent of the PNG population.

World liquefied natural gas (LNG) summit - Mid 2010

National Elections - Scheduled for June 2012

Do you have an event that you want advertised? - Use the submission form located at -- ../misc/ctc.html.

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