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tok bilong bipo yet fable / myth
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tok grisim flatter
tok gude greet
tok gumi tall tale
tok hait secret
tok insait conscience
tok pait controversy
Tok Pisin Pidgin English
tok ples local language
tok save long explain
tok tru speak the truth / truth
tokautim sin confess
tokim tell
toksave advertisement / information / explain
toktok long talk about
toktok wantaim converse with
toktok talk / conversation
tokwin rumour

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PNG in the News

Riots reported in Popondetta --

Vanimo is the poorest and remotest diocese in PNG --

Goroka hospital workers return to work after walk-out --

Oil companies strike PNG drilling deal --

Finance and Treasury Minister Patrick Pruaitch has been referred to the Public Prosecutor by the Ombudsman Commission on misconduct charges. --

Possible WWII digger remains found in PNG --

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Kuk Swamp --

Warakamb Adventist Elite and Clergymen's Association --

2009 Trukai Fun Run with Matt Bowen --

Experience Papua New Guinea --

News Items


The National Superannuation Fund (Nasfund) has reported an unaudited first-half profit of K78.234 million before tax.

Carjacking Warning

National Capital District metropolitan police commander, Chief Supt Fred Yakasa, has warned city residents to be careful when approaching their homes when out driving due to an increase in carjackings. Chief Supt Yakasa also said that other family members could also be on standby to wait for the approaching vehicle.

Rotary Club

The Governor General has said PNG should be grateful that there were many individuals and organisations, like Rotary, that volunteer their time and resources to provide services for the benefit of those who were unable to provide it themselves. "Rotary does a lot of terrific things and this country should be proud of that," he said.

InterOil to Buy Shell Aviation

InterOil is to purchase Shell Oil Products (PNG) which owns aviation fuelling assets located at Jackson International Airport, in Port Moresby. The acquisition is conditional upon review and approval by PNG statutory authorities. In addition, InterOil is a shareholder in a joint venture established to construct a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant on a site adjacent to InterOil's refinery in Port Moresby.

Junior Cricket Victory

The PNG junior cricket team, known as the Rokroks, has been awarded victory in the 2009 Pepsi ICC East Asia-Pacific U15 Cricket 8s Trophy held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The team went through the round-robin contest without defeat and were about to contest the final until two tragic bomb blasts at the Marriott and Ritz Hotels caused the event to be cancelled. The Rokroks were favourites heading in to the contest after winning the trophy two years ago in Vanuatu and winning six in a row at the tournament.


There have been railways in PNG over the years but all have been used to transport freight from one point to another. Some have been very short going from the end of the pier to wharf side vehicles. There has been recent talk of the possibility of introducing railroads as a remedy for the country's ailing transport system.

See --

Read a partial chapter excerpt of "History of Railways in Papua New Guinea" by Bob McKillop and Michael Pearson --

Refuelling Ban

After an emergency landing when fuel spewed from a Fokker F100 on the 10th of July only minutes after it took off from Cairns airport Air Niugini will no longer allow Cairns airport ground staff to refuel its planes. A statement from the airline said "Air Niugini will now be responsible for refuelling of all its Fokker F100 aircraft operating out of Cairns effective Tuesday, 14th of, 2009, until such time the airline re-authorises the aircraft ground handling service provider there to conduct refuelling of its F100 aircraft."

Trade Policy and Trade Agreements

Despite two major mineral commodity booms, PNG's average per capita GDP has been on a declining trend over the 30 years since independence. Undoubtedly, some people have done well which means that people at the lower end of the income scale have done even worse than implied by the trend in average per capita GDP.

read more at --

Pacific Marine Industrial Zone

The people of Madang are dumbfounded over the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone formerly known as Madang Industrial Marine Park. Landowners have been told "get on the boat or miss out". Apparently there is no turning back. Madang will see 10 more fish canneries with promises of 30,000 jobs.

see a slide show --

Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels Recognised

The Australian Government has officially recognised the work of the "Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels" helping Australian soldiers during the Second World War. Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels was the name used for PNG civilians who provided vital help to Australian troops. Australian Veterans' Affairs Minister, Alan Griffin, has presented the first special commemorative medallion to 86-year-old Wesley Akove. Mr Akove helped sick and wounded soldiers during the brutal campaign along the Kokoda Track in 1942.

The Australian government has invited other Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels to come forward so they can also be honoured for their contribution.

Fuzzy Wuzzy recognition 'too little, too late' --

Another Vehicle Accident

There has been another serious accident involving vehicles travelling along a major highway. Twelve people are now battling for their lives at the Mt Hagen General Hospital following a recent road accident near the Mendi-Wabag junction at Togoba along the Highlands Highway. The accident has overtaxed the facilities at the hospital. The hospital's accident and emergency ward was filled to capacity with the wounded lying all over the floor, corridors and beds.

Another accident in Port Moresby has seen four roadside vendors die and two others in a critical condition --

In June a horror accident between two Public Motor Vehicles (PMV's) travelling along the Hiritano Highway near Bereina in Central province saw over 40 people injured.

It has been reported that road accidents cost the Government K200 million a year.

PNG AIDS Epidemic

Recent results from tests in the Western Highlands have indicated an increase in the number of people being diagnosed as carrying the human immunodeficiency virus. It is unclear if the figures are higher as more people are coming forward to be tested. Estimates are that 2 per cent of PNG's adults are HIV positive.

see --

2012 Elections

The PNG Electoral Commission is considering a number of options that are hoped to be in place in time for the 2012 elections in an attempt to eliminate fraud, multiple voting and other illegal activities that have taken place during elections in the past. The Commission would like to use a Biometric Fingerprint Technology System to register eligible voters. Presently voters have a fingernail painted with indelible ink and it is possible to remove this marking and vote two or more times.

The measure will hopefully ensure that an individual will only be able to cast one vote in the coming national elections. Similar technology was used to register 60 Million Nigerian Voters. -- -- Details of how it would be implemented in remote locations of PNG have not been revealed.

Rugby League Test

An eleventh-hour decision by the International Rugby League Federation has made the PNG vs Fiji Test series a ranking event. The PNG Kumuls faced the Fiji Bati in the first Test in Mount Hagen on the 22nd of July beating the Bati's 64-10 in front of a vocal home crowd. The second Test will be held in Port Moresby on Saturday (25 July). Rugby league is the number one sport in PNG.

See --

Aussie Schools to Walk Kokoda

Students from St Bernard's College Essendon, Ave Maria College and Debney Park Secondary College, all in Victoria, Australia, are about to embark on a trek of the Kokoda Track. The students will leave tomorrow (27th of July). See photos and story --

TIPNG Questions Forestry Minister

Transparency International PNG Inc (TIPNG) is questioning Forest Minister Mr Belden Namah Guinea whether he wants to be a businessman or a representative of the people and country in his capacity as MP and Minister.

see --

Biggest Natural Disaster

In a recent issue I wrote that the tsunami that hit Sissano village on the 17th of July 1998 was the worst natural disaster in the history of Papua New Guinea and technically that is true since PNG only came into existence as an Independence State in 1975. To set the record straight the worst recorded natural disaster in the history of the country now known as PNG is the eruption of Mt Lamington on the 21st of January 1951.

Solomon Islands High Commission

Work has commenced on the new Solomon Islands High Commission building complex in Port Moresby. The new building is next to the British High Commission and opposite the Indonesian Embassy. It is also within walking distances to other diplomatic missions such as the Australian High Commission, New Zealand High Commission, and government departments and institutions at Waigani.

It is anticipated that the work on the new chancery building will be completed sometimes in the first half of next year, 2010 at a cost of about K7.4 million. The building will be the first Solomon Islands building built and owned overseas.

Remembrance Day

Services were held around the country on the 23rd of July to remember and reflect on those who have lost their lives serving the country. It was on the 23rd of July in 1942 when along the Kokoda Track the 35 men of the Papua Infantry Battalion (PIB) fired their first shot in defence of what is now known as PNG.

see also - Remember and build on it: Governor General --

New Guinea Energy

New Guinea Energy has signed a deal with an (undisclosed) multi-national oil company to fund seismic programs and up to three wells in NGE's Papua New Guinea license permits.

see -- -- for full story.

NCDC Suspends Managers

The National Capital District Commission (NCDC) has suspended eight senior account managers for their alleged involvement in defrauding NCDC of more than K142,000. The NCD Governor has said that the fraud was allowed to happen because City Hall was still using a manual system that allowed abuse.

Coming Events

Kontu/Tembin Shark Calling Show Festival - Kavieng - 30th July to 2nd August

Namatanai Mini Mask Festival - 5th to 8th of August

Mona Festival - Bougainville - 13th to 15th August

Western Highlands provincial show - 18th and 19th of August

45th Medical Symposium - Port Moresby - sponsored by the Pacific International Hospital from the 30th of Aug to the 4th of September

8th National Garamut and Mambu Festival - Wewak - 5th - 6th of September

5th Bilasim Skin Festival - Goroka - 12th, 14th and 15th of September

Mt Wilhelm Walk for Life - 18th to the 20th of September

World Heart Day - 28th September

Pacific Mini Games in Rarotonga, Cook Islands from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October.

PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum 2009 Seminars 27th to the 30th of October -- -- or --

31st October and the 1st of November - Morobe Show - see -- -- and --

6th to 8th of November - National Canoe and Kundu Festival, Milne Bay --

National Arts and Craft Exhibition - 13th - 15th of November

Women in Mining and Petroleum Conference - 22nd - 24th March 2010 - to be held at Divine Word University in Madang.

25th April 2010 - World Malaria Day. Malaria affects 90 per cent of the PNG population.

World liquefied natural gas (LNG) summit - Mid 2010

11th Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference - 6th to 8th December, 2010 - Hilton Hotel, Sydney - -- This web site is out of date showing information abut the 2008 conference.

National Elections - Scheduled for June 2012

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